Chapter 14: Bordeaux Red from 2005

It began with Lin ZiYan.

Xu Qing gave the question, asking: “Lin ZiYan, you like Susan don’t you?”

Lin ZiYan, who had been drinking water, now sprayed it all out. Fang Ying, who sat across from him, picked up a book and blocked it.

Lin ZiYan unconsciously looked towards Susan, who smiled, beautiful and bright.

He looked back and replied, “ Fuck, Xu Qing, I’m drinking.”

But when he said this, it was obvious what the answer was, if he didn’t like her he could have just said so, and now the entire world knows.

Unfortunately, they soon ran out of alcohol for the night because of the many who didn’t want to do either the truth or the dare.

Lin ZiYan had to do the dare and YouYan had been depressed the whole night, though she was now happily giggling against Gu YeBai.

Meanwhile, HuaiAn looked at the two, her hands curled into a fist.

Lin ZiYan took a guitar and ran outside to the female dorms of the foreign language sector and yelled, “GIRLS! LOOK OVER HERE .”

There are several language majors in Uni G including English, French, German, Japanese, Italian…adding up to no less than eight. Most of the time the students of each language were pitted against each other, but this time all eight languages united together against the outsider.

“Vast‘en!” (French: Beat it!)

“Asshole!” (English)

“Arschloch!” (German: Son of a Bitch!)

 “ばかやろ!” (Japanese: Idiot!)

On the other side, where the male dorms were, laughs and yells rose and the crowd behind Lin ZiYan, they were so surprised by the storm of cussing in different languages.

Consequently, Lin ZiYan got several eggs thrown at him, plus a bucket of cold water.

Due to Lin ZiYan, the school pulled an emergency meeting the next day, giving the entire student body mental health advice. Lin ZiYan was invited to the therapist of the school for a week of appointments and was infamous from then on.

That summer night, the lights shown like stars, voices filled the night, and because some huge center was having a grand opening, the night sky filled with fireworks.

A group of friends yelling and laughing.

The fireworks of the night lit up YouYan’s face bright red, Gu YeBai held her within his arms and they watched the world of chaotic happiness together.

The passing years, so beautiful

Today, it’s not only time that left with the wind.

Everyone had the same smiles on, they were still the same people, but at the same time, they were also different. Moments of spring scenery disperse however they may, as does anyone associated with them.[1]

Under the lights, the game has begun.

The spinning bottle stopped in front of HuaiAn, the strength used was just right.

Everyone looked at each other and laughed, then looked towards Chu Ke to see what her question is. Chu Ke and HuaiAn, the two beauties, plus Chu Ke has some unexplainable relationship with Gu Senpai. His ex- YouYan is also here. The drama today, who wouldn’t want to watch?

Chu Ke took an unnoticeable glance at HuaiAn, and asked: “Senpai, I’m going to ask now okay? When did you and Big Brother Gu have your first time? What time? Where? And how did you do it?”

When she finished talking, the crowd was silent. This Chu Ke really isn’t afraid of anything. Lin ZiYan even fell off his chair in exaggeration.

No one thought Chu Ke would so openly question such private matters.

Lin ZiYan laughed as he replied, “Little Sis Chu, time, place, and how. One, two, three. That’s three questions.”

HuaiAn thought back to her actions with Gu YeBai, her face heated quickly, but she laughed coldly on the inside. Despite all this, her expression was calm, she picked up her wine glass and smiled politely as she raised it.

YouYan squeezed her hand inside her pocket, Xu Qing suddenly grabbed onto her other hand and shook her head.

Chu Ke giggled and continued: “Senpai, if you aren’t going to do the dare and decide to drink, you can’t only take on this one glass, or else everyone is going to take the drink instead, then the game wouldn’t be fun.”

As she spoke she looked towards a large glass of red wine and a specially made large glass.

Now the atmosphere of the room peaked, the slight chatter from before disappeared. Everyone’s eyes moved towards HuaiAn.

HuaiAn thought, Chu Ke, I’ll get you next time. But her face kept a polite smile and reached for the glass.

But someone was faster than her—not by much, only half a second quicker.

The crowd felt something flash before their eyes, and when they looked again, the bottle was held in the hands of the handsome and cold man.

Gu YeBai called the waiter nearest to him over, that person immediately got him a bottle opener.

He took it and said: “Bordeaux Red from 2005, not too bad, HuaiAn, you don’t mind if I drink this instead right?”

HuaiAn’s eyes sparkled, a look of pleasant surprise appeared. She glanced at Chu Ke but ended with her eyes on YouYan.

YouYan paled. Back then he wouldn’t help her drink it, but now he would do it for another woman.


Translator Note:

[1] This was a difficult phrase as the author got really poetic here… ;=; The original chinese was 烟花细碎,如何堪剪 and I chose to translate 烟花 into ‘spring scenery’, which is actually the literary meaning (it’s used as a metaphor) and can also mean ‘fireworks. So that phrase (moments of spring scenery) can actually be translated also as ‘fragments of fireworks’, which I interpreted to mean that their past experiences of youth dissipated and was lost to time just as a firework so briefly blossoms and fades away, falling to darkness.)