Chapter 15: His Girl and the Dare.

In the midst of the crowd’s laughs and cheers, Gu YeBai drank the glass, while Chu Ke’s expression buckled.

The second round of the game began in the middle of this atmosphere. The next was Lin ZiYan.

When the bottle stopped, YouYan stared at the bottle that was facing her and glared at Lin ZiYan. Lin ZiYan wiped  sweat from his forehead and apologized, “It wasn’t on purpose!”

As he said this he unconsciously looked towards Gu YeBai.

When the two was still together, he always picked on YouYan. Gu YeBai doesn’t get angry easily, but the one time that YouYan began crying because of him, Gu YeBai’s anger flared. Expressing his anger by hacking all his computers and trashing all his documents, he caused Lin ZiYan to yell in agony, and he never got those documents back.

Gu YeBai said: “My girl, only I can bully her. No one else is allowed.”

This scary habit followed him since, even though he looks rather calm right now.

The girl sitting next to Lin ZiYan asked: “Senpai can I take this question from you?”

Lin ZiYan immediately smiled, almost jumping out of his chair in excitement as he replied: “Of course you can take it; take it please, there’s no need to be so polite.”

It was like the question was a hot yam*.

The girl giggled and YouYan felt her head go numb.

“Lu Senpai, I think everyone wants to know this. Do you like Gu Senpai or Chi Senpai? Why did you betray him that year?”

This was question was even more exciting than the last one and in just a couple seconds, the entire crowd was silent.

YouYan paused and her heart throbbed, biting her lips as she looked towards that person timidly.

HuaiAn, Chu Ke, and even Xu Qing’s eyes landed on her. Perhaps  spitefully, perhaps impassively

However, Gu YeBai fiddled with his glass, the corner of his mouth tilting up almost imperceptibly.

YouYan was aware that her face must be turning pale again. Her heart was sore and filled with traces of fright.

She clenched her jaws and looked towards the alcohol on the table to see the red wine had already been swapped out, exchanged with vodka of an extremely high alcohol content. She didn’t know whose suggestion it was, but it escalated the excitement.

Looking at YouYan, Lin ZiYan somewhat pitied her, when he suddenly felt Gu YeBai’s eyes landing on him.

Before he realized what he was doing, he called out: “YouYan if you don’t want to do the truth, just do the dare. If everyone drinks every time, it’s just like what Little Sis Chu said, this game will lose the fun.”

YouYan still hesitated.

Lin ZiYan turned around to the girl next to him and asked: “Hey, for the right of the dare, I’ll take it back, ok?”

Before she could give a reply, he had already continued on: “Since no one has any problems, then it’s decided. YouYan, how about you?”

YouYan thought about it and answered: “I guess I’ll do the dare then.”

When everyone heard this, the spirit came back, and the crowd looked towards Lin ZiYan.

Lin ZiYan’s eyes sparkled and his head motioned towards the table, at which Xu Qing hmphed, unsatisfied. The crowd looked towards it, and there on a plate was a small piece of tiramisu.

Holding up a finger biscuit, Lin ZiYan laughed mischievously and said, “YouYan, cover your eyes with the napkin and eat the tiramisu together with someone here.