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Breathtaking Beauty

Yet, no matter how complicated the process was and the countless of times that things might change, this three-day orientation event still finally happened as planned.

With the cooperation of the Social Council and various departments of the Student Union, all social channels, whether it be the banners, the school broadcasts, the small advertisements or even BBS, had advertisements in place. In order to further increase the flow of people, invitations were also sent to several nearby schools whom they had close relations with.

Not only that, many school hunks and beauties of the school with their own fans also had their own separate invitations. Lastly, to further hype up the event, various programs of the opening ceremony of the orientation invited the champions of the school’s top ten singers and the previous year’s champions, as well as the highly popular runners-up. 

The popularity of this orientation event was directly comparable to the campus singing competition.

For this orientation, Wen Le called her nainai* early and asked if she could borrow a cheongsam. Each of Grandma’s cheongsam** was a hand-made treasure that could stand the test of time and was worth collecting.

*nainai = paternal grandmother in chinese

**cheongsam = chinese traditional costume dress that originated in China.

Wen Le did not have a program during the opening ceremony, but in order to attract attention, Zhou Kao had a program at the opening ceremony. The stage debut of the newly-crowned school hunk was also highly anticipated by everyone.

The cheongsam that Wen Le wanted was only sent on the morning of the first day of Orientation.

Admission to the Orientation would start at 6:30 in the evening.

A few people in the dormitory started dressing up in the dormitory early on in the day.

Man Qingxuan spread the clothes over the entire bed and tried them back and forth in front of the mirror.

Bao Xiaofan, who was on her phone to watch the orientation event advertisement on BBS, said, “Ah ah ah ah! Oh my God, Wen Le, this orientation event of yours this time is simply awesome!”

Cheng Hui added, “Damn, you guys are really good at it! Did you guys also especially invite Yi Zean, that Internet celebrity who competed with Zhou Kao for the school hunk position?”

“We did, we invited all the influencers who have their own fanbase on BBS, but some people refused because they don’t have time,” Wen Le replied. 

Man Qingxuan put down her clothes and said, “I think Yi Zean said that he is going to broadcast live tonight. F*ck, I’m a little excited. I think it will be viral!”

Wen Le said, “Precisely the publicity effect that he could bring, that’s why we invited him.”

Cheng Hui smiled saying, “For this Orientation event, Lele have also worked hard. My God, I can imagine the reaction of those boys after seeing you wear this cheongsam. But Lele, do you need bodyguards tonight? I’m very cheap. One hundred a night is enough.”

TN: Hahahaha I love Wen Le’s dorm mates!

Wen Le refused, “No need.”

Wen Le picked up the high heels she was going to wear, examined the ten-centimetre stiletto, and said, “Have a look at this heel. It’s absolutely fatal, a one-shot kill.”

Cheng Hui gave a thumbs up.

Man Qingxuan covered her face and yelled, “Ah ah ah ah! I am so looking forward to it!”

Bao Xiaofan also fell on the bed clutching her chest, “I can’t wait for it either!”

Cheng Hui said, “All the girls around me during the past few days have been inquiring about what projects Zhou Kao was participating in. I have been afraid to visit the dormitory next door recently. They keep asking about Zhou Kao’s performance. They think Lele must have told me, saying that I knew but just didn’t want to tell them. I was so wronged, I obviously don’t know anything!”

Man Qingxuan said, “That’s right, Lele! You still refuse to tell us! There’s just a few more hours left! Won’t you tell us?”

Wen Le smiled and replied, “If I tell you, then there will be no surprises. Anyways it’s happening in just a few hours. Just wait a little longer for it.”

Bao Xiaofan said, “But we just really really reallllllyyyyyy want to know.”

“Ah ah ah ah!”

Cheng Hui suddenly pointed to Sun Youmei’s bed and said, “She will definitely go. Two days ago, I saw that her phone was showing the advertising page for your Orientation event on BBS.”

Man Qingxuan said, “If she’s going then good for her, but she already has a boyfriend and still wants to go to the Orientation to socialize?”

Wen Le said, “Guess how many people despite not being single will show up at the Orientation networking tonight?”

Bao Xiaofan laughed out, “Definitely many.”

