Chapter 19: Secrets

He was standing under the sun, his eyes dark, looking towards a girl not far away.

With short hair stopping at her ears, she had a pretty complexion.

The girl tugged on her lips and suddenly ran, in mere seconds, her body flew towards him.

It seemed that he had been surprised, but even so, he didn’t push her away.

The person he didn’t push away was her, her roommate, Xu Qing.

As YouYan saw his arm go around her waist, she turned around.

It was an unsolved problem, but before too long, she was pulled out of her daze.

YouYan smiled and the secret disappeared into her heart.

“Senpai.” YouYan patted the stoned Lin ZiYan and continued: “Are you ready? I’m going to go borrow some napkins.”

Lin ZiYan finally knows what it means to carry a stone and drop it onto one’s own foot. Of course, he doesn’t despise being close with YouYan, but——

He looked towards his boss in habit, but the soft voice continued: “Senpai it’s fine if you don’t want to, I’ll just drink.”

“Drink it, drink it, drink it!” the crowd cheered as if they were waiting for this.

YouYan smiled and reached for the vodka.

Her movements were unexpectedly very swift, and having filled the glass already, she closed her eyes and drank.

However several people remembered, that was the cup Gu YeBai used. Chu Ke bit her lips and thought, “ Another woman!”

She smiled: “Lu Senpai, the alcohol inside the bottle is still full, there’s no need to be so hurried. You can drink it slowly.”

Guessing what President Gu was thinking, she supposed that he must hate YouYan. But Chu Ke had always thought about Gu YeBai when she acted, of course she knows what she can and can’t? This comment incurred a crowd of supporters, and the girl who was grieved by HuaiAn earlier looked upon this, sneering repeatedly.

YouYan furrowed her brows as she finished a cup, her face bright red. She placed her hand on her chest and started coughing violently.

Xu Qing was going to say something but hesitated. YouYan wiped the corners of her mouth and, picking up the bottle, began to fill the glass once more.

The glass reflected the thousands of particles of light, but on the other side of the cup, Gu YeBai’s pupils darkened.

YouYan can’t drink, Lin ZiYan suddenly remembered, panicking.

“ZiYan.” Just as he remembered, he heard Gu YeBai’s voice.

His scalp felt a little numb. He wasn’t certain about Gu YeBai’s feelings towards YouYan,, but in the past four years, he had never inquired about it. Anyone who saw the craziness of that day wouldn’t question it.

Lin ZiYan answered, but wanted to hide in the corner instead.

Gu YeBai continued: “ZiYan, when the game finishes, you should go too, don’t stay too late.  You still have to go to the meeting tomorrow for the contract in City S.”

When Lin ZiYan heard this, he was ready to fall flat on the floor. The contract in City S was related to working with the governors for a charity auction. He spent a long time convincing Gu YeBai to go himself, only because the woman in charge in City S was so hard to deal with.

Now——,he wanted to complain, but he saw Gu YeBai glancing at YouYan, only a single, uncaring glance.

He knows, Gu YeBai knows he knows.

Alarmed, he immediately grabbed the bottle from YouYan: “President Gu can help his lover drink, so it’s fine that I drink for a underclassmen friend, right?

YouYan paused, only to feel her chest constrict and make her unable to breathe. As traces of sweat appeared on her forehead, she clamped her mouth and apologized, quickly running to the restrooms.

While she ran, she crashed into a waiter with a platter, creating a mess.

No one knows who, but someone laughed, and the entire room followed.