Hmph, do you think I will believe you?” said Su Shen, turning her head away from him. 

After glancing around, Xie Yan suddenly leaned over and kissed her slightly pouted lips before saying mellowly, “You have to believe me.”

Su Shen covered her mouth subconsciously and looked out the window, only to see He Hua staring toward them, frightening her to push him on the shoulder immediately. “Quickly drive!”

Seeing her panic, Xie Yan couldn’t help but chuckle. He stepped on the gas and slowly turned the steering wheel. 

When the car was far away from that street, Su Shen looked back at the TV station which was getting farther and farther before finally glaring at him. “You’re still saying you didn’t do it on purpose? You knew that He Hua was outside, but you still …”

Speaking of this, she blushed and turned her head away from him. She found that Xie Yan was getting more and more bad now. 

“He didn’t see it.” Xie Yan pursed his lips, but a faint smiling expression couldn’t help appearing on his face. 

“How could he not see it? You’re doing it on purpose, aren’t you? The phone call today was also on purpose. You sleeping during the day? Xie laoshi, your acting’s so great!” Su Shen frowned and turned to look outside the window. She didn’t believe Xie Yan would sleep during the day. 

Slowly turning the steering wheel with both hands, Xie Yan looked at the road ahead and explained insipidly, “I had a headache, so I rested for a bit.”

Hearing this, Su Shen immediately turned around and stared at him seriously. “What’s wrong?”

Glancing at her from the corner of his eye and seeing her concerned expression, Xie Yan smiled. “It’s nothing, just a chronic thing.”

Xie Yan wouldn’t use something like this to lie to her. It turned out that he really was unwell. Su Shen blinked and just stared at him. 

Perhaps being stared at by her made him somewhat uneasy, Xie Yan reached out to caress her head suddenly. “If you look at me like this, we might get into a car accident.”

The scenery outside the window was ever-changing. Su Shen looked at him helplessly and then continued to look at the road ahead. At this time, there weren’t many cars on the road, but if it was during the day, they would’ve been stuck in heavy traffic. 

“You didn’t have to come pick me up. The chauffeur would’ve sent me back,” said Su Shen suddenly lightly. 

He glanced at her from the corner of his eye and asked, “Back to?”

Su Shen: “…….”

Blushing, she turned her head away and ignored him. Xie Yan was getting more and more cunning now. No wonder even He Hua couldn’t do anything about him.

They kept silent throughout the drive. At last, the car stopped at the door of Xie Yan’s mansion. Su Shen could only unfasten her seatbelt and get out of the car. After he parked the car, they then entered the mansion together. 

When the lights in the living room were turned on, the whole living room was shrouded in light. After changing her shoes, Su Shen came to the kitchen and opened the fridge. Since Xie Yan has a headache, he should eat something light, so she decided to make a bowl of women. 

But before she could take out the cabbage, a pair of hands suddenly appeared on her waist and a weight rested on her shoulder. A deep and magnetic voice instantly sounded in her ears, “I haven’t eaten all day.” 

Her neck itched. Blushing, Su Shen closed the fridge and waved the cabbage in her hand. “I’m making something for you right now.”

She didn’t have time to remove her makeup. The first thing she wanted to do was to cook dinner for him. Her bright eyes reflected his figure as if he was the only person in her eyes at this moment. 

He suddenly pulled her into his arms, burying his head into her neck and saying, “I want you to cook for me for a lifetime.”

The light overhead was so dazzling that it felt unreal. A certain area seemed to be throbbing. Blushing, Su Shen felt a little uncomfortable in his arms. “You’re too wicked. If I’m old to the point of not being able to move, you’re still gonna have me serve you?”

At this, Xie Yan chuckled and said cheerfully, “I’ll serve you then.”

After saying that, he released her and caressed her head. “I’m gonna take a shower.” 

Su Shen: “…….”

Looking at his figure going upstairs slowly, Su Shen felt that he was simply too wicked. If he was gonna go take a shower, go shower. Why did he need to tell her!

Holding the cabbage, she went to find some noodles. Since she had already eaten at the TV station, she only needed to cook a portion for one for Xie Yan. 

As she was afraid that the noodles would stick together, Su Shen didn’t pour any broth into the bowl until Xie Yan had come down. Then, she sprinkled some green onions into the bowl and served it to him. 

“Take your time. If it’s not enough, I’ll come down and make some more for you later.” After saying that, Su Shen went upstairs. After a whole day of work, she needed a bath. 

Seeing her disappearing figure from upstairs, Xie Yan turned his gaze to the fragrant bowl of noodles in front of him. It seemed that no matter what she made, it all looked very appetizing.  

When she came upstairs, Su Shen took out her clothes from the closet and specially checked if there was a towel before entering the bathroom. Fortunately, there were all kinds of towels this time. 

After washing her hair, she filled the bathtub with hot water before entering and laying down. When the hot water enveloped her whole body, the tiredness of the day seemed to completely disappear. 

After soaking for about ten minutes or so, Su Shen got up and put on her clothes. When she came out after blow-drying her hair, Xie Yan was still sitting downstairs watching TV. Looking at the finished bowl of noodles on the table, she couldn’t help but ask, “Do you want more?” 

Although it wasn’t good to eat too much at night, Su Shen still wanted him to eat more. 

