Chapter 9: Games

“To speak of the devil!”[1] YouYan jumped and stuttered as she saw him.

Lin ZiYan originally came to greet Xu Qing, but instead saw YouYan, at which he looked back at Gu YeBai in surprise.

Gu YeBai calmly looked back at him, passing on a meaningful glance bearing a hint of warning.

The look scared him because Gu YeBai was a deceiving person. That year he only showed his heart to one person. But that one person did something no one expected. YouYan, YouYan, betrayed their promises.

That year, no one thought two people with such different personalities would end up together, but they did. Those who saw the process of them getting together thought they would never break up, but in the end, they still went their own ways.

But for now, that wasn’t his problem. Gu YeBai was his employer, and it’s not a good idea to challenge one’s boss.

Turning towards YouYan, he greeted: “Isn’t this YouYan?”

Xu Qing glared at him, copying his tone, replied: “Isn’t this one who talks without a brain?

Lin ZiYan turned towards her and gave her a mean look, before turning around again and continuing to smile towards YouYan.

But when YouYan didn’t reply to his greetings for a good while, his already twitching smile grew taut and he started again.

To his wishes, YouYan finally spoke, “Senpai, where are you developing now?

Lin ZiYan stopped, and suddenly starting laughing so hard that he had to hug his stomach, after which he then patted YouYan’s shoulder. YouYan’s hand shook, causing the juice in her hand to tilt to a 45 degrees angle and spill precisely in the direction of a younger classmate next to Lin ZiYan.

That girl screamed in surprise and jumped away, but her dress was still ruined. Furious, she glared towards YouYan, but then recalling that it was Lin ZiYan’s fault, her sight went towards Lin ZiYan. But Lin Vice President was handsome and rich, so she ignored that it was his fault and went back to staring at YouYan. She was Gu Senpai’s ex anyways, everyone’s common enemy.

(YouYan cries: Wait, wait >_< you got this wrong! I was the one who broke up with him!)

Several girls looked at each other, and moved back several steps away from YouYan.

YouYan looked at Lin ZiYan, a look filled with resentment.

Great, she became the center of attention again. The crowd originally didn’t know that they had any relationship, and wasn’t interested, but now their interest peaked again.

Even Gu YeBai looked towards their direction.

YouYan’s heart shook, her hands curled into fists under her sleeves.

“Lin Senpai, Xu Senpai, what are you two doing over there? Come over here, we’re going to play a game soon.” A clear voice came from the side of Zhou HuaiAn.

By the time Lin ZiYan and Xu Qing got around to answering the call, several people had already rushed over there. The two looked at each other. It was Chu Ke.

Lin ZiYan shrugged his shoulder, and asked: “What game?”

“Who knows what this little girl is going to do this time.” Xu Qing replied.

As the lights danced across the floor, Xu Qing remained ignorant that this game would once again pull the distance between the two closer.


Translation Note:

[1] The original chinese was actually 曹操,来了 which directly translates to “Caocao came!”, which refers to when you talk about someone and they come immediately afterwards. The phrase is a short form of 说曹操,曹操到 (speak of the devil and he shall come), originating from The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, in which Han Xiandi (an emperor in the Han dynasty) was attacked by Li Jue and Guo Si. At this time, someone recommended asking Cao Cao to help him get out of the woods. Han Xiandi agreed and ordered a person to send a message to Cao Cao. But before Cao Cao could receive the message, he had ordered his assistant to come to save Han Xiandi. As a result, Li Jue and Guo Si were destroyed by Cao Cao, who was conferred a higher title due to the victory. Since then, the proverb “说曹操,曹操到 became widespread.