Chapter 24: A Reason that He Can’t Reject

YouYan was shocked, she never thought he would ever call her that again.
“Can I?” He was silent, so she repeated her question once again.
“There are so many things that one can’t achieve. I’ll only do what I can. The favor you just asked of me then. Sorry, but I can’t.” His lips tilted up into a mocking smile.
Her face paled and she bit her lips, but she nevertheless walked closer to him until the difference between them disappeared.
This time, she can finally see him clearly. Not just as the figure inside her dreams.
His shaped brows, his eyes, filled with hidden rays, and his lips that were curved upwards, yet cold and unfeeling
Raising her gaze, she stared.
“Xiao Bai. Can I hug you once?”
Gu YeBai rose his brow and suddenly laughed.
“Just once, just once is enough.” YouYan’s face paled even more.
“Yan, don’t you think this sounds really familiar? That year you didn’t want to hear it, and so now I don’t either.”
Time seemed to stop. Four years ago and four years later, the only change was the reversal of their roles.    
“Miss Lu, unless you can give a reason that I can’t reject, I’m sorry. Bring my greetings to Chi Pu.”
As his raspy laugh came to an end, he was already walking out of her sight. A paced walk that was filled with coldness and indifference.
Next to the street lamps, a person was waiting for him.
As for her, he had already forgotten about it. YouYan’s mind was blank, thinking only this sentence, over and over again.
She clung tightly to his jacket. It was as if this action could prevent the pain of her breaking heart.
Watching him get into the car, then watching the black car drive out of sight, she merely turned on her heel and began to walk further into the darkness.
She’s lost, she thought.
“Boss, look, what’s that black lump over there?!” Dian Xiao Er jeered, as he almost fell on top of Zhang Lei.
Zhang Lei furrowed his brows and smacked away his hands emotionlessly.
He regretted coming out with Xiao Er to drink. It was midnight, why were they not at home asleep? Why the hell were they drinking? It wasn’t like it was the first time he broke up with someone, nor was it going to be the last time. He really was sick of him.
Walking out of the apartment, they saw this lump in the corner, probably being a drunk man or something. He didn’t look at at it, just passed it.
Xiao Er on the other hand kicked the lump.
That thing cried out in pain and sat up straight, scaring Xiao Er and causing him to jump behind Zhang Lei.
Zhang Lei was ready to knock him unconscious, narrowing his eyes and looking towards the lump.
Under the dim streetlight, little by little, a face emerged.
Zhang Lei’s heart shook while Xiao Er was already yelling.
“Xiao San, why are you here? Did someone bully you?”
With crumpled brows, her eyes were red and tears flowed all over her face, this lump. Yup, this was the new waitress at their cafe, YouYan.

YouYan raised her hands to wipe off her tears and raged: “I’m not a mistress (Xiao San)!”
Zhang Lei furrowed his brows and called: “Xiao Er, go first and get a seat. I’ll come with YouYan in a moment.”
Xiao Er smiled like a fox: “Ooo, benefits.”
Zhang Lei raised his brows, at which Xiao Er stuck out his tongue and ran.
Street Garden.
YouYan lowered her head and looked at her feet.
Zhang Lei bent down and looked at her, asking softly: “Yan. What happened?”
YouYan suddenly raised her head, the action being extremely quick. Zhang Lei wasn’t expecting it, so it hit his chin hard.
YouYan yelped, staring with her eyes wide open and an expression that said “I didn’t do that!”
He laughed: “Even if you deny it, I still got hit by you, so shouldn’t you be happy now?””
YouYan tugged at her lips but they refused to curl upwards, so she replied in a low voice: “I’m sorry, Boss.”

He knew that she always got into trouble, but Zhang Lei didn’t actually understand this little waitress. Her pallid face made him feel stifled and he cursed silently—what’s wrong with him!。
“He said to give his greeting to Chi Pu.” YouYan stood up and looked into the distance.

She was never good with directions—under the starry clouds, was that the direction of Luo Ka City?
As the  wind furled her hair and the strands fell upon the sides of her face, she turned around and continued sorrowfully: “Boss, you said this greeting is simple, but how will I pass on this greeting?”
Zhang Lei furrowed his brows in habit, replying to her nonsensical words: “It’s just a greeting, is it troubling to do so?”
“Big Brother Chi, he’s dead.”