After all the effort of climbing from a mere daughter of a concubine to the Crown Prince’s consort, before the veil was even lifted, I had become a “flower vase” actress!

Su Shen: “What? Acting?”

The people in the entertainment industry discovered something strange. The “flower vase” girl with the terrible acting suddenly improved! She was also proficient in all of the four arts (zither, Go, calligraphy, painting)!???

—— ——

Host: Miss Su, there have been rumours that Film Emperor Xie refused to act in this drama because your acting skills are not up to par. Do these rumours reflect your real-life relationship with him? Do you two not get along?

Su Shen: These rumours are all groundless, made up by netizens. He is a very good senior of mine and has given me many suggestions to improve on my acting. We do get along (smile).

Host: Then let’s contact Xie Yan on site.

The phone connected with a “beep”, and a lazy male voice suddenly came through, “When are you coming home, I’m hungry.”

Host: ???!!!

Audience: !!!!!!!!

Su Shen: ╮(╯_╰)╭

Translated by Rei & plum from Ch. 1 – 7

plum from Ch. 8 – onwards


Anne from Ch. 1 – 7

Elveliem from Ch. 1 – onwards


Chapter 1 Accidental Like

Chapter 2 Altering the Script

Chapter 3 Face Slapping

Chapter 4 Live Broadcast

Chapter 5 Eat Kebabs Together

Chapter 6 Clouting

Chapter 7 Her Cooking

Chapter 8 Hype

Chapter 9 Variety Show

Chapter 10 Another Accidental Like

Chapter 11 Genuine or Fake

Chapter 12 Paparazzi

Chapter 13 Audition

Chapter 14 Talent

Chapter 15 Delete Kiss Scene

Chapter 16 Compromise

Chapter 17.1 Kiss Scene

Chapter 17.2 Kiss Scene

Chapter 18 I Have Time Tonight

Chapter 19 Scenes Finalized

Chapter 20 Sending Her Home

Chapter 21 Press Conference

Chapter 22 Ripped Dress

Chapter 23 Manchu Han Imperial Feast

Chapter 24 So Full

Chapter 25.1 Resources Snatched

Chapter 25.2 Resources Snatched

Chapter 26.1 Meeting Again

Chapter 26.2 Meeting Again

Chapter 27.1 Drinking Wine

Chapter 27.2 Drinking Wine

Chapter 28.1 Deleting Scenes

Chapter 28.2 Deleting Scenes

Chapter 29.1 Playing the Guzheng

Chapter 29.2 Playing the Guzheng

Chapter 30.1 Phone Got Connected!

Chapter 30.2 Phone Got Connected!

Chapter 31.1 Good News

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Chapter 32.1 Clarification

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Chapter 33.1 Drunk

Chapter 33.2 Drunk

Chapter 34.1 Variety Show Aired

Chapter 34.2 Variety Show Aired

Chapter 35 Direct Confrontation

Chapter 36.1 Injured

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Chapter 37.1 Sending Chicken Soup

Chapter 37.2 Sending Chicken Soup

Chapter 38.1 Confession

Chapter 38.2 Confession

Chapter 39.1 Meet on the Rooftop

Chapter 39.2 Meet on the Rooftop

Chapter 40 I’m Heavy

Chapter 41.1 Breathtaking

Chapter 41.2 Breathtaking

Chapter 42 Talent

Chapter 43 Recording Reality Show

Chapter 44 Sending Chicken Soup Again

Chapter 45 Maliciously Attacked Online

Chapter 46.1 Breaking News

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Chapter 47 Reputation

Chapter 48 Going To His House

Chapter 49 Selfie

Chapter 50 Acting Skills

Chapter 51 Farewell

Chapter 52 Dangerous

Chapter 53 Phone Call

Chapter 54 Calligraphy

Chapter 55 The Movie Aired

Chapter 56 Visiting Him On Set

Chapter 57 Personal Space

Chapter 58 Sleep

Chapter 59 Rise in Fame

Chapter 60 Walking the Red Carpet

Chapter 61 Revenge

Chapter 62 Sneakily

Chapter 63 Counterattack

Chapter 64 This Was Fate

Chapter 65 French Kiss

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Chapter 67 Getting Married Is Not Easy

Chapter 68 Photo

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Chapter 73 Fulfilling One’s Wish

Chapter 74 Moving Up the Date

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Chapter 76 Slander

Chapter 77 Terminating Contract

Chapter 78 Clarification

Chapter 79 Caught In The Act

Chapter 80 Agency-Hopping

Chapter 81 Meeting the Parents

Chapter 82 Playing Mahjong

Chapter 83 Photographed Again

Chapter 84 Real or Fake

Chapter 85 I’m Hungry

Chapter 86 Softhearted

Chapter 87 Meeting His Parents

Chapter 88 Satisfied

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Chapter 90 Previewing the Relationship

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Chapter 93 My Boyfriend’s Very Young

Chapter 94 Live Press Conference

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Chapter 100 Proposal

Chapter 101 Being Recognized

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Chapter 104 Wedding Destination

Chapter 105 Preparing to Register Marriage

Chapter 106 Rule

Chapter 107 Marriage Registration

Chapter 108 Wedding Gown Fitting

Chapter 109 Affection

Chapter 110 Wedding Ceremony

Chapter 111 Ending

Chapter 112 Epilogue — Giving Birth to a Child