Moving Up the Date

It would’ve been better if he hadn’t told her. As soon as he said that, Su Shen was ill at ease and fell into a daze, feeling ashamed inexplicably. 

“Come, come, come, black chicken soup, good for replenishing blood.” 

The auntie came out of the kitchen carrying a bowl of hot soup with a smile. Su Shen didn’t dare look at her as blood surged to her face. She could only look down and continue biting the sandwich in her hands. 

“Are you free at the beginning of next month?” asked Xie Yan suddenly.

Su Shen paused before she turned to look at him. “What’s wrong?” 

Every time Xie Yan asked her if she was free, there was always something about to happen.

“Nothing. My parents are coming back around that time, and I want to bring you to meet them, that’s all.” Xie Yan drank his milk calmly. 

Hearing this, Su Shen tensed up. She didn’t know what to do when meeting the parents yet. 

Seeing her in shock, Xie Yan just caressed her head with a smile. “It’s okay, but there are some things that should be moved up the date.” 

Su Shen: “……”

She was stunned and didn’t understand what he meant.

Glancing at her stomach, Xie Yan said seriously, “There may be my daughter inside already. We have to be responsible for the child. It’s better to get married earlier.” 

Su Shen: “……”

She parted her mouth slightly and came back to her senses. She then turned around awkwardly and glanced at him. “Who do you think you are? Capable enough to have a daughter in one night?”

Su Shen hadn’t thought about birth control. However, if she really was pregnant, she would definitely give birth to it. Her career was not as important as her child. 

Hearing this, Xie Yan leaned in and squinted. “Do you know what you are saying?”

At that, Su Shen was taken aback. When she faced his dangerous of an expression, she immediately blushed and explained in a hurry. “I… I didn’t mean that. I’m just saying that the odds are too small, too small!”

“Too late.” He took the newspaper from the table and slowly opened it with a long face, appearing particularly scary. 

Su Shen subconsciously massaged her lower back. Last night, Xie Yan had restrained himself a lot already. She couldn’t imagine what it would be like if he was angry… 

“I didn’t mean that. If you’re like this, how would I dare stay at your place?” She blinked, inexplicably afraid. 

Glancing from the corner of his eye, Xie Yan suddenly put down the newspaper in his hand and propped one arm on the table. He then stared at her and said, “You clearly said I’m not capable. Shouldn’t I prove myself?”

His words were so frank that Su Shen could not bear it, so she looked down, away from him. “I didn’t say that you’re not capable…”

“But, I think that’s what you mean. I’m angry, what are you gonna do?” He arched a brow, his voice somber. 

Unable to stand his gaze, Su Shen got up and quickly ran to the sofa and sat down, ignoring him.

Looking at her petite figure, Xie Yan smiled helplessly and continued to read the newspaper.

Lying on the sofa, Su Shen massaged her lower back while pondering when she should tell her parents about her relationship with Xie Yan. It wasn’t a solution to delay it further either. 

It was her dad’s birthday on the 25th. She could tell them beforehand and then bring Xie Yan over on the day of. Her sister would definitely speak for her. Since Xie Yan was so principled, her mom would probably agree, right?

After pondering for a while, she sent a message to Xiao Zhou, asking her to go to her condo and bring her script over. She had to go on set tomorrow, so she had to prepare herself in advance. Xie Yan was also here, and he could even go over the script with her. 


It was the first time Xiao Zhou came to her idol’s house and everything seemed like a dream. But what made it even more dreamy was that she seemed to have discovered a great secret. 

Yesterday, her Su jie seemed to have slept with her idol!

When she rang the doorbell after taking a deep breath, the door opened after about ten seconds. It was opened by an amicable auntie. Xiao Zhou was taken aback but immediately nodded with a smile. “Hi Auntie, I’m here to deliver something.” 

“Quickly come in, Shen Shen’s inside.” The auntie smiled and then found a pair of slippers for her. 

Xiao Zhou was about to say that she wouldn’t go in, but with an ulterior motive, she wanted to see what her idol’s house looked like, so she changed her shoes and entered with the script. 

The living room was large, with a simple interior design illuminated by a warm white light chandelier. On the blue European-style sofa, a girl in a knee-length nightgown leaned against the sofa with her fair legs on the man’s legs covered by a throw in case of being cold. The man was reading a book, and it seemed that he said something which angered the girl, causing her to kick him. However, the man just smiled helplessly with a look of pampering.  

 Xiao Zhou took a deep breath and clutched her heart, walking over with the script in her trembling hands. “Su jie, here’s the script.”

Seeing Xiao Zhou, Su Shen immediately reached out to take the document folder. As she opened it and took out the script, she asked, “Did you see any paparazzi outside when you came in just now?”

At that, Xiao Zhou shook her head blankly. She really didn’t pay much attention. 

“Nevermind. If they took a photo, then so be it,” said Su Shen as she continued to look at the script. 

The usual paparazzi most likely would not recognize her assistant unless they had especially followed her. 

