Chapter 20: Meaning

When she came out, she halted. In the couple minutes, she was in the washroom, everyone had left. The room was almost empty.

He, was still there. Of course, there was also HuaiAn. The rest of the group was Xu Qing, Lin Ziyan, Chu Ke, Fang MingHui, and two other girls.

“YouYan, are you okay?” Xu Qing asked, her voice filled with worry.

YouYan’s face was somewhat paled, but she shook her head.

Xu Qing continued, “We were all waiting for you. The guys have cars, who do you want to go with?”

“I’ll take a taxi myself.”

“Xiao Fang, take Little Chu home, bring along Miss Lu too.”

This made everyone pause, especially YouYan. That low voice, it was him. She couldn’t tell what he was thinking, not even the slightest bit. She never thought she would ever hear something about her coming out of his mouth again.

But just this sentence caused her grief.

Miss Lu. They enjoyed the sweetest and closest times together, but now they’re only familiar strangers.

Four years ago, she betrayed him. Four years later, today, he drew a line between him and her.

Fang MingHui responded politely.

YouYan grasped her handbag, tight.

Lin ZiYan felt guilty for the incident before and patted Fang MingHui’s shoulder, laughing: “Xiao Fang, your senpai feels drunk right now, for the sake of our safety why don’t you bring home both me and your Lu Senpai.”

Also meaning that he doesn’t want to drive, so he’s hitching a ride.

“But, the— seats are full.” Fang MingHui responded hesitantly.

Chu Ke’s lips curled into a smile and she responded: “Stupid, isn’t there Gu Senpai and HuaiAn Senpai? Lu Senpai can go with them. Am I right, HuaiAn Senpai?”

Awesome! I’ve been waiting for you to say this, Lin ZiYan laughed inside. He knew she wouldn’t be so quiet, and would make YouYan go to HuaiAn just to remind her of the existence of her love enemy.

Xu Qing stood aside and as she watched the drama, snuck a glance at Gu YeBai. He was calm and didn’t look like he was planning to do anything.

“Ok, YouYan, you can come with us.” HuaiAn replied with a smile and drew YouYan’s hand.

YouYan paused, but quietly nodded her head.

She didn’t want to reject this offer. She probably wouldn’t see him again after today.

Having a couple more seconds to look at him, isn’t that better?

Gu YeBai glanced at Lin ZiYan and went towards HuaiAn, “Let’s go.”

Xu Qing responded: “YouYan, I’ll contact you later.”

YouYan said something to Xu Qing, said her goodbyes and hurried to catch up.

The two had already walked far, and from far away, they looked like a perfect match. She suddenly understood what Susan meant when she said the two were perfect together.