Chapter 12: Times Fly

After all this time, if YouYan still hadn’t understood what was going on, then she really would be stupid.

This obviously meant that HuaiAn was only allowed to call her by that nickname simply because of her relationship with Gu YeBai.

Lowering her voice, Youyan asked Xu Qing, “What’s so special about the nickname?”

Xu Qing coldly replied: “That’s Gu YeBai’s special nickname for her—but of course she is the only one who thinks this way, it’s not like he thinks it’s special.”

HuaiAn was Gu YeBai’s woman. By saying this, Chu Ke was openly contending with HuaiAn.

YouYan, unable to resist the urge, looked at Chu Ke several times, who glanced back at her with an almost indiscernible look of danger.

“Little Chu.” The low voice didn’t have any trace of emotion.

It was him.

YouYan’s heart ached and lowered her head. It had been four years, and she had almost forgotten his voice.

When she was in Luo Ka City with Chi Pu, the two of them used their own ways to fight against their desires. Then they would laugh at each other’s methods and decide who had the better idea.

She had always laid her head on the table and watched him chat with Cheng Nuan Senpai online anonymously.

Cheng Nuan Senpai married someone in America two years ago. Her husband was an ABC, with very western ways of thinking and behavior, but he was very kind to Cheng Nuan Senpai.

Across the globe, Chi Pu saw Cheng Nuan Senpai’s life through the computer.

She watched their interactions and would sometimes take out some of the things Gu YeBai gave her for him to see.

His old drawings, little gifts he gave her. She even cut out every picture of him that she could find in the magazines.

Chi Pu would pat her head and reply: “Sis, be careful to not get addicted to collecting stuff. And as for this Gu YeBai, the two of you were together for quite some time, but he only gave you these few gifts? Look at this drawing—you’ve held it so much that the paper is starting to curl and fade.

When she heard this, she became very angry and slapped away his hand, replying back: “How were we together for a long time? It wasn’t long at all, only two years——”

Chi Pu sighed and hugged her to his chest.

She sniffled and rubbed against his shirt. His scent was refreshing, but it still wasn’t that person.

Chi Pu didn’t seem to have kept anything of Cheng Nuan’s, and he didn’t even seem too dejected about watching Cheng Nuan and her husband’s happy life.

But there was one time, in the middle of the night, that YouYan woke up from a dream. She saw Chi Pu sitting in the middle of the dark living room, holding his phone and staring at it.

Cheng Nuan’s husky voice echoed through the empty living room, the dim light of night lingering outside like a heavy atmosphere, and time slipped by.

“Chi Pu, I love you.”

It was only five words.

But who knows how many times Chi Pu listened to it.

YouYan walked over and said, “You really do have really your ways. Getting someone as prideful as Cheng Nuan senpai to record that.”

Chi Pu closed the speaker, and replied lightly, “I used an entire bottle of rum. You can try it on your Little Bai.”

YouYan laughed as tears rolled down her face.

“But he never gets drunk.”