Time flew by. Even though their graduation was a long time ago, after countless nights and passing through fleeting time, their story is still circulated around the quiet campus of University G. This story has many different versions, but there is one thing that everyone knows to be true. Back then, that ordinary girl betrayed the genius of the fine arts faculty and yet, his love for her still remained. For her, he nearly died in a fire. For her, he gave up his chance to study abroad. Years later when they meet again, he is successful with a new girlfriend in his arms and she is indifferent with a light and clear smile. However, unknown to anyone, her longing had begun long ago and even now flooded her thoughts…

TL Version of Synopsis: Six years ago, Lu YouYan and Gu YeBai met in University G, a simple girl and the genius of the arts faculty. Their love was a sweet and endearing one, lasting two years. However, to everyone’s surprise, their relationship comes to an abrupt end as YouYan “betrays” Gu YeBai. Now, years after their separation, Gu YeBai is the president of a prestigious company with a new girlfriend when YouYan reappears out of the blue.

Will her feelings remain repressed or will a chance appear for them to resurface?

What exactly happened between them four years ago?

Although the synopsis might make it seem like it ends in tragedy, it does eventually end happily. The plot is similar to He Yi Sheng Xiao Mo (My Sunshine) but unlike many other novels, this one portrays romance in a more realistic manner.






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