After being married and in love for five years, everyone praised the Third Imperial Concubine as both virtuous and magnanimous for her willingness to accept all of her husband’s beautiful concubines. However, behind her back, they mocked her for being a useless woman who hadn’t borne any children for her husband yet.

After reincarnating and returning to the harem, Xiao Yuan decided to be ruthlessly tyrannical and not be lenient to those who offended her. She would stay on her guard and find a new husband.

However, can someone tell her who this shameless man was? He was formerly the most honorable yixing1 prince in Dong Ming. However, he tossed aside his kingship to become a merchant and quickly became the wealthiest person in Dong Ming.

1 Prince who has a different last name from the Emperor. He is not a prince belonging to the Emperor’s clan.

Translated by cornihas (from Ch 5 onwards)

Edited by Leebebi

Chapter Index:

Chapter 1: Rolling Down The Snowy Mountain
Chapter 2: Feeding Medicine
Chapter 3: She Really Doesn’t Like The Third Prince
Chapter 4: Rage
Chapter 5: Preparing to Return to the Manor
Chapter 6: Returning to the Manor for a Physical Examination
Chapter 7: Vomited
Chapter 8: The Third Prince Has Arrived
Chapter 9: It Is Not The Time
Chapter 10: I’d Rather Die Than Be Married
Chapter 11: Must Ask For Forgiveness
Chapter 12: Improvement
Chapter 13: Like To Wear a Green Hat
Chapter 14: Slapped
Chapter 15: The Right Minister Knows
Chapter 16: White Cloak
Chapter 17: Left Behind
Chapter 18: Theory
Chapter 19: I’m Not Scared Of Him
Chapter 20: A Realization
Chapter 21: Handling the Servant Girl
Chapter 22: Gaining A Servant Girl
Chapter 23: Female Crossdresser
Chapter 24: Ran Into Someone Familiar
Chapter 25: Raise the Price in a Fit of Anger
Chapter 26: Still Not Okay
Chapter 27: Identity Revealed
Chapter 28: Tidying Up the Courtyard
Chapter 29: Cai Ju Wisens Up
Chapter 30: Formidable Ninth Miss
Chapter 31: Just Be On Your Guard and It’ll Be Fine
Chapter 32: Heard About
Chapter 33: Helpless
Chapter 34: Find Fault In
Chapter 35: Defend Someone from Injustice
Chapter 36: Quarrel
Chapter 37 Eavesdropping
Chapter 38 Scheme