Chapter 33: The Second One.

Startled, Chu Ke stood up and turned around to look, but instead saw a person crawling out from under the table. Surprised, she laughed but quickly stared coldly at her.

“Don’t you know it’s rude to watch in times like this? Did senpai never learn this?”

“And you are speaking about proper? This, I watched, but you’re the one who did it.” YouYan replied.

Chu Ke paused, then raised an eyebrow and retorted back, “So what if I did it? And, what of you, Senpai? Why are you here? Is it that after the party last night, you couldn’t wait any longer and came here today instead? Why do you think anyone would still want someone like you, who has already been used and ditched by another?”

Lu YouYan, I can’t win over Zhou HuaiAn right now, but you? Who do you think you are? Chu Ke glanced at Gu YeBai, seeing that his eyes are half shut with a slight smile on his face, making the winner obvious.

YouYan paled, but simply looked at her and didn’t say anything else.

“Brother Gu, you should change your security, or else, anyone can just barge in.” Chu Ke laughed coldly.

“You’re right. Little Chu, I’ll give this task to you.” Gu YeBai continued, “Since you’re done saying what you needed to, you should go do it now.”

Chu Ke felt her heart sink, looking at him in disbelief.

That person, he didn’t respond.

“Close the door behind you.”

“Great, just great! President.” Chu Ke gritted her teeth and turned around to glance coldly at YouYan, before slamming the door as she left.

Looking at Gu YeBai, YouYan hesitated. Did he just help her?

“Xiao Bai——” Always unable to change this habit, YouYan stopped.

“The security really should be changed.”

“Do you like her?”, YouYan asked.

“She’s beautiful.”, he replied.

“Don’t you already have HuaiAn, isn’t she good enough?”

“Is there a problem with having an extra one or two?”

“No! You can’t! HuaiAn loves you, she’s perfect.” YouYan thought she was going crazy, begging her love to love only one person. And that person wasn’t her.

But, if he also liked Chu Ke… Xiao Bai—when you are like this, it means you aren’t happy enough.

Because your heart isn’t filled by one person. If you’re like this, you will not be happy enough. If you are like this, I won’t be able to let go.

“So Miss Lu, you’ve been hiding in my company just to tell me that my girl is perfect? I know she is, I don’t need you to remind me. If anyone has the right to tell me this, I don’t think it’s you.”

YouYan shut her eyes, as she replied in a low voice, “I don’t.”

She silently walked towards the door.

“The second one.”

YouYan paused and turned back around, suddenly coming in contact with his cold eyes.

“If you want, you can become the second Chu Ke.”

YouYan shook. The second Chu Ke?

She slowly went back to his side. He was calm, there was no emotion.

“Do you not mind that I have been used before?”, she asked quietly, staring at him with her heart grieved.

“Even if that’s the case, I only care about whether it can be used. It’s just a thing. Why should I care about if it’s been used before?” His thin eyebrows furrowed and he stretched out a hand, suddenly taking hold of her and pulling her into his arms.

Her mouth opened slightly, trembling with helplessness.

With the hand on her waist drawing her close, she felt weak and thin, and a stifling ache developed in her heart. His gaze sunk and his thin lips covered her mouth as he kissed her.