Chapter 8: He, Who Never Gets Drunk.

In the midst of her thinking, the sounds of others incessantly chattering interrupted her.

“Do you remember the rankings in school? This Lu Senpai was the top of the cold-blooded list.”

“Oh! She’s Gu Senpai’s——”

“Yup. The one who betrayed him that year. This woman——”

YouYan inwardly sighed several times and moved aside, pretending to not hear any of it. Xu Qing followed and stood by her side.

“Sorry Qing.” YouYan told her lightly.

Xu Qing replied coldly: “YouYan, you don’t owe me anything. You know who you should be sorry to and I’m not in the position to say this to you, because in your heart, only Susan is your friend.

“I’m just curious as to why you suddenly came back to City G. I heard that Chi Pu got married a couple months ago and you just happened to come back right during that time.”

YouYan lowered her head but didn’t explain.

After a moment, she replied: “Qing, why don’t you just tell me that you think Chi Pu doesn’t  want me anymore.”

Surprised, Xu Qing didn’t expect YouYan to be so straightforward.

“That year, you left to follow Chi Senpai’s footsteps, today you shouldn’t have came back. Not only will you tire yourself out, you will also disturb others.” Xu Qing replied while looking at Zhou HuaiAn, her sarcastic tone turning into one with a hint of a sigh.

“I understand, I’m just coming back for a tiny while, and then I will leave.” YouYan lowered her voice, thought about it, and smiled. Her eyes flitted towards that person quickly and back.

But Xu Qing still saw her looking at him.

She said: “YouYan, how can you still smile so purely? The year after you left, Lin ZiYan told me that Gu YeBai filled his studio with drawings of you. He didn’t sleep or rest, and Lin ZiYan along with the others were so pissed that they wanted to punch him to wake him up, wanting to rip up those drawings. Gu YeBai was beyond drunk, but he used his life to protect those drawings. You know his fighting skills—that night, Lin ZiYan and the other two got beaten up.”

YouYan’s heart ached, staring off into space, “But he never gets drunk.”

Xu Qing laughed coldly.

Yes. Someone who never gets drunk, became drunk, how funny.

But, in this world, no one needed another person to live on.

So, YouYan, his life doesn’t have a spot for you anymore. Of course, there isn’t a spot for me either.

“What is this about drunk and not drunk?”A clear voice interrupted.

The two turned back to see a dignified man with a large build. He was also followed by a crowd of young men and women. Several of them greeted Xu Qing, who nodded her head in return. It seems that they were all students of the University of G.

The man wasn’t considered handsome. His face was babyish, but he was extremely tanned, with bright white teeth that flashed when he smiled, making him look bright and charming.