Shen Chuchu exited the bathroom and thought to herself, that Cai-jie had been lied to. Wang-ge not only had not divorced but also had a child. But, how should she alert Cai-jie?

Before she could figure out what to do, it was time for a break. Afterwards, Shen Chuchu did not see Cai-jie for the entire day.

They could finish early today because all the actors’ states were very good. Shen Chuchu asked when she noticed Chen Shenggang was accompanied by only one assistant, “Where is Cai-jie? I haven’t seen her today.”

Chen Shenggang smiled, “Probably busy with wedding stuff with Wang-ge. They are getting married next month so she’s been pretty busy.”

Shen Chuchu became nervous and asked, “Will she still come?”

Chen Shenggang nodded, “Probably. In a few days, I have a fashion show and we will be flying there from here.”

Shen Chuchu relaxed and replied, “Oh, that’s good. Ah, no, I meant congratulations. You have another show.”

Chen Shenggang, oblivious to Shen Chuchu’s strange words, replied with a smile, “Thanks. With your acting performance, you will have a place in the circle soon too. I’m looking forward to seeing your progress.”

Shen Chuchu smiled and responded with a few words, bringing this conversation to an end.

The next morning, Shen Chuchu hugged Han Xingyan’s waist as he was about to leave the next morning and said, “Take care of yourself.”

Han Xingyan saw his girlfriend’s reluctance and kissed her several times, “Yes, be good and wait for me. I will visit you again.”

“Okay, but you don’t have to though. I might go back for an event soon.”

Han Xingyan stroked Shen Chuchu’s hair but did not say anything.

Shen Chuchu did not feel anything while Han Xingyan was around, but after he left, she realised how important he was. He did not talk much nor had a strong sense of presence. He would sit next to her while she read her scripts. However, when he left, she noticed that he had taken away the liveliness of the entire room.

It confirmed that sentence where ‘those who leave are carefree, while those who remain are in pain’ because the room remained the same but things had been cleared. Shen Chuchu did not recover from her depressed state until the filming was moved to a different location and hotel two days later.

On the first day of filming the interior scene, Shen Chuchu saw Cai-jie. This time, Cai-jie‘s face appeared to be a little sadder and not as bright as before.

Shen Chuchu’s heart stirred as she pondered whether Cai-jie had discovered that Wang-ge was not divorced and had a child.

However, when she heard her telling the people around her that the wedding invitation was ready and about to be mailed, she realised she had been overly optimistic.

She brewed her emotions all morning and finally found time to talk with Cai-jie in the afternoon. She decided that she must tell her regardless of whether  Cai-jie understood.

“Cai-jie, why do I feel like you’ve lost weight since I last saw you?” Shen Chuchu said.

Cai-jie was thinking about something in her mind when she heard Shen Chuchu’s question, and she replied with a smile, “Perhaps because I’ve been out running errands these past couple of days.”

“I thought it was because Cai-jie wanted to look good in the wedding dress so you’ve deliberately lost weight.” Shen Chuchu teased. 

Cai-jie smiled as she heard this and was about to say something when her phone rang. Shen Chuchu was able to see that it was from Wang-ge because she was so close.

Moreover, Shen Chuchu also heard Wang-ge’s voice when Cai-jie answered the phone.

Sister Cai frowned, then remembered Shen Chuchu beside her, apologised and left to answer the phone.

“Don’t worry, money problems are nothing…”It was clear that Cai-jie was comforting Wang-ge. As for what was said after, she could no longer hear it clearly.

Shen Chuchu suddenly became aware that things were not as simple as she had believed.

After ten minutes, Cai-jie walked back tiredly. However, there were now many actors and staff members sitting in the resting place. Shen Chuchu looked around with some hesitation and said, “Cai-jie, do you need to go to the bathroom?”

Sister Cai was irritated, and when she heard Shen Chuchu’s words, she was taken aback. It was not something Shen Chuchu would normally say. Despite the fact that she had no idea what Shen Chuchu meant by her words, she shook her head.

Shen Chuchu reached out her hand to Cai-jie and said, “Let’s go, Cai-jie. I have something to say to you.”

Sister Cai looked at the serious-looking young and beautiful girl in front of her and understood that Shen Chuchu wanted to tell her something. The bathroom was just an excuse.

“Okay.” Cai-jie answered.

Shen Chuchu looked around again after finding a lonely place and said, “Cai-jie, there is something that I’ve been wanting to tell you for a long time. If you feel it’s none of my business then you can pretend I never said a thing.”

Cai-jie frowned and asked, “What is it?”

