Chapter 10: Three Wishes

YouYan halts—they were roommates for several years so she could tell there were traces of coldness and sarcasm within her voice.

Xu Qing suddenly says: “YouYan, come, let’s go together.”

YouYan replied: “No thanks. You guys should go, I’ll stay here.”

But Lin ZiYan already grabbed her by the shoulder, and laughed: “YouYan come with us.”

There was already several people sitting down. Some of them were classmates, some of them were those from another class. But there was one girl whose hair was just past her shoulders with bright eyes; she was extremely pretty.

The peach tree is young and elegant; brilliant are its flowers. [1]

Zhou HuaiAn was famous for her beauty, but this girl doesn’t lose to her at all.

Xu Qing whispered to her: “That’s Chu Ke”

YouYan looked towards Xu Qing in confusion.

Xu Qing continued: “The uniqueness of the presents for birthdays is unforeseeable. Zhou Qin wrote Zhou HuaiAn a poem for her present this year, but do you know what this Miss Chu received for her birthday?”

YouYan went along with Xu Qing and waited for her to continue.

Xu Qing smiled coldly: “Three wishes from Gu YeBai. Gu YeBai gave her three wishes.”

Three wishes.

YouYan paled and bit her lips before returning a smile to her, not saying anything else.

Someone asked Xu Qing something, and she turned around to help. Lin ZiYan had a pretty girl flirting next to him.

Everyone was having a fun time while YouYan just stayed silent, being a silent audience.

No one came up to talk to her. Despite the fact that they were all old friends.

The name Lu YouYan is symbolic to some extent. That year, she was with Gu YeBai, but she ended up between Chi Pu and Cheng Nuan.

Later, Cheng Nuan left for America and no one knew where Chi Pu went. After YouYan graduated, she too left without a word. And even later, someone saw the Chi Pu and YouYan in a faraway city hugging together during the dusk of dawn.

Not long before all this happened, Gu YeBai had rejected the school’s offer to send him to study in Italy, and had saved YouYan from Lu Shan’s big fire and also blocked a pillar from falling on her by shielding her with his own body.

He was severely injured, but she who was shielded by him was unscathed.

Time passes quickly. Maybe all you needed to do was to light a cigarette, and the four years of time would crumple and disappear.

Several months ago, Chi Pu posted the news of his marriage, at which time YouYan also came back to the City of G.

“So this is Lu Senpai?” Someone’s clear voice broke through the awkward silence.

With this, everyone’s sight moved back to YouYan. Several made looks of disapproval.

YouYan pretended to not care, smiled, and looked at the person. It was Chu Ke.

She was smiling back at YouYan, eyes filled with dark turmoil.


Translation Notes:

[1] “The peach tree is young and elegant; brilliant are its flowers” is a chinese saying describing how she is beautiful.