Breathtaking Beauty

“What are you guys doing!”

Suddenly, there was a shout from the front.

Everyone around looked at Wen Le’s side.

Wen Le wailed in her heart, this is too embarrassing……

Cheng Hui realized that she had overreacted a little bit, so she couldn’t help but cover her mouth and ran to Wen Le’s side.

It was only at this moment did Wen Le realize that the position they were in was a bit too ambiguous, and Zhou Kao quickly let Wen Le go.

Both of them were a little embarrassed.

TN: Ooo hehe guess they’re so comfortable with each other to be hugging in public like that 😉

Cheng Hui walked over with a smile, “You must be Zhou Kao. I am Wen Le’s classmate, you can leave Wen Le to me.”

As she spoke, she looked at Wen Le.

Wen Le coughed lightly, grabbed Cheng Hui’s arm vigorously, and said to Zhou Kao, “Sorry for bothering you tonight.”

Zhou Kao also replied politely: “It’s alright.”

After Zhou Kao left, Cheng Hui grabbed Wen Le’s hand and pressed her for answers, “Le Le, it can’t be right, what’s going on? Are you two together already?”

Wen Le was still immersed in the embarrassment from earlier from which she couldn’t extricate herself, and whispered: “No, it’s just a misunderstanding.”

Wen Le told Cheng Hui all about her bad luck tonight.

Cheng Hui sighed.

“It’s weird, too weird, what kind of weird development is this!” Cheng Hui lamented in regret.

“It’s all my fault. If it weren’t for me disrupting the mood…Tsk tsk, I’m afraid you guys would’ve kissed in such a situation…”

Wen Le pinched Cheng Hui.


Cheng Hui smiled and said, “Just kidding, I’m just kidding. But what the hell is going on between him and Su Zhenzhen?”

Wen Le thought for a while and decided to tell Cheng Hui about it.

Cheng Hui listened and said, “Our dormitory won’t go out and gossip, and there’s nowhere to talk to others. I still think that this matter will be spread by her fake girlfriends.”

Wen Le shrugged: “You think so too?”

Cheng Hui said: “But this has nothing to do with us. I am mainly afraid that Sun Youmei will not give up.”

“Su Zhenzhen gave her such an expensive bag in order to let her spy on you. She has tasted the sweetness but suddenly lost her role…this abrupt change, tsk tsk. Of course, we are speculating on the worst possible course of action that she’ll take, but it doesn’t mean that will happen.”

Wen Le said: “She won’t dare to make too much trouble. If she is still bothered by the guidance counselor and her parents, she will definitely need us to cooperate with her.”

Cheng Hui said, “That’s also true.”

“But Lele, are you really not going to be with Zhou Kao?”

Wen Le shook her head very firmly, “Oh, no.”

Cheng Hui said: “Actually, I can’t figure it out. Both of you are single, and also are still rather hung up over each other. Why don’t you just get together? Is it because of Su Zhenzhen and Sun Youmei?”

Wen Le smiled and said, “If I want to be with Zhou Kao, Su Zhenzhen and Sun Youmei would not be a problem. You have to know the main thing is that we haven’t reached that stage yet…”

“Even though I do have a good impression of him and also admire his looks, this kind of attraction really doesn’t give me the urge to get rid of my single status and be with him that way.”

“It’s just a shallow attraction, it’s not up to the point where I have to be together with him.”

Cheng Hui shook her head and said, “I don’t understand.”

Wen Le said, “To put it simply, I still want things to happen on its own accord. I don’t want to date just for the sake of being in a relationship. If the feelings really accumulate to a certain extent, till it becomes affection, and I really really like him so much that I want to be with him right away, only then will I date him.”   

“Besides, it’s also really good to be single.”

TN: Wow our FL is really a strong independent woman~

Wen Le didn’t know how Zhou Kao felt about this, maybe it might be similar to her?

Zhou Kao was also thinking on his way back to the dormitory, thinking about what sort of relationship he and Wen Le had.

He admitted that he really cared about Wen Le, and would even say that she was very special to him.

Wen Le was the only person that had ever moved his heart in his entire life. Wen Le was very special, really really special.

Zhou Kao has come across many girls, and they too were all very outstanding, beautiful, and smart. Yet, those girls just did not have the vigour of Wen Le.

The kind of vigour that made Zhou Kao feel very fascinated, someone who was evenly matched with him.

When it came to the opposite sex, Zhou Kao usually treated them with alienation and politeness.

But when it came to Wen Le, he often wanted to challenge her bottom line and see Wen Le’s disguised mask crack.

He wanted to beat her, defeat her, and even tame her.

TN: LOL typical alpha male….

The unique wild temperament of Wen Le really fascinated Zhou Kao.

Even now, he could still clearly remember the visual and sensory impact of when he first saw Wen Le.

He even believed that Wen Le having brought about the enlightenment of his feelings was not something that should surprise him. After all, Wen Le had enraptured him as early as the first time they met.

