Xiao Yuan was momentarily stunned. She turned around and saw a vague turquoise figure through the gap. It was Cai Ju’s side profile. Xiao Yuan pursed her lips.

She was Liu Qingwu’s maidservant!

“Then what about the eldest young master’s side…” The man was startled for a bit but wasn’t angry and asked puzzledly..

Cai Ju pondered and looked at the time. She could hear the firecrackers were already being set off. She bluntly said, “We can’t wait any longer, the eldest young master said to forbid…”

Cai Ju stopped and swallowed back the words that were on the tip of her tongue; she understood the hearts of men. Liu Qingzhou was extremely lascivious. Within these few days, he had already tainted countless of maidservants.

Perhaps there was even a maidservant sleeping in his arms right now…

“Do what this Miss had instructed you to do first, then I will tell you the rest later.”

Cai Ju stomped her feet, the eldest young master was too unreliable. Truly had benefited Xiao Yuan for nothing!

After a while, the figures left. Xiao Yuan pushed Zhao Zun away, seething with anger.

Zhao Zun released his hand, but didn’t withdraw his arm that was on her waist. After pinning her against the miniature rock, the two of them were in a very intimate and ambiguous position.

“That’s past the line. How dare you scheme against Qing Le, Liu Qingwu!”

Xiao Yuan didn’t even realise that she was panting with rage and gritting her teeth. Her face red due anger.

“Do you want any help?” Zhao Zun asked.


“I don’t want your help!” Xiao Yuan, all of a sudden, pushed Zhao Zun away and remembering what had happened a while ago, she shouted at Zhao Zun snappishly.

Zhao Zun was startled for a moment. What’s wrong with this woman? Wasn’t she fine just a moment ago? Why did she change her mind in a blink of an eye?

Xiao Yuan turned around and wanted to walk away, but was blocked by Zhao Zun. Xiao Yuan stomped her feet in anger. “This isn’t the time for this right now. I need to go and save Qing Le, get out of my way!”

Zhao Zun didn’t say anything. He held Xiao Yuan and with a leap, they flew down from the rock garden in a blink of an eye. Just as Zhao Zun released his hold, Xiao Yuan ran away.

Zhao Zun narrowed his eyes and touched his nose, there was a faint fragrance lingering on his hand.

“Second Master Zhao? I’ve finally found you.”

Zhao Zun’s expression suddenly became cold in an instant. “I came out to get some air and in passing, I viewed the scenery in the Princess residence. There are too many high-ranking officials and noble lords, this Zhao–cannot compare.”

The steward was stunned. There were indeed a lot of guests today and Zhao Zun was also one. He might as well let Zhao Zun do whatever he wanted.

“How about this humble one find a maidservant to show you around?”

Zhao Zun shook his head. “There’s no need, I was just casually walking around. The environment here is not bad, you can go about your business now. When the Eldest Prince is done, you can just call for this humble one..”

“Understood.” The steward nodded. “Then this small one shall go first, please continue what you were doing.”

Zhao Zun nodded.

Very soon, Zhao Qi came back.

“The people?” Zhao Zun asked.

“They have been thrown beside the pond by this subordinate and have been taken care of.”

Zhao Zun nodded and then he brought Zhao Qi with him back to the residence where Qing Le lived.

Just when Qing Le came back, she was somewhat puzzled. “Where did Little Ninth go?”

“Miss, drink some tea first and change your clothes. The banquet outside is starting soon.”

Qing Fei bent down and poured a cup of tea for Qing Le. Qing Le received and drank it in one gulp.

“Quickly go and find her, it’s possible that she’s lost. It’s her first time here, there’s also a degenerate in the residence.”

Qing Le thought about it and was a bit worried. She immediately instructed Qing Fei to go find her.

“Yes, this one will go and will quickly return!”

Qing Le nodded and after sitting down for awhile, she felt a little dizzy. Her entire body went feverish and her head was feeling light-headed to the point that it was unbearable.

“Haha! Little beauty, I’ve come!”

A man pushed open the door then closed it. He rubbed his hands together and stared at Qing Le lecherously.

She was a princess not just in name. In the future when others see him, they would call him as Prince Consort. When the man thought about it, his heart felt happy.

Qing Le’s expression became more and more dark and when she saw his vulgar expression; she almost threw up. Just when she was about to stand up, her legs went limp and she sat down again.

“You! Impudent!”

“Haha! Don’t rush, don’t rush. Soon, you will feel good.” The man couldn’t wait and took off his clothes. Qing Le bit her lips feeling angry and anxious.

Qing Le bit her teeth and stood up. Feeling extremely muddle-headed, she leaned against the table while still holding onto her cup of tea and glared at the man.

“Don’t come over here! You dare to offend this Princess, his Princess will definitely not let you go. Before anyone comes in, quickly go away!”

Qing Le was clearly angry, but her tone were sultry as if it was an invitation.

Qing Le’s legs went limp and her body fell heavily to the ground. She felt despair.

“Haha…” The man suddenly laughed. Just when he was about to go forward, there was a bang. His body fell straight to the ground, not moving at all.

Qing Le covered her head and was stunned.

“Qing Le?”

Xiao Yuan hurriedly came here. She sighed with relief, luckily she was able to make it in time.

Qing Le heard the familiar voice and sighed with relief. “Little… Little Ninth!”

After speaking, Qing Le’s eyes rolled back and fainted.

“I’ll beat you to death! I’ll beat you to death!” Xiao Yuan was kicking and trampling on the man. The man groaned and didn’t move at all.

“Carry him away, and this, pour everything for Liu Qingwu to drink!”

Xiao Yuan walked to the table and picked up the pot of tea and directly shoved it to Zhao Qi’s hands. Zhao Qi raised his head to look at Zhao Zun. Zhao Zun nodded and Zhao Qi then accepted the task and carried the man away.

The rims of Xiao Yuan’s eyes were red. “Evil scum! You dare to scheme against Qing Le!”

Zhao Zun saw that she was angry and took put a porcelain bottle from his bosom. “Give this to her to eat and she should be fine, people will come soon.

Xiao Yuan didn’t doubt him and directly fed it to Qing Le. She turned around to look at Zhao Zun and asked, “Why are you still here?”

Zhao Zun was speechless. He accompanied her to go through all of this hassle, now he was being kicked out.

Xiao Yuan thought for a moment. “After two days, Qing Le and I will arrange a banquet to thank you.”

Zhao Zun had went to a lot of banquets already and not everyone had the chance to invite him, but this time, Zhao Zun readily agreed.

“Deal! It’s settled, I’ll be waiting at Xunwei Restaurant Suite 1 when the time comes.”

Xiao Yuan nodded and could be considered to have agreed. Zhao Zun thought for a moment and reminded her again, then he left.

Mm…” Qing Le clutched her head, feeling drowsy.

“Qing Le, you finally woke up. You scared me to death. Liu Qingwu, that b***h, she actually dared to scheme against you. Infuriated me to death! I definitely won’t let her off!”

A stern ray of light flitted across Xiao Yuan’s eyes. Qing Le came back to her senses and her face darkened. She clasped Xiao Yuan’s arm tightly.

“I didn’t even provoke her. She dared to scheme against me just after coming to the capital. This grievance, I can’t stomach it no matter what!”

Qing Le was so angry that her entire body was shaking and was itching to strangle Liu Qingwu to death. Xiao Yuan suddenly laughed and whispered a few sentences into Qing Le’s ear.


Xiao Yuan nodded her head while Qing Le sneered.