Chapter 6: Even When We Meet Again, We’re Nothing But Strangers

“YeBai, YeBai. Do you really belong to me now?” She felt the tender part of her heart give in, and a hazy image of him standing in front of the library years ago came to mind.

She was intelligent and she always had a clear goal. Remembering the girls back in the dorms, they weren’t smart enough so they had always looked for a settling partner, wanting to become a normal white-collared worker once they graduated. They were content with anything that was slightly better than average.

But it’s true, how many geniuses are there in the world? She was the talented one of her major, the title that she held was gained through years of hard work.

She was never a nerd though, at least she would never take her free time to go to the library to study or anything. But that week, whenever she had time, she would unconsciously walk towards the library, only because she saw him in there a couple days ago. She looked for his figure——Gu YeBai.

God knows how much she wanted to get closer with him.

But at that time, even though she had him in her heart, they were no closer than classmates.

How could she break the wall between them? She was always confident, but for many days, she hesitated, only daring to look at him from outside the window.

She didn’t think those normal boys were good enough for her, but she never thought she would spend so much time thinking about a boy. It was the first time she experienced this feeling, so this was what it’s supposed to feel like.

Today, no matter what, she would walk into his world. She bit her lips as she decided.

After pacing back and forth for so long, when she finally walked into the library, she realized someone was already next to Gu YeBai!

That person, she recognizes her, it was Gu YeBai’s girlfriend; Lu YouYan, who is in the foreign language major, merely a plain girl—how did he come to like her?


The two stood in a line and Gu YeBai bit his lips, his gaze locked on Lu YouYan, but Lu YouYan had her back turned towards him, giving off a cold atmosphere. The rays of the autumn sun seemed to be cut off by the transparent glass window, his face unexpectedly pale.

YouYan’s back quivered, but she didn’t turn around.

HuaiAn stared at her in hate.

She heard his quiet laughter, sullen and helpless: “Lu YouYan, I thought I could forget about you, but I underestimated you and overestimated myself.”

After a quiet moment, he asked: “Can I hug you once?”

Still, her head hung low, and she remained motionless.

“Once, just once is enough.” His eyes were clear and silent, but his voice held a trace of despair and his hands gripped the table hard, knuckles pale from the force.

He was such a proud person. He had put down all his pride, as it had slowly it left him, little by little in front of that woman.

This man, his brows showed that in the four years they hadn’t seen each other, the time had made him even more unreadable.

And now, his eyes showed a trace of indifference. Not only did HuaiAn see it, so did YouYan. When love reaches a peak, it becomes hate. But there wasn’t even a trace of hate anymore—his heart had died.