Chapter 17:  An Exciting Excerpt

YouYan suddenly smiled, her brows curved into a friendly look.

Gu YeBai slightly swished his wine around, the red liquid inside the cup reflecting an image of the girl’s face, both the curvy brows and the curled up lips. During that year, on a rainy day, he met her. She was holding an umbrella, tilting it towards him. It was protecting his artwork for finals as rainwater slid onto her shoulder and dripped towards the concrete. Despite shivering from the cold, she smiled happily.

He raised his glass and finished the alcohol within.

That smile, it was like the one he saw the first time they met. How could she still smile like that? It was like she never left, like he never went crazy, longing for her, and the cuts on his arms never appeared.

That smile made him want to ruin her, completely, despite all costs and consequences.

YouYan asked quietly: “Xiao Lin Senpai, I can pick whoever I want right?”

“Of course, everyone agreed, right?.” Lin ZiYan laughed heartily, and bent down to whisper to YouYan: “Yan, just call me senpai, there’s no need to add the nickname in front.”

YouYan nodded her head and looked towards Gu YeBai, a careful look filled with softness.

A checkered tablecloth was spread out and the table, which was originally used for the dinner, suddenly felt tiny, despite not being small at all.

The group was originally scattered throughout the room, but now they crowded around the table.

It was a cliche dare, but it was with an interesting group of people.

An ex-girlfriend who came back after betraying him years ago, and a current president who was now worth hundreds of millions.

“Does she not know of shame?”, said one person from amongst the group of people who stood behind Youyan, the girl who had been splashed with juice thanks to Lin ZiYan.

Her friend quickly pulled her behind, but she struggled back and called: “I have to say this! Why are there people like this? That year when Gu Senpai wasn’t the president, we didn’t see her stay. Don’t you guys feel bad for HuaiAn Senpai? Chu Ke, what do you think?”

Chu Ke laughed, she raised her brow and replied: “Someone hopes that this tiny dare will make their dreams come true.”

Laughter erupted from the crowd. Questions were being asked by confused underclassmen, and those who knew about it answered and explained it to them.

A couple of YouYan’s classmates went to sit as far as possible from her, everyone afraid of being caught in the middle of this chaotic mess.

HuaiAn turned around and told the girl: “I think you’re drunk.”

The girl stomped her foot and held onto HuaiAn’s arm, hurriedly continuing: “Senpai, how could you just endure this, look, she’s being so——”

HuaiAn glanced towards Gu YeBai, who pursed his lips, eyes dark. It was hard to tell what he was thinking.

She squeezed the girl’s arms and lowered her voice: “If you continue, I won’t be so kind anymore.”

The crowd around the table was whispering, but it was still loud and presumptuous.

The laughter cut like knives.

Seeing YouYan under the lights with her head lowered, her hands on her chest, pale, Lin ZiYan was ready to crush himself to death against a tofu.

Xu Qing glared at him.

The eyes landing on her were still spiteful, the laughter like a knife to her chest. This was the most exciting part of the entire show.

Gu YeBai was flipping his glass, but his hand suddenly moved—Clink, the sound of the glass being placed upside down on the alcohol bottle. This clear noise silenced the entire room of chaos.

“Is this really funny? Can someone tell me why this is so funny?”