Chapter 23: A Favor

YouYan clenched her teeth and ignored her inner screaming, resisting the urge to look at him.

“Ok.” Finished, she replied in a low voice.

“Then, goodbye.” He replied, walking back with HuaiAn in his arms.

“Xiao Bai——”

The end of the sentence broke off before it left her lips. Realizing it wasn’t the right name at this time.

The two looked at her. HuaiAn wasn’t able to hide her emotions quick enough, displaying a look filled with a trace of coldness.

YouYan squeezed the jacket and took it off, hands shaking as she held it.

She walked up to him.

“Your jacket.”

“There’s no need.” A low reply came from him. Gu YeBai’s eyes were emotionless, but there was a hint of impatience.

YouYan paused, her hand outstretched in the air, frozen in that position.

She nodded her head in a daze and slowly turned around.

The moment she turned around, tears fell.

She closed her eyes, hearing their footsteps slowly disappear.

Over the course of the past few years, there was not one-time clearer than this. He had finally walked out of her life.

YouYan. Isn’t this what you wanted? What are you hesitating about? Go. Let him go.

“Xiao Bai.” She suddenly turned around and yelled towards his back.

YouYan, you still ended up losing to Chi Pu.

Gu YeBai halted his footsteps. HuaiAn’s heart turned cold, she looked up at him.

She still couldn’t tell what he was thinking. HuaiAn clenched her teeth, when suddenly she heard his voice, holding a trace of laughter.

“HuaiAn your expression, it makes my heart itch.”

Feeling his arm tighten around her waist, HuaiAn’s face blushed red. Just as she was about to explain, he turned around.

In the darkness of night, stars speckled the sky with YouYan’s slender figure on the other end.

All he needed to do was focus his sight, then he could see. In his dark pupils occupied images of her and her actions.

Seeing that she was holding onto his jacket, she ran over.

HuaiAn’s heart sunk, but she said: “YouYan, let us walk you home.”

YouYan looked at HuaiAn, her eyes sparkled with determination.

“HuaiAn, I ask of you a favor.”

“What favor?”

“I want to talk to him alone, is that ok?”

HuaiAn smiled, but it was filled with frost.

“YouYan, this favor, I don’t think I can answer it. Afterall, I’m not him.”

YouYan looked back towards the man behind her.

“HuaiAn, wait for me on the car. I’ll come in a little.” He responded.

HuaiAn had thought he was going to reject her, but she clenched her teeth and replied: “Ok.”

Not far away from them, there were people coming in and out of 7/11 and people filled the streets.

Under the sky, everyone has their own story and everyone was the main character of their own story.

So, even if right now there was only a cold silence between them, those who passed by them merely looked with curiosity but did not pry any further.

Who knows if someone will experience the same story as them years later.

Gu YeBai looked at YouYan, saying nothing and having indifferent eyes.

YouYan tilted her head and thought for a second, carefully putting on the jacket in her hands and placing his large jacket over her tiny frame.

She became skinnier, he thought.

“Xiao Bai. Can I ask you for a favor?” After opening her mouth several times, the words finally came out.

His lips curled up icily, a ridicule filled smile.

“Yan, do you always ask for favors from people?”