Fulfilling One’s Wish

“I…” Su Shen held the doorknob tightly and frowned. Ultimately, she slowly opened the door to a small crack and quickly reached out her hand. “Give it to me!”

Through the crack, he could see the mist in the bathroom. The arm she reached out was fair and slender, with drops of water on it. Some even slid to her wrist, leaving a winding watermark on her fair and tender arm.

“Do you need my help?” He asked in a hoarse voice. 

The woman inside neared the door, and her face was as red as an apple. She waved her fair arm outside and said, “Just give me the towel!

Looking at the towel in his hand, Xie Yan handed it to her. The latter immediately grabbed the towel and withdrew her hand, slamming the bathroom door with a BANG.

Looking at the shut tight bathroom door, Xie Yan chuckled and returned to his room. 

When Su Shen came out, it was already 1:00 am. There was everything needed in the guest room, but it was rare for Xie Yan to have time. She wanted to ask him about the script from before, but at the thought of what just happened, she was a little embarrassed. After hesitating for a long while, she ultimately walked towards his room.

When she came to Xie Yan’s room, he was sitting at his desk and looking at his laptop. After walking over, Su Shen sat down in front of the desk. “I received a script, and I think it’s pretty good, but the character’s a little risky. Can you help look over it?” 

As soon as he looked up, he saw the woman in front of him with her fair complexion reaching out to fiddle with the laptop on his face. There was almost no blemish on her bare face, but she was a little pale from not resting well. 

“Look, is the character of this female lead a little unlikeable?” Su Shen pushed the laptop over. 

Taking the laptop, Xie Yan looked at the words on the screen without changing his expression, and slowly scrolled down the page. Sitting across from him, Su Shen felt a little sleepy, but she still pulled herself together and continued to wait for him to finish reading. 

After an unknown amount of time passed and just when Su Shen was about to fall asleep on the desk, the person across from her finally moved the laptop over. 

“A drama ultimately is for the public to watch, even if it is close to reality. If the public doesn’t like it, it won’t become a word-of-mouth drama.” Xie Yan tapped the desk twice with his pen and said softly, “There’s no need to change the character, but the plot is flawed. The last scene can be changed to the Eldest Prince entering the palace to have an audience with the Emperor and encounter the female lead in the Imperial Garden as the ending, which will give the public an illusion that they can still be together.” 

At that, Su Shen nodded earnestly. “I’ll talk to Liu jie and see if she can negotiate with the production team.” 

As she said that, she moved to close the laptop and smiled, “There are too many people who like the female lead. Does this need to be changed?” 

“It’s human nature to like someone because of their beauty, This is just a reality.” As he said this, Xie Yan leaned over and stared at her. “Besides, it goes without saying that you’re beautiful.” 

As their eyes met, Su Shen’s heart couldn’t help pounding faster again. She immediately closed the laptop and didn’t know that Xie Yan could say sweet nothings. 

“I’m going back to sleep. You should also go to bed early.” She got up, glanced at Xie Yan, and walked to the door as she rubbed her neck. 

Seeing her passing by, Xie Yan immediately grabbed her fair wrist, shocking Su Shen for a bit. 

He got up and wrapped his arms around her slender waist; his eyes fervent. “I want to sleep with you.”

Seeing this kind of expression again, Su Shen held her breath subconsciously and blinked her big eyes, looking away from him. “D-didn’t you… not want to sleep with me last time?” 

Last time at the hotel, he went ahead and slept on the sofa alone.

“That was last time.” He looked down and kissed her bright red lips fervently, plundering everything from her in a hurry. The desire that he had endured for a long time finally exploded.

“Mhm…” With her eyes wide open, Su Shen clasped his shoulder weakly. Believing in Xie Yan, she closed her eyes and tried to bear the sudden storm.

Her waist was so slender as if it could be snapped with just a little force. Unknowingly, he had already pressed her on the desk, scattering the pen and script onto the floor. 

He gently kissed her fair and slender neck, nibbling it a few times. He then nibbled all the way down as if he got addicted to it. When he came to that fair collarbones, he felt her body tense. When he looked up, he saw her tightly closing her eyes and her eyelashes trembling. 

The light above her head seemed to become dim. It was already very dark outside. After taking a deep breath, Xie Yan buried his head into her neck and mumbled, “I just want to sleep with you. I won’t do anything else.”

If it was someone else, this was definitely a lie to trick a three-year-old. But if this person was Xie Yan, Su Shen knew that he would definitely not do anything else. 

Opening her eyes slightly, she saw the sweat on his forehead from enduring. Su Shen blinked and suddenly wrapped her arms around his neck, blushing. “If… you did do something… I won’t blame you.” 

Her voice was as light as the sound of a fly flying, but in Xie Yan’s ears, it was like a clap of thunder. He put his forehead against hers and swallowed. “Are you sure?”

He couldn’t believe what she had just said.

Su Shen closed her eyes and said nothing. Her pale face flushed. At this moment, her consent was the most powerful stimulant in Xie Yan’s eyes.

He princess-carried her and placed her on the soft big bed in a few steps. Looking at her nervous and tense face, Xie Yan kissed her on the lips and said in a hoarse voice, “I’ll be gentle.”