After a pause, Xiao Zhou glanced at Xie Yan at the side. Her idol really had no bad angles. After deglutition, she looked at Su Shen and said, “Su jie, I’ll go back if there’s nothing else then.”

“En,” uttered Su Shen softly while looking through the script. She still couldn’t find that feeling, there was still something missing.

“Xie Yan, do you think I should show a little bit of affection for the male lead?” Su Shen took the script and crawled over, sitting next to him and passing the script over.

The plot didn’t write that the supporting female lead liked the male lead, but from a certain point of view, the supporting female lead did like the male lead, at least in Su Shen’s opinion. 

Taking over her script, Xie Yan skimmed through it, and his eyes fell on the last scene. “What kind of person do you think she is?”

At that, Su Shen pondered for a while before saying earnestly with her legs crisscrossing, “I think she has low self-esteem, but she’s used to covering her heart with indifference. Even when facing the male lead, she didn’t show that she liked him. But in the end, she said that no one would remember her. This is the sorrow and pain of being a nobody. The male lead is an envoy of justice while she’s just an ordinary person that fell into the mud. However, she’s able to help the male lead a lot. On one hand, she wants to prove that there’s value to her existence, and on the other hand is because of the male lead. 

“Then, do you think this kind of person will show her true feelings?” Xie Yan glanced at her.

Su Shen frowned and pondered earnestly for a bit. “I also know that the supporting female lead won’t show it easily, but I’m wondering how she should look when facing the male lead.”

It was definitely not a good idea to express her like so directly or to occasionally show a little bit. She wanted to express this feeling in a natural, organic kind of way.

“Putting aside the factor that the supporting female lead likes the male lead, how do you think she should appear?” Xie Yan looked at her conscientiously. 

At that, Su Shen suddenly thought of something and nodded. “Right. Admire. If she admired him too much, then the audience will surely notice that her feelings for the male lead are not normal.”

She didn’t have to show her admiration so explicitly to the audience. It could be reflected in a glance, so it wouldn’t feel too abrupt. The audience would certainly perceive some traces of it.

“It’s just a play. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself.” Xie Yan wrapped his arm around her shoulder, holding her in his arms, and planted a kiss on her.

Su Shen blinked and turned away from him. “I’m not under any pressure. Pay attention to your image. Wang ayi* is looking over there.”

ayi – means auntie; a way of addressing an older lady who could be a relative, family friend, or a helper

Su Shen didn’t dare to look up at Wang ayi. Despite this, she still felt embarrassed. It was just that Xie Yan couldn’t keep his hands off of her.

“What are you afraid of? Wang ayi knows about everything.” With his arms around her waist, Xie Yan lowered his head and wanted to kiss her again.

Su Shen turned away and pursed her lips, avoiding his kiss.  

Knowing that she had misspoken during the day, Su Shen had a clever idea at night. After taking the key to the guest room from Wang ayi, she sneaked into the guest room very early and locked the door. She then blocked the door with a chair before she went to bed. 

Although she didn’t know much about relations between men and women, she knew that Xie Yan would definitely not let her go, so she decided to wait until he forgot that sentence. 

The next day, she had already asked her chauffeur to drive her to the airport, but Xie Yan insisted on sending her, so she had no choice but to sneak out of the mansion from the back door in case of being photographed by the paparazzi. 

The filming location this time was in Jiang City. Although it wasn’t very far, it would still be a two-hour flight. When Su Shen arrived at the airport, Liu jie called her and told her that she was waiting in the lounge. 

Looking at the busy road outside, Su Shen looked at the man beside her and said softly, “I’m going then.”

Seeing that she was about to open the door, Xie Yan suddenly leaned over and pressed her against the seat. His eyes fervent. “Why did you lock the door yesterday?”

Su Shen: “…….”


“Don’t think that I have forgotten that sentence.” He smiled and said seriously, “I will remember it always.”

Su Shen: “…….”

Just at this moment, her phone suddenly rang. Seeing that it was Liu jie, Su Shen hurriedly opened the door and got out of the car as if she found her lifesaver. She then waved to the person in the car, put on her mask, and entered the airport without looking back. 

So petty. Su Shen didn’t know that Xie Yan was such a petty person. As expected, a man’s heart was like a needle at the bottom of the sea. 

When she arrived at the lounge, Su Shen soon found Liu jie and Xiao Zhou. Seeing her coming, Liu jie glanced outside the airport and asked, “Has he left?”

Knowing what she meant, Su Shen nodded slightly and then sat down to take off her mask. 

There were people coming and going in the lounge. Liu jie sat beside her and after looking around, she then said conscientiously, “I don’t want to meddle in your private affairs as long as you guys are not photographed. This film will be very beneficial for you to enter the mainstream film market. By no means, you can’t make a mistake. The female lead this time is Ding Yan, who’s famous for overwhelming actresses in the same cast. Moreover, she’s close with Cen Qing. You have to be careful about all matters.”

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