Chapter 11: Picking a fight

Before, Gu YeBai would always lightly call to her: “Yan, you little dumbo.”

YouYan wasn’t actually unintelligent, she could tell Chu Ke didn’t like her.

But she still answered her call.

Chu Ke continued: “For the game in a little while, can you come play with us, Lu Senpai?”

In the end, she couldn’t reject the offer. YouYan furrowed her brows but still nodded her head.

Chu Ke smiled, and called towards the bar: “Big Brother Gu, Zhou Senpai, are you finished? We’re only missing you.”

Gu YeBai and Zhou HuaiAn were talking about something with the other people. HuaiAn smiled and called back: “You’re the only one who is so hurried.”

YouYan watched quietly, seeing that the two had smiles on their face, but behind their backs, HuaiAn’s hand pressed on Gu YeBai with traces of mischief. Gu YeBai moved his hands and covered her hand with his.

Inside YouYan’s pocket, her nails dug into her skin and blood trickled down her palm.

Her hand was ice cold, but no one was there to hold it.

“Little Chu, what game are you playing? Let’s play first while waiting for senpai.” Another boy spoke, a handsome one, his eyes filled with excitement as he looked at her.

The crowd laughed and looked towards Chu Ke.

For some reason, no matter the situation, this girl always seemed to be the center of attention.

Chu Ke was smiling before, but now her face has a cold expression as she replied: “Fang Ming Hui, What did you just call me?”

Fang Ming Hui continued: “Little Chu——” His tone was filled with unease.

“How dare you call me Little Chu?” Chu Ke continued.

Fang MingHui ‘s face paled, his friend patted him, and he turned his head around, but before this he couldn’t resist looking at Chu Ke again.

The crowd fell into silence.

Another moment of silence.

YouYan was even more curious about this girl now.

Lin ZiYan, who had been flirting with girls, started the crowd again with a joke, then everyone went back to their conversations. Xu Qing’s smile became more evident.

Xu Qing saw YouYan looking at her, sipped her wine, and said: “Roses are beautiful, but they are covered with thorns.”

YouYan asked: “Why doesn’t this girl let others call her Little Chu?”

Xu Qing was about to answer when a voice called out from behind her, “What happened to our Little Chu?”

A girl sitting next to Fang MingHui suddenly said: “ Zhou Senpai, what did you just call Chu Ke?”

The girl’s voice inflected as she talked, obviously unhappy with what Chu Ke just did and trying to impose the same charge upon HuaiAn.

Almost finished their conversation, the other men were dressed stylishly, standing next to Gu YeBai and HuaiAn as they laughed about something. YouYan doesn’t recognize these people, so they were probably not from University G but instead friends of the two.

HuaiAn was dressed in a light blue evening dress; beautiful but mysterious, stylish and intelligent.

Gu YeBai stood behind her—they didn’t have any actions that were too close, but his sight seemed to have never left her.

YouYan’s nails dug even deeper into her pocket. She felt HuaiAn’s sight shift towards her.

Chu Ke looked towards the girl who started this with a smile on her face and continued: “Zhou Senpai is Big Brother Gu’s manager, of course, she can call me that.”

After this long, if YouYan still hadn’t gotten a clue of what was going on, then she really would be stupid.