Chapter 13: Truth or Dare

His voice rang out next to her ear, for the first time in four years.

But it wasn’t calling for her.

He drew his arms around HuaiAn, and smiled. The dark blue suit, the fancy sleeve buttons hollowed with designs of vines and spring. His bangs against his forehead, his eyes bright, yet distanced, and this smile, which bewitched one’s mind.

“We were talking about the exhibit in New York next month, but HuaiAn said there’s a show here so we came. Little Chu what did you call us for?”, he called out insipidly.

“Yes, what exactly? “ When Gu YeBai said this, immediately several people followed.

Gu YeBai and Huaian looked at each other and smiled. A bond could be felt between them.

YouYan’s heart throbbed, but she smiled along.

Lin ZiYan glanced at Xu Qing, who turned her head and coldly whispered to YouYan: “Chu Ke is still too young.”

Chu Ke bit her lips, but smiled again and tossed the wine bottle on the table high into the air, at which several gasps were heard. Chu Ke quickly grabbed it again and had the bottle steady in her hands.

“Truth or Dare.” , she proclaimed, parting those hypnotizing red lips.

“Don’t you think that’s childish?” The girl who spoke up for Fang MingHui spoke up once again.

Gu YeBai sat down with HuaiAn in his arms as the crowd moved to make space for the two, left of Xu Qing and only 1 seat away from YouYan.

A little game, not unfamiliar at all. The orange lighting, the different thoughts.

HuaiAn quietly picked up a glass of wine as she remembered how YouYan used to lay against Gu YeBai’s chest.

Long fingers pressed against her hand, and when she raised head, she saw that Gu YeBai looked calm, despite the substantial force that his hand exerted. HuaiAn was innerly happy, and she looked at YouYan.

YouYan wasn’t drinking her juice, instead exchanging it with a cup of wine from which she took a sip, tasting bitterness with traces of spiciness.

On the other side, Lin ZiYan’s face twitched once again while Xu Qing laughed. The several other people here that still remembered what happened years ago started laughing as well. Several younger classmen asked about what was happening, and all the voices combined to become a chaotic mess.

That year, in the dorms of University of G.

Gu YeBai, HuaiAn, YouYan, Chi Pu, Cheng Nuan, Susan, Fang Ying, Lin ZiYan, Xu Qing…

A simple bottle, with a simple game.

Truth or Dare, a game that reaches deep to one’s secrets.a straightforward game.

YouYan had been an unlucky child, always getting chosen, even after she had changed her seat several times. It was no use. Every time she was questioned about her matters with Gu YeBai, she would refuse to tell, but she also couldn’t drink the alcohol, looking towards Gu YeBai. He would then smile and refuse to drink it for her, after which she would have to force herself to do all kinds of weird dares.

The funniest one was when she was dared to call Gu YeBai’s professor, Professor Xia. She had to say, “Hey Mr. Xia, I’m YouYan, yes that one,  the umm….friend of Gu YeBai. There is something I’ve wanted to tell you for a long time—— Your mustache is hilarious.”

Before that incident, Professor Xia had already been sighing about how his favorite student ended up with YouYan. His face must be green with anger.