Chapter 16: The Meaning Behind Tiramisu

“YouYan can pick the person, but of course, the person who gets picked has to agree. This girl has it hard on her, so that makes sense right?”

There wasn’t anyone here who didn’t know exactly what Vice-President Lin was thinking and all of their sights flicked between Gu YeBai and YouYan , whether sneering or watching coldly.

Chu Ke’s expression changed, but HuaiAn was calm, not showing any sign of turmoil except for the curled fist under the table.

YouYan pretended she didn’t see any of this and slowly looked towards Gu YeBai. Staring at him in a daze, it was the first time they had made eye contact tonight.

Sarcastic laughter filled the room, from both older classmates and junior classmates.

“So stupid.” Chu Ke thought.

Xu Qing had complicated feelings towards Gu YeBai so she was annoyed with YouYan too, but knew by looking at her that only traces of pity towards her remained.

Suddenly, someone reminded the crowd of the story behind tiramisu.

Tiramisu, there were so many stories behind it.

The most famous one was about a time when an Italian soldier came home from war, and his wife at home had used all the supplies she could find to make a cake for her beloved husband.

To follow one’s love wherever they go, despite any obstacles that may happen on the road. Even if it was a chaotic war-time, even if it was a case of life and death.

Since then, the delicate pastry had the meaning of “bring me along”.

In this romantic lighting, HuaiAn sat within Gu YeBai’s embrace, a look filled with happiness and content on her face.

“So beautiful, isn’t it just like Gu Senpai and Zhou Senpai?” Someone commented from the crowd, and everyone agreed.

Jealous eyes landed on HuaiAn as it happened.

Xu Qing suddenly commented: “YouYan, you know how to make tiramisu, right? So is the legend really like this?”

The room fell silent and everyone’s eyes looked to YouYan.

YouYan bit her lips, and replied: “I think tiramisu actually has another meaning.”

“To come back. I think that’s what the wife didn’t say aloud. If she wasn’t able to leave with him, she would wish for him to promise her that he will come back.”

The crowd fell silent, but some of the eyes looking at YouYan turned even more scornful.

“Come back for what? Just because you suddenly realize the good, it should conveniently come back? How can these things be so easy?” Someone sneered, and several girls took the opportunity to draw it out and begin commenting. Lin ZiYan sighed.

YouYan lowered her head.

Yes. Come back.

However. Four years ago, she left and couldn’t bring him. She had a thousand reasons to bring him, yet another one thousand and one reasons to tell herself no.

Four years later, after she finished up the issues of Chi Pu’s death, she came back, unable to fight the yearning.

But he no longer held any hope for her return. For he had a better woman next to him. HuaiAn suited him. She was just as intelligent, and she loved him. Deeply.

So she also longed for his longing.

Coming back and seeing him was good enough. Knowing that he’s well, that’s good enough. This way she can have a peace of mind. In this life, she hoped that for what she couldn’t give him, someone else could.

As long as he is well.

Numbers are the most beautiful thing about logical things. It began with the beginning of the earth.

If one had to give love an equation, it wouldn’t be 1 + 1 = 2. The equation wouldn’t be equal since love will never be perfect and there will always be flaws.

The process is never perfect.

Xiao Bai, Xiao Bai. YouYan called this name over and over again inside her heart.

The oceans from before are now dried fields.

Gu YeBai didn’t avoid her. Knowing that she looked at him, he politely looked back, distanced, just like how he had looked at her when they first met.

The time between them disappeared, it was like he had never kissed her like she had never cried against him and laughed together with him.