Cheng Hui pointed out, “Did you guys even grasp the main point”

“What’s the point?”, Man Qingxuan asked looking confused.

Wen Le elaborated, “You mean, it’s possible for her to bring Su Zhenzhen? In fact, I had expected it a long time ago, after all, we also invited the school next door. Su Zhenzhen is a student of the art school next door, so it is not surprising that she will come.”

The point was that she felt that Su Zhenzhen had not given up yet.

Cheng Hui inquired, “Do you have any interactions with Zhou Kao for today?”

Wen Le replied, “Not for the time being, but if the crowd is not ideal and big enough, maybe some special segment will be added. Who knows?”

Cheng Hui remarked, “That Su Zhenzhen pushed you down the last time and made you twist your ankle. I’m actually rather afraid that she will find trouble with you again. This time round, there will be so many people, it would be very embarrassing.”

“Actually, I am also prepared for this”, confessed Wen Le.

“And in fact,” Wen Le smiled shyly, “I have a black belt in taekwondo that I can use off-stage.”

At six o’clock in the evening, the venue had been almost fully decorated, and all the actors who had tasks in the evening were preparing to get into their outfits in the dressing room.

Wen Le had also been preparing for the opening ceremony of this Orientation for a long time.

In addition to asking nainai for her outfit for tonight, and in order to match the outfit, Wen Le especially went to do a bright red solid colour manicure in advance, and then stopped by the barber shop to style her hair into temporary big waves.

Other than the actors specially invited for this event, most of them in the dressing room were from the Student Union and the Social Council, and they had known each other for quite a long time. As the most dazzling one in the crowd, Wen Le attracted much attention even among the girls.

When Wen Le opened the small box containing her outfit, many girls gathered around. When they saw the outfit placed in the box, the girls couldn’t help exclaiming.

It was a retro black satin cheongsam. This cheongsam was different from the patterns that young people now seemed to find outdated. This cheongsam was very simple, with dark patterns of the same colour on the black satin surface, but it was unexpectedly beautiful. 

They could almost imagine what a sensation Wen Le would cause when she appeared in the crowd wearing this cheongsam.

And most importantly, when Wen Le took the cheongsam out of the box, everyone found that the cheongsam had a split that was not low.

This surprised everyone.

Most people who knew Wen Le knew that she had always been conservative and demure in her dressing. It seemed that no one had ever seen Wen Le wear clothes revealing anything above the knee. This was the first time Wen Le had worn such revealing clothes in public.

Of course, this level of revealing was also relative to Wen Le herself.

After all, other than the slit that opened up to the thigh, this cheongsam still followed her usual dressing style.

Several girls who knew Wen Le well smiled and said, “It seems that Wen Le is really going all out just for this event.”

Wen Le sighed and replied, “Who said I wasn’t going to?”

Everyone laughed when they heard her.

It could be said that everyone had a rough expectation and imagination of how Wen Le would look after putting on the cheongsam, due to already being armed with past experience. But the moment they saw Wen Le coming out of the simple changing room while wearing the cheongsam, the girls present still couldn’t help being jealous to the point where they were overflowing with envy.

There would definitely be no shortage of topics for tonight.

Wen Le sat in front of the makeup mirror and looked at herself. She took an eyebrow pencil to draw her eyebrows slightly thinner than she usually would and used a slightly darker eyeshadow to colour her eyelids. In line with tonight’s dress, she used an eyeliner pen to deepen the contour of her eyes near her lower eyelid, completing the retro eye makeup that made her eyes look more stylish and charming. For the lips, a lipstick from D brand, colour 999 was used to make her lips appear flaming red.

Next, she put on the pearl earrings and jade bangles sent by nainai, and replaced the comfortable flats with ten-centimetre high stilettos.

Wen Le looked at herself in the mirror and thought, Tsk Tsk, Wen Le, you’re really doing whatever it takes to create hype.

As soon as Wen Le finished getting ready, her senior sister from the same department came over, “Wen Le, something big happened!”

The female host of the opening ceremony of the orientation was unable to attend because of bad period cramps, but the event tonight could not be done without a host. What the senior sister meant was that she hoped that Wen Le would take on the role instead.

