The familiar voice immediately made Su Shen freeze. When she looked up, she saw a familiar figure with his cap lowered to cover most of his face. Wearing an ordinary black jacket, he looked like the rest of the staff part of the production crew.

Seeing him, Su Shen was stunned. Evidently, she didn’t expect him to suddenly appear here and with no news at all!

“This take is good enough. If we reshoot it, it’ll just be wasting money.” The director chuckled.

Actually, he just found out that Su Shen was Xie Yan’s girlfriend. When he saw Xie Yan, he thought he must’ve come to visit Li Hao on set and was going to ask him to do a cameo, but who knew that he would ask him to find a body double for Su Shen as soon as he opened his mouth. He didn’t even like to use a body double, but now, he wanted his girlfriend to use one! 

“I… I’m going to change.”

Realizing what she had just done, Su Shen immediately wanted to leave, but as soon as she turned around, her arm was tightly grabbed. When she turned around, she saw Xie Yan staring at her somberly.

Su Shen felt a little guilty, but she had no choice as this scene had to show her face.

She rolled her eyes and suddenly grabbed his arm, murmuring, “I really missed you.”

Li Hao: “…….”

There were so many people here!

Li Hao left and so did the others. Xiao Zhou squatted not far away to keep watch in case any paparazzi would sneak in.

A soft voice ran in his ear, successfully making Xie Yan calm down. He wrapped his arm around her shoulder and whispered, “I missed you too.”

Blushing, Su Shen didn’t say anything. She had heard that acting cute would be really effective, and it was true.

“But, who told you to do such a dangerous stunt?” Xie Yan narrowed his eyes and stared at her.

Su Shen: “…….”

Lies, acting cute was useless!

“I… I had no choice. I had to show my face in this scene.” She blinked and said in a somewhat guilty tone.

When she remembered that they were still in the middle of the street, she immediately looked around. There had been a paparazzi following her for the past few days, she couldn’t get photographed again, those few photos would cost a couple of millions. It was so not worth it.

“Someone’s taking pictures outside. I’ll ask Xiao Zhou to distract them. Go to my van in five minutes.” Su Shen whispered.

Hearing this, Xie Yan didn’t say anything. Taking a look at the black cap on his head, Su Shen immediately stood on tiptoe to take it off and said, “Lemme borrow it for a sec.”

As she said that, she put his cap on and then brought Xiao Zhou to the van outside parked on the road.

At a glance, she saw an SUV parked at the corner of the street. This car had been following her for a week nonstop.

After getting in the car with Xiao Zhou, she took off her jacket, “Change into my jacket and discreetly go over there. Hail a taxi and have the driver circle around for a bit.”

Hearing this, Xiao Zhou naturally understood what she meant. She immediately took off her jacket and changed into Su Shen’s beige windbreaker and placed the black cap on.

After Xiao Zhou got off the car, Su Shen observed the situation outside. She saw Xiao Zhou looking down and hurriedly walking along the side of the road. After hailing a taxi, the SUV at the corner finally moved.

After the taxi drove away, the SUV followed it unhurriedly, keeping a certain distance from the taxi.

Just at this moment, the door of the van suddenly opened and a figure in black abruptly got in. After the door was slammed shut, the inside of the entire car became dim again.

“Why are you here?” Glancing at him, Su Shen took out two bottles of water from the bag next to her.

She wanted to open the bottle, but as soon as she exerted force, she couldn’t help but sounded “ssh” and opened her hand. There were several wounds on her palm. They were not too deep and were just scraped with blood oozing out only.

With a long face, Xie Yan embraced her nape, leaned over, and stared at her, “You’re so daring.”

When their eyes met, he had a long face, seemingly the first time this angry. Su Shen blinked and suddenly leaned in to kiss him on the lips before gently saying, “I promise this will be the last time.”

A trace of warmth could still be felt on his lips. Staring at her slightly blushed face, Xie Yan snorted and caressed her head unhappily. “What will you do to guarantee that?”

Seeing him staring at her, Su Shen looked down and didn’t say anything. Why did she have to feel guilty? Clearly, Xie Yan did this last time too.

He took the bottle of water, unscrewed it, and handed it to her mouth. His tone was solemn, “Do you know how dangerous it was just now? What if you were blown up? Is money more important or your life?”

Su Shen looked up and pursed her lips, “Last time, you skydived. What if you were to accidentally break an arm or leg?”

Xie Yan: “……”

“This is not an excuse. I’m me, and you are you. Why did you learn from me?” He still had a long face.

“Why can’t I learn from you? It’s you who didn’t set a good example for me. I was influenced by you.” She took the bottle and gulped a big mouthful.

The spilled water slid along her jaw down to her neck. Xie Yan darkened his eyes and suddenly bit her neck, sucking that water droplet into his mouth and in passing, her neck.