Shen Chuchu repeated the sentence she had carefully prepared in her mind, “So it’s like this. I heard from someone recently that Wang-ge was outside having dinner with a woman and a two or three-year-old child. Plus that child called Wang-ge daddy…”

Shen Chuchu continued as she noticed Cai-jie narrowed her eyes, “I also felt this was nonsense since you two are getting married soon. How can that be…so yeah, that’s it.”

After hearing this, Sister Cai snorted and exclaimed, “Chuchu, it’s not good to spread things like this casually. I don’t know what your intentions are but you’ve got the wrong person. I initially thought you were a pretty nice girl but when did you also start gossiping like the others? I am marrying for the second time and likewise for Wang-ge. I don’t appreciate this slander.”

Shen Chuchu’s expression changed as she realised how awkward the situation was. She figured that Cai-jie would not believe her and would doubt the factuality of her words. But when someone really did this, she felt she was being too nosy.

“Cai-jie, you’ve misunderstood. It’s not like that and I don’t mean anything by it.”

Cai-jie was still angry and glanced at Shen Chuchu, “You better not have. I still have things to do so I don’t have time to continue chatting with you.”

Cai-jie looked at Shen Chuchu again and then turned around to leave.

Shen Chuchu saw that Cai-jie did not believe her words and hurriedly said, “Cai-jie, just now Wang-ge called to ask for money. Are you sure you don’t want to think it through? Do you not have any doubt?”

Upon hearing this, Cai-jie immediately turned around. She walked up to Shen Chuchu and angrily responded, “Shen Chuchu, I can see you can make up stories really well. You are really despicable. You even listened to my conversation with my husband? I am warning you. You better not sprout any more nonsense! If I hear any of these from the crew tomorrow then be prepared to be blocked in this industry. I, Cai Jie*, have been in the fashion industry for ten years and still have some influence. Don’t even plan on accessing the fashion circle in the future.”

*TL-note: This is her actual full name.

Cai-jie looked at Shen Chuchu’s face and coldly laughed, “Ah, perhaps you have fallen for Ah-Chen? You are hating on me because I don’t want him to date, anyone, right now?”

Shen Chuchu felt her good intentions were wasted on her and angrily responded, “Cai-jie, you’ve gone ahead of yourself. As the daughter of Director Chang, do you really think I would be lacking resources? Furthermore, Diandi Media is supporting me as a newcomer. Even if you want to spread love scandals, you must first get Diandi’s approval. Besides, with so many new people arriving each year, why am I the only one who has signed with Diandi Media?”

“So, do you think I intend to harm you or get into a scandal with Chen Shenggang?”

Shen Chuchu looked at Cai-jie’s expression and continued, “Don’t worry, I won’t tell this to anyone. I would have done so if I really wanted to. Cai-jie, marriage for a woman is her whole life so even if you think it’s not my business, I recommend you to go and investigate. I look forward to you throwing the evidence in my face.”

Sister Cai stood motionless for a long time after Shen Chuchu had left.

She was angry at first because she thought Shen Chuchu was thinking too negatively, but when Shen Chuchu’s words came out later, Cai-jie felt she was thinking too negatively. After calming down for a while, She began to think in the direction Shen Chuchu had suggested. These thoughts made her break out in a cold sweat.

He was still with his ex-wife and they had a child together.

Cai-jie immediately rejected this thought. How was this possible when they’ve known each other for almost a year and spent almost every day together? Apart from the times, he went on business trips. Business trips…they spend a lot of time on business trips. He was either on a business trip or she was out with Chen Shenggang for a show.

At this moment, a gust of wind blew, and Cai-jie noticed that the sweat on her back began to cool.

Cai-jie quickly shook her head to get rid of these thoughts and laughed coldly. This was impossible. No way in hell. She knew how down-to-earth Wang-ge was. She also believed that Wang-ge would never do something like this. This time, Wang-ge did not ask her for money but rather she offered. Wang-ge refused at the start, and if it were not for her insistence, he would not have accepted her money.

Cai-jie‘s mood improved after thinking about these things. She turned around and headed back to the studio.

In the following days, Cai-jie no longer talked to Shen Chuchu.

However, once doubt seeds are planted, they will eventually take root and sprout. After a few more days, Chen Shenggang quietly told her, “You better not bring up the wedding in front of Cai-jie.”

Shen Chuchu curiously glanced at him. 

Chen Shenggang continued, “She will not be getting married to Wang-ge. As for why I’m not sure. If you know then you better not say anything.”

Shen Chuchu nodded blankly but breathed a sigh of relief internally.