She just took a shower, so her hair was still slightly wet. Under the loose nightgown, her fair slender legs seemed to be so lustrous. Xie Yan placed his laptop down, reached out to grab her fair wrist, and pulled her to sit on his legs. Without waiting for her to contest, he buried himself in her fragrant neck and muttered, “My head hurts.” 

Su Shen stopped her struggling movement. Seeing his frown, she reached out to touch his forehead and said worriedly, “If it hurts, let’s go to the hospital.” 

He should feel better with some prescribed painkillers. 

“No need,” said Xie Yan hoarsely, wrapping his arms around her soft waist and leaning against her neck with his eyes closed. “It’s a hereditary thing. I’ll be fine after a while.” 

Hearing this, Su Shen’s heart ached even more. She could only hug him, silently sitting there with him. 

She had thought it was a condition caused when Xie Yan was filming, but she didn’t expect that it was a hereditary thing. However, this kind of hereditary condition was the most difficult to cure, and the relapse was not regular either. Clearly, He Hua didn’t know about this either. Of course, it could also be because Xie Yan didn’t tell him. 

After a long while, Xie Yan then looked up and rubbed his temples. “I’m fine, you can go to bed first.” 

Su Shen was still sitting on his legs. Seeing his slightly relaxed frown, she paused before gathering her courage to put her arms around his waist. Feeling his body freeze, she said softly, blushing, “I… I’m scared that something might happen to you.” 

Feeling the slightly trembling petite figure in his arms, Xie Yan suddenly felt somewhat hopeless, so he held her shoulders and said fervently, “I’m fine now. If you want to sleep with me, then something will happen.” 

As their eyes met, Su Shen immediately evaded his gaze in a fluster. “I… I trust you.”

Hearing this, Xie Yan just wanted to laugh bitterly. He didn’t have the self-control to conduct himself in a proper manner. 

“Remember, my self-control is not that good.” As he spoke, he stared at her. Suddenly, he pressed her down on the soft sofa and kissed her red lips impatiently. He couldn’t tell whether he was in pain or in ecstasy. His hand slid along her snow-white leg to her thigh, wandering and caressing. 

Su Shen looked up and panted. Staring at the dazzling light ahead of her, she couldn’t help but ask, “Don’t … don’t you have a headache?”

“That’s why I need to divert my attention,” said Xie Yan hoarsely, as he trailed his kisses downward. Her faint fragrance attacked his nerves, making it impossible to ignore.  

He had given her a chance, so the fault was not on him. 


From the living room to the bedroom and then to the bathroom, Su Shen didn’t remember when she had fallen asleep. She just hated herself for being too softhearted!

When the alarm rang near her ears, Su Shen was still really sleepy, but she knew that she had to get up because she was going to meet Xie Yan’s parents today. 

As she slightly opened her eyes, a few rays of sunlight shone through the cracks in the curtains. Su Shen reached out to grab her phone, only to feel her whole body exhausted. It hurt last time, and it was exhausting this time, to the point where she wanted to sleep for another day and night. 

When she opened her phone and found that it was already half past eight, Su Shen immediately sat up on the bed. Just at this moment, a tall figure suddenly came in. Seeing him, she immediately pulled a long face. Men were all liars, and Xie Yan was the biggest liar of all!

“We can go in the afternoon if you’re still sleepy. I’ll let them know.” Brimming with vigor, Xie Yan seemed to be in a good mood as he came to the bedside, about to make the call as he spoke. 

Su Shen snorted and said hoarsely, “Who’s fault is it that I’m sleepy? What would your parents think of me if we delayed it to the afternoon when we had clearly planned it for the morning?”

Her hoarse voice was still so sweet-sounding. Looking at her lethargic face and seeing how she couldn’t even open her eyes, he couldn’t help but lean over and caress her head before saying softly, “Sorry, I couldn’t hold back.”

His self-control was never good, and he’s been trying his best to control himself. 

Glancing at him from the corner of her eye, Su Shen ignored him. This man was a big liar, promising that it was going to be the last round … 

“Go away! I’m going to brush my teeth!” Blushing, Su Shen tried not to think about what happened last night. 

The blanket perhaps was too smooth, so it slipped down, revealing the hickey bites all over her fair collarbone. With a slight cough, Xie Yan’s eyes darkened, and immediately looked away. “I bought soy milk and youtiao*. Make do with this for now.”

youtiao – Chinese fried doughnut sticks, a breakfast staple

He then turned around and walked out of the room. As soon as he left, Su Shen rolled around in bed again. At last, she had no choice but to get up with all her effort and get dressed.

When she came to the bathroom, she noticed that there was nothing on her neck, but there were hickeys elsewhere. She felt that Xie Yan was really too wicked. Knowing that she was going to meet his parents today, no wonder he didn’t leave anything on her neck.

After washing her face and brushing her teeth, she went downstairs and saw that Xie Yan was sitting there reading the newspaper all dapper. With a long face, Su Shen walked to the table and sat down before taking a sip of the soy milk. 

Seeing her poor complexion, Xie Yan put down the newspaper apologetically and said gently, “I’m sorry, I didn’t consider that you’ve been filming nonstop.”

Glancing from the corner of her eye and seeing the worry on his face, Su Shen’s heart softened again. “Forget it, just pay more attention next time.”

After saying that, she blushed all over again. Why did she have to say “next time” again!

Seeing that she looked down and didn’t dare to look at him, Xie Yan couldn’t help but lean over and stare at her with a smile. “Don’t worry, I’ll definitely pay more attention next time.”

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