Su Shen felt number all over, and the water in her hand splashed onto the seat beside her.

“Okay, I will be a good example for you in the future, and you will have to be a good student.” He looked up and said in a muffled voice.

Su Shen’s ears turned red, but she still snorted and said, “Got it. Thanks, Xie laoshi.”

Staring at her ruby lips, Xie Yan’s eyes darkened. He suddenly leaned in and whispered in her ear, “But, I’m still angry. What are you gonna do?”

His hot breath puffed onto her ear, causing Su Shen’s whole body to be a little limp. She pulled her neck back, “What… can I do…” 

“What did you do just now?” He stared at her wandering eyes fervently. 

His gaze was so fervent that Su Shen couldn’t help but swallow her throat. Her face began to burn again, but she didn’t know how to take this step forward.

Without saying anything, Xie Yan just stared at her silently. The atmosphere in the car suddenly became strange. As if she couldn’t stand his gaze anymore, Su Shen leaned in trembling and kissed him on the lips blushingly.

The next moment, she was pressed hard against the seat as a hot kiss overwhelmed her. Su Shen could only utter an “mhm” as she gasped for breath.

He gently bit her soft lips and roughly plundered all her sweetness. He didn’t let her go until he noticed that she was out of breath. He stared at her and said, “Remember not to do such a dangerous thing in the future.”

“En,” said Su Shen weakly, “I’ll tell the director.”

Xie Yan: “I’ve already told him.”

Su Shen: “……..”

She tried her best to calm down with a flushed face and stared at him with her big watery eyes. “Why are you here?”

It was so sudden.

“Filming is done in Africa, we’re going to Egypt next for some shots.” He wrapped his arms around her waist, buried his head into her neck, and took a deep breath. “I wanted to see you.”

Su Shen frowned. Egypt?

“When will you leave?” She was a little unhappy. Why did the director have to choose those places to film?

Xie Yan: “Now.”

He then looked at his watch and kissed her on the cheek. “I gotta go, or I won’t be able to catch my flight.”

The whole production crew was waiting for him.

Hearing this, just as Su Shen wanted to say something else, she saw that Xie Yan had opened the door and got out of the car.

“Be careful,” she poked her head out of the window, looking a little worried. “Remember what you said. If you do dangerous stunts, I’ll learn from you.”

The person who had got off the car turned around and looked at the little head that poked out from the window. He chuckled, “I still have a lot of things for you to learn.”

He then strode to the corner of the street. Zhao Tong must be waiting for him there in a car.

Blushing, Su Shen didn’t want to bother with his teasing. She didn’t withdraw her head until she saw his figure disappear from her sight. For a moment, she suddenly agreed with He Hua. Why did he have to take on such a dangerous film? What if something happened?

She decided that she couldn’t let Xie Yan make such a reckless decision in the future. No matter what, nothing was more important than one’s life.

After circling around for a while, Xiao Zhou came back in half an hour. Perhaps they knew that they had been tricked as that SUV came back before Xiao Zhou. But Xie Yan had already left. They couldn’t have taken anything.

There were several silent scenes in the afternoon. Although it was not tiring, the explosion scene today caused several wounds on Su Shen’s body. When she returned to the hotel at night, she disinfected them with Qtips alone.

It was quiet in the hotel room; the light above dazzling. It was not until a ringtone broke the silence. 

Su Shen placed the Qtip down and leaned against the sofa to answer the phone. Immediately, He Hua’s steady voice came from the other end of the line, “I’ve watched the video. Fan Meng entered a hotel with a man while holding his arm. When they got out of the car, she kissed the man on the cheek. The man is the vice president of her company. He’s 50 and likes to play with young models the most. If you want it, they can give you the video of Fan Meng entering the hotel with him while holding his arm, but the price is three million, which is already the lowest price!”

A kiss would be more of a hardcore evidence than just holding his arm, but that paparazzi certainly didn’t want to sell all of his information in this way. If they keep the other half, Fan Meng would definitely splash out money to buy it. A video could be sold twice, which was definitely more worth it.

“No problem. Should the man be blurred out?” Su Shen asked seriously.

It was just holding an arm. Entering a hotel while holding a 50-year-old man’s arm, it was plain as day.

“No need. It’s not the first time that Liu dong* has been photographed on a date with aspiring stars. Paparazzi often follow him. This time, taking a photo of him and Fan Meng was by accident.” He Hua said with a laugh.

dong – a term to address a director of a company

Su Shen paused upon hearing that before saying, “I’ll send the money to you now.”

At that, He Hua couldn’t help but ask, “Think it through. You will completely become enemies with Fan Meng with this. She still has some connections in this industry. Are you sure you want to offend her?”

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