Zhou Kao admitted that he had always been attracted to Wen Le till now, but this kind of attraction had not been to the point where he wanted to take the relationship one step forward.

He cared very much about Wen Le’s opinion of him, but he also didn’t care so much about Wen Le. Take for example, when someone confessed to Wen Le, it didn’t make him feel uncomfortable like his territory had been threatened.

Zhou Kao once thought that Wen Le was a school delinquent that engaged in campus bullying, and he was very disdainful of this side of her.

But just a week ago, his previous inherent impression of Wen Le was shattered when he saw her near the school cafe.

Near the school cafe, lived a litter of stray cats.

The school had a stray animal protection society, and some students who liked small animals would prepare cat food, rice bowls and clean water for those stray cats, and sometimes even milk with nutritional powder.

Those stray cats would come out for food from time to time.

However, though some stray cats having interacted with people for a long time were not afraid of people, a thin stray cat was the exception and was very wary of humans.

At noon that day, that little stray cat came out for food. Whenever someone passed by, it would give up eating and hide secretly, and only quietly sneak back out after waiting for them to leave.

At that time, Zhou Kao was sitting by the window of the cafe, and he saw this scene before his eyes.

The little stray cat’s meal had been interrupted several times, and Wen Le just happened to pass by.

Wen Le was holding a book in her hand, and she was carrying onigiris bought from a convenience store.

But Wen Le saw the stray cat cautiously running out of the corner for food from a distance. She seemed to smile, came to a stop, and stood still without moving forward.

The stray cat did not notice Wen Le, and finally was willing to eat the cat food with peace of mind.

Wen Le stood not far away and watched. She didn’t leave or take pictures with her mobile phone. Only till the stray cat disappeared after eating did she leave.

Zhou Kao was certain that Wen Le was indeed waiting for the stray cat to finish eating.

Zhou Kao thought at the time, would such a delicate and gentle action be made by a person who was bullying on campus?

And at that time, he actually only saw Wen Le and a few boys standing there, looking coldly at the people who fell to the ground in embarrassment but they did not take any further actions.

Zhou Kao thought, some stubborn and flawed thinking often distorts the real truth. It can be said that it was because of his youth that he made such a mistake back then, because of the good expectations he had of the girl he liked, and because he easily trusted the words of others. But now, should he make such a mistake again?

So Zhou Kao stopped being fixated on the scene of a misunderstanding in the past and looked at Wen Le again through a new perspective, who was already very different and yet still made him care about her.

After resting her foot injury for just a few days, Wen Le then quickly got back on her feet, because there were plenty of things that she still had to do.

The Social Council and the Student Union had decided to host a big event together.

The student union decided to hold a networking event for the freshmen soon after the start of school. The external relations department had pulled a big sponsorship for them, but the sponsor had requirements that they needed to fulfil. As the student union felt that it was a bit difficult for them to handle it alone, they decided to join forces with the Social Council to enjoy the benefits of this sponsorship.

Wen Le was the vice head of the publications department. In the morning, she received news that the Student Union had booked the school’s largest event venue and planned to hold a three-day orientation in the school gymnasium.

The sponsor first paid half of the sponsorship fee and proposed that if the flow of people and popularity of the event on BBS on the first day of orientation reached their target response, they would be willing to increase the sponsorship fee to three times the original amount.

The publicity department of the Social Council and the Student Union was naturally one of the main forces of this event.

For this orientation event, most of the members of the Student Union and the Social Council attended the meeting. Room 333 of building J was filled with people, all of whom were members of the two school clubs.

Wen Le, the vice head of Publicity, was naturally present, while Zhou Kao, a member of the Student Union, was also present.

After the meeting, the Student Union and the Social Council decided to accept the deal of tripling the sponsorship fee and use half of the sponsorship to donate to children in poor areas in the south who had lost their homes and schools due to floods and mudslides.

Meetings were held one after another, and the publicity department and event planning department quarrelled round after round. In between the meetings, there were even disagreements within the publicity and event planning departments.

As the number of people at a scene grew, it would get harder to control them. Further, the nonsense jokes and gossip that festered would be plenty too. 

But among them, people with outstanding abilities were also quickly revealed and received the support and encouragement of everyone. Even the teachers in charge of the Social Council and the Student Union paid a little more attention to such people. This would undoubtedly be very beneficial for these outstanding people for the next election.

The most eye-catching among them were Zhou Kao and Wen Le, who were both popular trending figures on BBS.

Although there had long been rumours of a suspected relationship between the two, once one got close to them in person, they would know that those were really just scandals.

Besides, the way the two get along was quite intriguing.

Sometimes the two would mercilessly attack each other, and sometimes the two would cooperate with each other very tacitly.

Later on, someone asked about the relationship between the two, and the insiders of the Student Union and the Social Council could only conclude with a tangled expression, “They are a pair of equally matched rivals.”

? ? ?

And the person who was asked might add inexplicably, “And the two of them only added each other on WeChat on the day our team decided to add WeChat.”

Tsk tsk.

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