Chapter 7: A Millionaire President

He saw her pale and insecure look, but his sight only lingered on her for a second before he resumed to elegantly drinking wine from a tall glass, not saying anything else.

HuaiAn ’s heart finally returned back to its normal pace. A few seconds ago, she thought there was nothing she wished more than to have Gu YeBai on her side and bringing her to have a conversation with Lu YouYan.

She didn’t feel the need for that anymore. If Gu YeBai wasn’t even interested in getting revenge on Lu YouYan, then he completely forgot about her.

Sadly, her intelligence failed her this time.

She didn’t see the raging storm deep within his eyes.

There was enough darkness to swallow someone.

As he placed the glass on the table, his lips curved into a polite smile, almost imperceptibly, and the smile was cold.

“YouYan.” Someone called to her.

YouYan blanked for a second, and looked towards the voice—it was the culprit behind the show tonight.

In clear view of everyone, Xu Qing walked towards her, followed by a couple graceful young girls.

“Qing.” She called, sighing slightly inside.

“I thought you wouldn’t come. Afterall, you even left your closest partner that year, not to mention me who is probably nobody to you.” Xu Qing replied with indifference.

You Yan’s face paled, unconsciously looking towards Gu YeBai. He was having a conversation with a couple other people around him, slightly nodding his head, while Zhou HuaiAn laughed beside him.

“Qing senpai, why don’t you introduce us? Who is this senpai?”[1], asked one of the girls who had followed behind.

Xu Qing didn’t say anymore, throwing a  glance at Lu YouYan.


Lu YouYan hurriedly replied: “Hello, I’m Lu YouYan.”

“Oh, so it’s Lu senpai.” She hadn’t heard of this person. She originally had more to say, but it was Xu Qing’s party, and Xu Qing knows Gu YeBai well.

Gu Senpai wasn’t even thirty yet, but even so, he was already a famous artist. Others can’t even earn what he does with one drawing in their entire life. Not to mention,  he inherited the astonishing Gu family business, which owns dozens of famous auction houses, art galleries, advertising agencies as well as media companies, and has also become the president of an art consulting agency with millions and millions of financial assets.

His professor, Xia Professor had once commented on him. It was only one sentence.

The University of G will not have another Gu YeBai in the century.

The short-haired girl next to her tugged on her arm, giving her a look.

The two and a couple other girls said something to Xu Qing, and they moved aside.

Their conversation was extremely quiet, but YouYan still heard it.

When she was still with him, he used to tug on her ear and say that her ear was like a dog’s, being so sensitive to any sound.

She didn’t like that, so she rubbed against him and called him again and again:”Xiao Bai, Xiao Bai.”

His brows furrowed when he heard this, after which he firmly kissed her. Of course, no one would want to be called the same name as a pet in a cartoon.

At that time she didn’t realize, but even though he didn’t like this name, he had never corrected her.

Only later did she realized calling him by that name was her special right. Something that he would only let her call him.


Translation Notes:

[1] I know I used senpai and it’s japanese, but it describes it better.