Chapter 22: Love in a Sleeping City

HuaiAn’s voice drew her back from her memories.

“YouYan, according to the address you just gave, it should be somewhere near here. Where should we stop?”

YouYan paused, furrowed her brows and looked out the window, Omg >_<, god knows where this is. She had just made up a random address.

If she had known, she would have given a further address, no wonder he always called her dumb.

But at least she saw him and listened to him speak.

YouYan smiled and replied: “Can you stop at the convenience store in front? I’ll walk the rest myself.”

The black Lamborghini parked in front of 7/11, the sound of the car parking was crisp and clear.

The car door was already half opened, YouYan couldn’t resist looking at the man in front.

In the mirror, his expression was somewhat cold, with an expression of indifference.

Xiao Bai. Even if it’s like this, I’ll remember.

“Bai, let’s walk with YouYan, it’s dangerous for a girl to walk alone at night.” HuaiAn called.

Gu YeBai glanced at HuaiAn and responded, the corners of his mouth having a hint of a smile: “This isn’t a parking spot.”

“Fine, just care about your little money.” HuaiAn laughed as she walked out the car.

He smiled in response and followed her out the car.

YouYan was left in the car, startled.

Walking her? YouYan smiled bitterly. Either HuaiAn was too open-minded or she was trying to test out something. Who knew.

But the problem was, who was going to tell her how she was going walk down this road >_< When she came out of the car, the breeze of the early autumn was unexpectedly chilly. YouYan shivered and hugged herself.

A careless glance made her stop.

Not far away from her, Gu YeBai’s jacket was on HuaiAn, his hands were in his pockets and he was watching her.

YouYan’s heart throbbed but feared, so she quickly lowered her head.

HuaiAn walked over, her expression filled with traces of concern.

“YouYan are you cold?”

HuaiAn was almost 170cm while YouYan was only 160cm. When she reached out the dark blue jacket landed on YouYan’s shoulders.

It was filled with warmth, his warmth.

She trembled.

Gu YeBai called out lightly: “HuaiAn, come here.”

HuaiAn looked towards YouYan and smiled as she ran back to her lover.

Gu YeBai furrowed his brows, poking her forehead in punishment, HuaiAn laughed.

Then, he brought his arms around her.

A lover’s hug was definitely better than a jacket.

They looked at each other and smiled, their movements smooth and natural.

YouYan looked at them, not blinking even once.

In her sight, she saw them walking towards her.

With her hand hidden in her pocket, her nails dug completely into her palms.

Before they reached her, she grabbed onto the jacket and ran over there.

“I insist.” She said.

Gu YeBai’s eyes were filled with calmness, looking at her with indifference.

HuaiAn responded: “YouYan?”

“Thank you for sending me back. HuaiAn, I can just walk the rest of the way, I’m almost there anyway.” She pursed her lips, thought about it, and repeated: “I insist on walking back by myself.”

“This——” HuaiAn furrowed her brows and looked towards Gu YeBai.

Gu YeBai was already nodding his head, he responded: “Ok then, be careful.”

For the first time in four years, the first thing he said to her. Emotionless. In the night of this sleeping city, the autumn breeze froze every part of her, her body screaming.