Well Matched Couple

Wen Le was determined to ignore Zhou Kao, so she kept walking along the bookcase, looking for the book she needed.

Zhou Kao, on the other hand, did not leave. Instead, he slowly followed Wen Le.

Wen Le didn’t bother to pay attention to him, she noticed Zhou Kao leaning in her direction.

Wen Le turned around and looked at Zhou Kao blankly, “as far as I know, the books used in your discipline are not on this floor, correct?”

Zhou Kao chuckled. Because he was concerned about being heard in the library, he lowered his voice dramatically, making it more magnetic and mellow. Zhou Kao leaned over as if he had captured Wen Le in his arms, and his laughter seemed to ring in Wen Le’s ears.

Wen Le had to grudgingly admit that her ears were teased.

Wen Le was unafraid, staring straight into Zhou Kao’s deep, narrow eyes. She clearly saw a hint of mischief twinkle within them.

The distance between the two quickly diminished, and yet Zhou Kao continued to approach her. In the increasingly small space, the scents of cologne on Zhou Kao’s body and perfume on Wen Le’s body gradually blended to create something new.

Wen Le couldn’t help but take a step back, but her back had already made contact with the bookshelf. The tall figure of Zhou Kao cast a shadow in front of her. Zhou Kao appeared to be pressing Wen Le against the bookshelf at this point. If someone saw it, they’d definitely think the two of them were going to ‘KISS.’

*kiss was written in english in the original text like this.

“Oh, so you think the reason I’m here now is…for you?” Zhou Kao whispered softly into Wen Le’s ear.


After speaking, Zhou Kao reached for a book near Wen Le’s waist.

Wen Le raised her brows slightly, you’re tryna play?

Wen Le then did something which did not fit with the image of a lady she had always maintained.

Wen Le extended her hand and pushed hard against Zhou Kao’s chest, causing him to take two steps back. How wide a gap could there be between the two bookshelves? Zhou Kao came to a halt when he felt his back hit the bookshelf behind him.

Yet Wen Le strode forward, stretched out her hand, the corners of her mouth slightly upturned. Her eyes were filled with a tender warmth of an unfathomable depth.

She was a natural enchantress, yet she chose to look like a dignified lady.

Wen Le extended her hand. Her snow-white fair hand appeared to be on the verge of touching Zhou Kao’s handsome face.

Zhou Kao’s eyes narrowed slightly, but he remained motionless.

Just as she was about to touch Zhou Kao’s cheek Wen Le brushed against his ear and pulled out the book closest to his head.

The corners of Wen Le’s mouth curled lightly. She tipped her feet, leaned into Zhou Kao’s ear and whispered softly, “do you have to play like this, scumbag?”

The corners of Zhou Kao’s lips lifted gently, and he lowered his head slightly, leaning closer to Wen Le’s ear, whispering like a lover, “I don’t see you playing otherwise, bitch.”

The two broke apart from each other unhappily.

Wen Le’s lips brushed against Zhou Kao’s ear as they moved away because they were too close.

Neither of them cared.

Wen Le returned to the study table after obtaining the book she wanted. She took out her small mirror, wiped away the tomato-red lip gloss with a wet towel, and touched up her makeup with her Korean-style setting powder.

Wen Le seemed to have thought of something and smiled slightly, feeling a little proud.

This asshole dared to tease her?


No man has been able to take advantage of her

Cheng Hui lightly tapped Wen Le’s table with her pen and whispered in hushed tones, “what are you laughing at? Have you gone insane?”

Wen Le shook her head, “It’s nothing.”

After Zhou Kao borrowed the books, he went directly to class. He was scheduled for classes in both the third and fourth periods.

There were a lot of people in the classroom when Zhou Kao arrived.

A girl noticed Zhou Kao as soon as he sat down. She quickly covered her mouth, turned her head, and poked her female companion beside her. They both turned to look at him as though they wanted to laugh at him.

Zhou Kao didn’t mind or rather was used to it. It was just that he kept getting the impression that people were looking at him differently today than they had in the past.

Before Zhou Kao could figure it out, his roommate Hang Shuai suddenly shouted, “f*ck!”

Then he seemed to realize something, looked around, lowered his voice, and said, “f*ck, boss, what were you doing in the morning?

Zhou Kao was puzzled and pointed to the book in his hand, “I was at the library.”

Hang Shuai seemed to be at a loss for words, so he pointed to Zhou Kao’s ear and said, “take a photo and look for yourself.”

Zhou Kao seemed to hear a girl snickering.

Zhou Kao took a picture with his mobile phone and saw that on his ears there were two bright red…lip prints.

Zhou Kao suddenly remembered something.

Earlier at the library, after he and Wen Le had finished taunting each other, because the distance was too close, his ears seemed to have been touched by her lips.

Zhou Kao remembered the proud and mocking smile at the corner of Wen Le’s mouth as she left.

Zhou Kao’s face turned livid.

There were still girls in the classroom secretly laughing at him.

In Zhou Kao’s ears, it sounded like they were laughing to celebrate Wen Le’s victory.

Wen Le!


“Le ah, what exactly are you laughing at?” Cheng Hui exclaimed, taking off her headphones with a concerned expression on her face. “You have been like this the whole day. Have you finally gone insane?”

