The flashes all around were flashing incessantly. Su Shen was freezing, but she maintained a smile as she responded, “Xie laoshi is a great senior. We worked well together.”

It was a diplomatic response. The hostess didn’t expect her to say anything newsworthy, so she let her go and went to interview Wang Cheng.

When the hostess asked him who he had the best relationship with among the cast, he said with a smile, “They’re all my great seniors. We worked well together.” 

Su Shen: “……”

She glanced from the corner of her eye and saw Li Hao keeping a smile on his face.

“No wonder you guys are part of the same cast. Director Huang’s the most honest one!” The host laughed and gestured toward the end of the red carpet, “Okay, quickly go inside everyone. Wishing for a box office hit!”

The gown was so long that Su Shen had to lift it. But as she lifted it, she felt that the hem of her gown seemed to be stepped on. She turned around and saw Fan Meng shifting her high heel away.

“I’ll help you.” Seeing that she had been fiddling with the hem of her gown, Wang Cheng couldn’t help but walk behind her to help lift her fluffy white hem.

There were still people coming after them, so they couldn’t dawdle too long. Taking a look at Fan Meng who was walking ahead of them, Su Shen didn’t say anything and followed closely behind.

This was a strapless dress. If she hadn’t lifted her gown at first, the whole gown would’ve fallen down. How much did Fan Meng hate her to let her have a wardrobe malfunction in front of so many cameras?!

As soon as they entered the hall, the whole cast’s seats were at the same place. After the stewardess led them to their seats, the entire hall’s seats were almost full. It was dark and the lights hadn’t lit up yet as it was not time yet.

Li Hao, who was sitting next to Wang Cheng and a seat away from Su Shen, suddenly leaned over and whispered, “Xie Yan really ain’t it. He didn’t even come back for the award ceremony; he could at least come back to see his girlfriend.”

Wang Cheng, who was sitting in the middle, grinned, “Maybe he met a girl over there.”

Su Shen: “…….”

She glanced at the two of them and said lightly, “I’ll tell him.”

Cough cough, I’m kidding.” Wang Cheng touched his nose awkwardly, and then reached out his hand to compare with her arm with a grin, “Look at how fair you are and how good your cooking is, where on earth could I find another you?”

Su Shen glanced at him helplessly and wrapped her shawl tightly, ignoring him.

Just at this moment, the award ceremony began and the lights lit up on stage. A middle-aged veteran singer was singing on stage just at this time. The camera would occasionally pan at the artists below and whoever would be panned would smile cooperatively.

After the singer finished singing, the host came onto stage and said the opening remarks. This award was one of the biggest awards and had a high bearing. However, as their movie didn’t premiere yet during the nominations, the awards had nothing to do with them. It was just a formality.

Anyway, it had nothing to do with her, so Su Shen continued to scroll through her phone. The award ceremony was broadcasted live, and the red carpet just now was also live. But this time, their cast actually landed on Hot Search.

Netizen A: Wang Cheng and Li Hao’s so kind, helping Su Shen with her gown throughout. This cast is so cute!

Netizen B: AHAHAHA! It must’ve been awkward for Fan Meng!

Netizen C: I feel like the whole cast is isolating Fan Meng. Is it just my theory? [joy]

Netizen D: I also have that feeling. [joy] They both wore long gowns. Why didn’t anyone help Fan Meng? This kind of character, emmmmm

Netizen E: Su Shen’s so pretty! Glowing from within!

Netizen F: That V of a certain someone’s rigid face is almost split to her navel… [smiley face]

Netizen G: There seems to be a tale behind this cast. [joy]

Thinking of the fact that Fan Meng stepped on her gown first, Su Shen didn’t want to bother with her. Since she was vicious enough to let her have a wardrobe malfunction, it would make it seem as if she was too easy to bully if she didn’t do anything.

The Best Actor was won by a veteran action star, and the Best Actress was won by a veteran actress. There was no dark horse in the award ceremony this year. Li Hao was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his previous movie, but he was unable to win it.

When it was over, there were already many paparazzi waiting outside. There must be a lot of people waiting at the airport too. Wang Cheng still had to hurry to his next engagement and Su Shen had to change clothes, so they didn’t take the same flight as Li Hao.

Liu jie didn’t come with and just arranged a few bodyguards for her. When she returned to Shanghai, it was already 1:00 am. After taking a shower, she didn’t know if He Hua had slept yet but she still tried giving him a call.

After ringing thrice, the call got connected. He Hua’s voice immediately transmitted from the other end, “What’s up giving me a call in the middle of the night? Don’t tell me you want to go see Xie Yan again? I’m telling you, I won’t go. If you want to go, go by yourself.”

Su Shen: “…….”

“It’s not about that. I have a matter I want to ask for your help.” She dried her wet hair as she put her phone on speaker.

Hearing this, the typing sounds from the other end finally stopped, “What? Which movie do you have your eyes on? I told you to come over, but you insisted on staying with Starlight. Look at what Starlight can give you?”

