Among the upper-class circle of Jiang City, rumors were flying that Wei Lai, after being dumped by her ex-boyfriend and seeing her dreams of marrying into wealth shattered, was now dating a tycoon from Beijing. 

One day, Wei Lai was hastily called to attend a dinner. As the last person to enter the private room, she was taken aback to find her ex there. Being a minor character, she wasn’t considered important enough for the host to introduce everyone at the table to her.

During the dinner, her ex gave her a toast. “Congrats, I heard you’ve found a new love.”

Curious onlookers asked her about the new boyfriend. “Which tycoon from Beijing?”

Wei Lai didn’t know of any tycoons from Beijing whatsoever, and she didn’t know how the rumor came to be, so she casually just mentioned the name of a well-known unmarried tycoon she had heard of, “Zhou Sujin.”

Everyone at the table: “…….”

All eyes turned to the man in the main seat. 

Confused, Wei Lai also followed their gaze, locking eyes with the man who exuded a mysterious and charismatic aura. Leaning back in his chair casually, noble and indifferent, he looked at her with a cold yet intriguing gaze.

Wei Lai wondered if she was really that unlucky. Could this man be a friend of Zhou Sujin?

The host of the dinner came back to his senses. Seeing that Zhou Sujin didn’t deny it, he smiled and congratulated him, “No wonder you suddenly came to Jiang City, it turns out you came to see your girlfriend.”

Zhou Sujin smiled. He, himself, didn’t even know when he had gotten a girlfriend.

The first thing Zhou Sujin said to Wei Lai was, “Since it’s all out in the open now, come sit next to me.”

Wei Lai: “…”


On his 30th birthday, he found himself thinking of Wei Lai amid the cheers of his friends urging him to make a wish.

Cold-blooded and heartless, that was how others described him. Only Wei Lai had ever called him a good person. It was only when she was using him that her words were so sweet. For the first time in his life, he made a birthday wish for a woman, hoping she would have all her desires fulfilled. 

One night, the group chat with his childhood friends erupted with multiple mentions @ him: Someone was pretending to be you and wrote a love letter to Wei Lai, but the handwriting doesn’t look like yours. 

Handwriting came second; nobody believed that the usually aloof Second Young Master of the Zhou family would lower himself like this.

Zhou Sujin replied, “No one is pretending. I wrote it.”

It was a love letter that he wrote stroke by stroke for Wei Lai.

If she wanted to use his power, he was willing to let her borrow it for a lifetime. 



Chapter 1 Breakup

Chapter 2 Destined

Chapter 3 So Close

Chapter 4 Dinner

Chapter 5 Since It’s All Out in the Open Now, Come Sit Beside Me

Chapter 6 A Problem with Status

Chapter 7 Come In, No Need to Close The Door

Chapter 8 It’s Me, Wei Lai

Chapter 9 You’re So Good At Causing Trouble For Me, Yet You’re Worried About Not Seeing Me?

Chapter 10 Meeting Wei Lai

Chapter 11 Have You Considered Being My Girlfriend in Beijing As Well?

Chapter 12 The First Day of the Contract

Chapter 13 Zhou Sujin Asked Her, “Meet Tonight or Tomorrow?”

Chapter 14 Zhou Sujin: “You Forgot To Take Your Blazer. I’ll Keep It Here?”

Chapter 15 I’ll Agree To It Just Once, But No Next Time

Chapter 16 After The Gala Ends, I Want You to Pick Me Up

Chapter 17 President Zhou, Don’t Forget To Show Your Face When You Pick Me Up

Chapter 18 Don’t Walk So Fast, Wait For Me