Wen Le reacted by covering her mouth with both hands, but she smiled and leaned against Cheng Hui’s shoulders.

“What exactly is going on?” asked Cheng Hui.

“It’s nothing,” Wen Le said, waving her hand, “I just put Zhou Kao in a pickle.”

“How and when did you meet Zhou Kao?” Cheng Hui was taken aback because the two of them had spent almost the entire day together.

“When we were at the library,” Wen Le said.

“So, did you ask if he had a fiancée?”

“He said ‘when did that happen, why don’t I know about it?’.”

“It seems that he doesn’t have a fiancée.”

Hearing them talk, Man Qingxuan leaned over and nodded before saying, “If two people’s answers contradict each other, one of them must have lied.”

“Is it possible that there is a third situation?” Bao Xiaofan interjected. “That they both told the truth.”

“You mean, what Zhenzhen said is true,” Wen Le said. She is, in fact, Zhou Kao’s fiancée, but what Zhou Kao said is also correct. He truly believes he has no fiancée. That means Zhou Kao’s family arranged a fiancée for him, but he was unaware of it?”

Bao Xiaofan nodded, “Those are the three possible scenarios.”

“No way…Why is there still such a thing in this age?” exclaimed Man Qingxuan.

“You really can’t be sure of such things with wealthy people,” said Bao Xiaofan.

“Today, while chatting with one of my close friends who is a Ms Perfect*, I inquired about Zhou Kao” Bao Xiaofan said. “His family’s background is really something; it’s just not something that poor people like us can imagine.”

*Ms Perfect (bai fu mei) is an internet slang used to describe someone who is fair-skinned, beautiful and rich.

“Zhou Kao and his family are a well-known veteran family in the capital. The family is primarily involved in politics and are all powerful figures. Given that Zhou Kao attended law school, it is expected that he will follow in his father’s footsteps. Zhou Kao’s paternal grandfather is a businessman. According to my best friend, Zhou Kao’s grandfather gave him a company as a gift after he was accepted into University A.”

“What the f*ck!?” exclaimed Man Qingxuan. “This…this! Oh my god, isn’t this the standard for an idol drama’s male lead? My mother only wrapped me some dumplings when I started at University A.”

“Poverty limits our imagination,” said Cheng Hui.

“This isn’t the point,” Bao Xiaofan remarked. “The point is that during his final year of high school, Zhou Kao took his company’s employees on a project, and it appears that they had invested in some software. It is estimated that at least tens of millions of dollars have been made thus far.”

“F*ck! (He’s really a) Big brother, big brother!”

“Oh my god, does such a person really exist? I believed everything they showed on TV was all made up for entertainment and production value, but I really had no idea there was such a massive guy around!”

“So such a family ‘s actions is not something we can imagine,” Bao Xiaofan concluded.

“And that Zhenzhen, their family is also in business.  It’s the Hall Hotel; a well-known hotel owned by her family. That Zhenzhen is a true Ms Perfect, and she appears to be very close to Zhou Kao’s grandfather’s side.”

“What the hell, this is a well…” Man Qingxuan instantly understood something was amiss, covertly glanced at Wen Le, and swallowed what she was about to say.

“It’s really a well-matched couple,” Wen Le smiled. What was the difficulty in saying this. “I wish them well.”

When Bao Xiaofan heard Wen Le say that, she felt a little uneasy and responded, “Lele, I didn’t say these things to…”

“I know,” Wen Le kept smiling, “you can ask Cheng Hui. In fact, I stated this morning that I had no intention of making any progress with Zhou Kao, whether he has anything to do with Zhenzhen or not.”

Cheng Hui nodded at the two of them.

Wen Le gently tugged at her hair, pulling a strand and carefully twirling it between her fingers, seeming both charming and seductive, and added, “Mainly because, in the future, my dream is to work hard to make money and raise an obedient pretty boy. He’s a little pricey; I’m frightened I’ll pass out from exhaustion. I can’t afford it, I really can’t.”


The roommates all burst out laughing when they heard this.

Although Bao Xiaofan had a fiery temper, she was also an emotional person.

This sensitive and kind girl believed that the reason this burgeoning relationship was snuffed out was due to the mountain-like background disparity between the two, as well as Wen Le’s fragile and stubborn self-esteem in the face of money.

Bao Xiaofan only felt her nose tingling. She knew how many boys Wen Le had rejected, and she also understood that Zhou Kao was special to Wen Le. Wen Le, a proud and hardworking girl, deserved the best of everything but had to make do with reality, in her perspective. She felt sorry for Wen Le.

Bao Xiaofan got up from the bed and pounced on Wen Le with a coquettish voice, “Lele…”

The two hugged, forming a ball.

“Haha, what are you doing?”

Wen Le’s phone abruptly rang while they were playing.

Wen Le glanced at it, it was an unknown number.

Wen Le picked up the phone wondering if it was a certain jewelry customer service again when she heard the other person ask, “are you Wen Le?”

Immediately upon listening to the other party’s tone, she knew that they were looking for trouble, “I am, who are you?”

Then she heard the reply: “I am Su Zhenzhen, Zhou Kao’s fiancée.”

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