Su Shen coughed and said seriously, “Do you know many reporters? Can you help me to follow a person?”

Hearing this, the other end became quiet. He Hua finally became serious and asked, “Who?”

Sitting on the sofa and continuing to dry her hair, Su Shen said unhurriedly, “Fan Meng.”

At that, the other end of the line became silent. He didn’t expect that Su Shen would have such a request. They were part of the entertainment industry, so the meaning of following someone, He Hua knew what that meant. He just didn’t expect that the conflict between Su Shen and Fan Meng had reached such a degree.

“What news do you want?” He Hua asked.

Without hesitation, Su Shen said, “Going as far as to follow her, of course, nothing general.”

She never regarded herself as a noble person. If others could do it, she would definitely pay it back.

“I know a paparazzi who has some information on Fan Meng, it’s about her and one of the upper executives of her company. If you want it, it’s at least ten million. Are you sure you want to mess with her?” He Hua’s tone was a little strange as if he hadn’t expected her to be so ruthless.

“It doesn’t have to be hard evidence, as long as it can arouse doubt.” Su Shen said.

What could be solved with money was never a problem.

At that, He Hua hesitated a bit again. There was no secret in this industry. If he helped Su Shen, it would be equivalent to offending Fan Meng.

“Okay, I’ll go negotiate about the price with them first. I definitely won’t let you spend so much money.” He Hua agreed without hesitation.

There was no such thing as a free lunch in this world. Su Shen understood that this was different from introducing her to opportunities. Since He Hua agreed to help her, she owed him a favor.

After hanging up, she continued to dry her hair. If the information that He Hua obtained was enough, then Fan Meng’s reputation would definitely be ruined. The news of being a mistress or even turning legal onto of that were enough to destroy the reputation of a female artist. Su Shen did not know what it meant to be softhearted. When Fan Meng wanted her to have a wardrobe malfunction in front of so many cameras, she should’ve thought about whether she would lose face in the future.

When she went to set the next day, the news about yesterday’s award ceremony swept all over social media. However, it was later buried by a catfight between female artists. Everyone wanted to say that their idol was the most beautiful. In comparison, it was not so fierce between male artists in terms of looks, as it would just be comparing a suit with another.

Today, she had a large-scale pursuing scene with a lot of stunts. She even had to jump out of an exploding car. For this scene, she had to show her face. Knowing this, Li Hao didn’t stop her.

The whole road was reserved and blocked off. The car that would explode later was a real car, at least it seemed so on the surface. In reality, it was super rundown. The director was going over the script with Li Hao. Su Shen touched the protective equipment on her elbow and was actually somewhat worried.

“Okay, get ready everyone!”

The director shouted and soon after, Su Shen immediately got into the passenger seat and Li Hao in the driving seat. There would be CGI added in post-production, so they only needed to film the conversation in the car. When the director said that they could jump out of the car, she would just directly jump out.

“Move the camera a little bit over there—yes!” Sitting in front of the monitor, the director stared at the screen and said, “Action!”

There was a camera installed inside the car. Hearing the director’s voice, Su Shen turned to look outside the window and looked perplexed, “Why did they choose such a hard-to-escape path?” 

At that, Li Hao, who was driving, frowned. He quickly turned the steering wheel with both of his hands and said, “See if there’s anyone tailing us behind.”

Su Shen immediately turned around and glanced around, “None.”

At that, Su Shen turned around and so did Li Hao. When their eyes met, their expressions changed drastically. Su Shen immediately braced herself and jumped out of the narrow window. When her entire body fell hard onto the ground, a violent explosion sounded behind her. The heavy smoke made her dizzy.

She didn’t know when the director yelled “cut,” but when Su Shen sat up, her arms and legs were scraped to different degrees, and her ears were buzzing. The several cars behind her were on fire, flames raging. It was very costly to film these kinds of scenes, so they had to succeed all at once. She didn’t know whether they needed to reshoot this scene or not, so Su Shen got up to find the director. 

Xiao Zhou immediately came over to see if she was hurt. After all, her clothes were ripped and she was grasping her arm. It was obvious that something must have happened, but after hearing Su Shen say she was fine, she was relieved.

The whole street was filled with staff putting out the fire by using fire extinguishers. This place was reserved and blocked off from the public, so no one would come here and the fire would not spread.

The director was sitting in front of the monitor, surrounded by several people. He looked up and was talking to a man wearing a black cap. Li Hao also chimed in. When he saw Su Shen coming over, he immediately shut his mouth.

“Director, does this scene need to be shot again?” She walked over to the monitor and wanted to watch the playback.

Seeing her coming, the director was taken aback and said with a smile, “Passed with one take.”

Hearing this, Su Shen finally sighed a breath of relief. She was actually quite afraid of shooting this scene again. After all, it was such a dangerous stunt, and one could easily be injured if one was not careful.

“Can I watch the playback?” I’m afraid that my movements were not in position.” Su Shen said as she neared the monitor.

Just when the director was about to speak, the man in a black cap at the side suddenly said somberly, “Are you going to do it again then?”

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