Chapter 18: Accident

One sentence and the entire room fell into silence.

Gu YeBai glanced at the crowd and said nothing more. Everyone here, in business, or in work had some sort of relationship with this president, no one wanted to anger him.

He’s an old person, he doesn’t talk much, and he’s a harsh character. In the Gu family, there many who are eligible to be the heir, but he was the only one who caught the attention of Old Gu, not just because of his unworldly artistic abilities.

The atmosphere became tense.

Gu YeBai’s eyes slightly closed, knowing that the effect had reached, and turning around, asked Lin ZiYan: “ ZiYan, are you going to continue this game?”

Lin ZiYan inwardly screamed at his gaze, and hurriedly replied “ Yes sir, we’ll continue, of course. Don’t just stand there everyone, let us continue.”

The group of people finally relaxed.

HuaiAn’s heart felt sore, and she sighed, a feeling of uncertainty rushing around within her.

YeBai. You still can’t stand seeing her unhappy, can you?

She looked towards Chu Ke, her expression must be amusing. She knows a little about the relationship between Gu YeBai and Chu Ke, but doesn’t dare ask him herself—this isn’t the strong, independent HuaiAn everyone knows. Her love, she cannot control.

She knows, she loves him more than he loves her. She was unable to tell if he loves her at all.

Everyone says, the greatest distance in the world is the distance between one and another, who stands in front, not knowing the love of the former.

But, the largest distance just might also be the other, standing in front, knowing the love of the former, and yet, it is unknown whether that love is reciprocated.

It had been two years since she became his woman, and yet in these two years, she had never able understand his heart.

It was like his current artwork, the detestable abstract artworks. The overall image and feelings had been thrown away a long time ago, only leaving ideas, just like Hamlet. In everyone’s eyes, Hamlet is different from every single perspective. A thousand people read it, a thousand different meanings.

The sound of Lin ZiYan calling YouYan rang out next to her.

Lu YouYan, your return, if you came back to take him back, I’ll do everything to stop you.

HuaiAn heard the sound of petals falling inside her heart.

Currently, YouYan’s hands were shaking inside her pocket. He helped her, can she think of it as that?

Lin ZiYan found himself being totally ignored, and could only walk in front of YouYan and wave, calling out: “YouYan, YouYan.”

YouYan paused, looked up, and smiled.

Lin ZiYan was smiling cheerfully, and asked, “Who are you picking?”

“Senpai, if it can be anyone, then——” YouYan couldn’t resist looking at Gu YeBai.

The crowd’s interest was hooked up again.

Lin ZiYan stretched his neck.

YouYan wrinkled her nose and suddenly replied: “Senpai, how about you? Ok?”

The crowd fell into silence. Some more silence. And even more.

Lin ZiYan’s mouth opened wide, and he fell into a moment of stress and depression.

Someone giggled, it was Xu Qing. Gu YeBai looked at Xu Qing, who raised her head and stared back without fear. Gu YeBai’s lips curved into a tiny smile.

There were several surprised by the results, but the atmosphere became lively again.

YouYan was in a daze, ignoring the dull pain inside her.

It was still that year. The autumn dusk.

Leaving Gu YeBai’s dorm, she set out and ran happily, looking forward to the study date in the library that night, as Gu YeBai laughed where he stood and watched her from behind.

She remembered she forgot something, so she went back, unexpectedly seeing that unbearable scene.