Wen Le took her senior sister’s hand and said, “Senior sister, is there really no one else? I haven’t really learned to host properly!”

The senior sister replied, “There are no other female hosts. There are other male hosts, but we can’t possibly have two male hosts at once. It doesn’t matter, Wen Le! Didn’t you host an event for your faculty once? It was said that the results were quite good.”

Wen Le thought to herself, That’s because I wrote the script, and had gone through it relentlessly till I memorised it like the back of my hand. I had even recorded myself to correct it countless times.

The senior sister continued to persuade, “It’s mainly because you don’t have a personal segment at the event today, Lele. The other girls who can take the role already have segments prepared, and they can’t get away. In fact, you only have to read according to the script. You don’t have to be too nervous.”

Since her senior sister had already explained in such detail, Wen Le didn’t refuse anymore. Deep down, she knew that although there were a lot of people with the Social Council and Student Union combined, the manpower was still really not enough for tonight. 

Wen Le nodded in response, found the script and hid in a corner where there was no one to memorise as much as she could.

To be honest, Wen Le was under a lot of pressure to just go up the stage with hardly any preparation at all.

At 6:30 in the evening, the students of University A, who had been looking forward to it for a long time, entered the venue with much excitement and expectation.

Wen Le was nervously taking the time to memorize the script at this point in time.

The venue of the gymnasium originally had no stage. Thus, a stage was built temporarily. The backstage was actually just a simple space separated by the back of the LED screen. It could not be used for makeup and changing clothes at all. Therefore, both the girls’ and boys’ makeup were actually carried out in the empty office upstairs of the gymnasium.

At half past six, the noise on the first floor could already be heard in the upstairs office. This was undoubtedly good news for all the staff, because the louder the noise, the more people it meant, and the closer they were to the mission goal.

At 6:45, Wen Le and the male host went downstairs together, walked into the gymnasium through a small door obscured by the stage, and went directly backstage.

There were staff in the background who were busy calibrating equipment, and the seniors arranging the flow of the event.

Wen Le and the male host walked backstage and greeted the classmates they knew. Gazes swept towards Wen Le, and lingered on her for a long time.

“Wen Le, you are so beautiful tonight.”

Wen Le smiled when she heard the words. To be honest, because she was not very well prepared, Wen Le was still a little nervous so she couldn’t lift her spirits to entertain such common pleasantries. But she suddenly remembered something and pulled at her senior sister and said, “Senior sister, is my outfit suitable?”

Wen Le’s dress was not exactly prepared for hosting, but for the opening dance after the opening ceremony.

The senior sister smiled when she heard the words, “Why is it not suitable, it just needs to be beautiful. All the best, don’t be nervous!”

At seven o’clock in the evening, the opening ceremony officially began.

Wen Le took a deep breath, nodded to the male host, and the two walked on the stage one after the other.

The microphone had not yet switched on, but when Wen Le’s high heels stepped on the last step leading to the stage, the audience who were still laughing and joking in the audience gradually came to a stop.

The elegant pointed high heels landed gently on the stage covered with the red carpet, a pair of snow-white slender legs loomed under the black fabric, and her delicate and smooth skin appeared amazingly white against the black cheongsam, dazzling people with its beauty.

Almost everyone who saw this scene stopped thinking, their eyes following the beauty, refusing to leave.

It was Wen Le in a black satin cheongsam, paired with waist-length black hair, walking leisurely with such charm and beauty, like a mysterious oriental beauty who had travelled through time and space from a movie.

It was hard to describe how perfect the figure wrapped in the black cheongsam was, and how beautiful the female silhouette could be. It was probably beyond people’s imagination, and it would not be more moving than what Wen Le was showing at this moment.

Wen Le turned and stood still, looking at the audience with a smile on her face, which was confident and calm.

Tender eyes and flaming lips, black satin against snow-white skin, red nail polish and slender fingers, and jade bangles encircling the slender fair wrists.

There was nothing that wasn’t exquisite or beautiful about this woman. She alone on the stage was a visual feast itself.

Dressed in a cheongsam, she was a breathtaking beauty that enraptured everyone.

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