He then directly plundered her red lips, pried her teeth open, and wandered deep into her mouth. His fiery hot hand slowly wandered up along her smooth thigh, and the light above them blurred the lines between the two of them. 

Su Shen felt that this was the boldest decision she had ever made in this life. She didn’t want to see Xie Yan endure it anymore. 

When that sharp pain pierced straight into her mind, she couldn’t help but bite his shoulder. Her fingernails dug deeply into his arms, leaving a mark. The other party seemed not to notice it at all, allowing the dim light to envelop the two of them.


When the dazzling sunlight came in through the thick curtains, Su Shen subconsciously reached for her phone on the nightstand, but what she touched was a warm wall. 

Feeling a little sore in her arm, she couldn’t help but open her eyes slightly, looking at the bright and beautiful scenery outside the window. Turning around, she saw a familiar figure, and the other party’s naked upper body, with distinct muscles. 

Su Shen blinked and the memories from last night came pouring in. She didn’t make any noise and just bit her lower lip, pulling up the blanket to cover her face. 

“What should I do if you touch me so early in the morning?” He held her in his arms and pulled the blanket down with a smile. 

Su Shen covered her face with her hands and her face flushed. “I… I didn’t touch you anywhere. Don’t wrong a good person.”

Her voice was hoarse. The warm beam of light shone on her skin full of hickeys, which only made Xie Yan swallow. His big hand slipped into the blanket and did whatever he pleased on her smooth skin. 

“You clearly touched me just now. How can you not admit it?” He said in a hoarse voice and kissed her on the lips. His fiery hot kiss trailed down to her collarbone. 

Just as Su Shen was about to say something blushingly, the phone on the desk suddenly buzzed.

This was Xie Yan’s phone. With this understanding, Su Shen immediately patted the head on her chest and said, “Go and pick up the phone.” 

The phone on the desk was still buzzing. With a darkened face, Xie Yan got out of bed and went to pick up the phone on the desk. Immediately, He Hua’s voice came through, “Xie Yan, why aren’t you answering the phone? If I have something important to tell you, I’ll be anxious to death!” 

“What’s the matter?” He asked in an irked tone. 

The person on the other end paused before asking doubtfully, “What’s wrong with you? Who angered you again?”

Xie Yan would never show that he was upset.  

“If you have something, say it.” He put his phone on speaker and threw it onto the bed. Meanwhile, he picked up his T-shirt on the side and put it on. 

Lying in bed, Su Shen stared blankly at the phone on the bed. 

“What’s the matter? You should know it better than I do. Don’t post whatever on Weibo, and don’t go out lately. There are already paparazzi waiting outside. Tell Su Shen to be careful too. Also, is she at your house right now? If so, remember to close the curtains, and don’t make trouble for me again!”

Hearing the voice from the phone, Su Shen could not help but bury her head into the blanket shyly. Everything felt so unreal to her. She and Xie Yan actually did it…

Picking up his phone, Xie Yan said seriously, “Don’t call me in the morning and evening henceforth.”

After saying that, he hung up the call. Looking at the woman still buried in the blanket, he couldn’t help but pull the blanket away from her and planted a kiss on her cheek. “Rest a bit more. I’ll have Auntie make soup for you.”

Su Shen didn’t say anything. After watching him leave, she then went to the nightstand to get her phone. But as soon as she moved, she felt all of her bones seemingly cracking. 

She massaged her lower back while she opened her phone, noticing that the articles had been published online, with many of them covering her winning an award. Naturally, the company had something to do with it too. 

However, she found that an hour ago, Xie Yan had made a Weibo post, which was a photo of the sun outside the window!

Xie Yan V: The weather’s not bad today. [photo]

Netizen A: From the look of it, this was taken from the bed. 

Netizen B: Don’t be like this. I’m panicking. [joy]

Netizen C: My imagination is a little wild. Tell me, there’s no woman beside Yan ge, right? [joy]

Netizen D: Hubby, you weren’t like this before. [sob]

Netizen E: Why do I think there’s a woman lying next to him? [joy]

Netizen F: Promise me that you won’t post anymore. I won’t beg you to post a selfie anymore. [sob]

Su Shen also felt that Xie Yan had changed. He used to be so refined, but now…

Propping herself up, she looked at the hickeys all over her body and couldn’t help covering her face, not daring to open her eyes. Ultimately, she put on her clothes and walked towards the bathroom with difficulty. 

After washing up, she came downstairs. The auntie had already prepared breakfast. Seeing her coming down, she immediately walked out of the kitchen with a smile. “Shen Shen, you’re up? I don’t know what you like to eat, so I made a little bit more.” 

There were several varieties of breakfast on the table. Su Shen wanted to walk over to have a look, but her body suddenly hung in the air before she subconsciously grabbed an arm beside her. Xie Yan held her in his arms and strode over to the table. 

“Why don’t you feel ashamed at all…” Sitting on the chair, Su Shen looked at the auntie in the kitchen blushingly. 

The latter sat beside her and caressed her head as he heard that. “It doesn’t matter. The auntie knows all about it.” 

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