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Human Microscope: You guys are really showing off your love!

Wen Le sent a tongue-out emoji to Cheng Hui and then turned her phone screen down on the table.

Seeing Wen Le’s face turning slightly red again, Zhou Kao couldn’t help but ask, “What’s wrong?”

Wen Le, feeling a bit embarrassed by the new wave of teasing, glared at Zhou Kao. “You still dare to ask, don’t you know what you did?”

This alluring glare, full of charm, seemed to have no lethal effect but rather stirred Zhou Kao’s curiosity. With an innocent look, Zhou Kao asked, “What did I do?”

Wen Le showed Zhou Kao the photo Cheng Hui sent. “Did you post this on the confession board?”

Zhou Kao looked at the photo with a smile on his face, not answering but counter-questioning, “When do you plan to give me a proper status?”

A status?

Wen Le suddenly remembered what her father said the last time they met.

Wen Le cleared her throat, put down her utensils, lightly pressed the corner of her mouth with a napkin, and then leaned back in the chair like a hot scumbag who didn’t want to take responsibility, “Status is something you have to earn yourself. You can’t forcefully demand it…” 

However, under Zhou Kao’s gaze, Wen Le’s voice became quieter.

Zhou Kao’s smile gradually froze. “So you don’t plan to give me a proper status?”

Wen Le stole a glance at Zhou Kao, realising that he was looking at her with a condemning gaze as if saying, “You scumbag.” 

After a while, she finally spoke the truth, “Well, it’s… my dad doesn’t really agree.”

“?” Zhou Kao wondered what ridiculous excuse Wen Le was making.

Wen Le looked at Zhou Kao with a sincere gaze. “Really, my dad said that boys who try to seduce me now have bad intentions and want me to focus on my studies first.”

Zhou Kao: ?

Wen Le continued, “Do you understand?”

Zhou Kao: …

Zhou Kao: “Not really.”

Wen Le said, “My dad is moving to Beijing, and the house is about to be done with its renovations.”

Wen Le watched Zhou Kao’s expression, and slowly said, “So, don’t you think it’s better for us to keep a low profile for now?”

After a while, Zhou Kao nodded as if he had suffered a great grievance. “Okay.”

Seeing Zhou Kao like this, Wen Le still felt a bit guilty, but Zhou Kao continued with a tone of grievance, “How are you going to compensate me then?”


Wen Le felt the slight guilt in her heart instantly disappear. She raised an eyebrow and said, “What kind of compensation do you want?”

Zhou Kao said, “Will you spend the weekend with me?”

Wen Le raised her eyebrows but didn’t say anything.

Zhou Kao lowered his voice, “Is it okay~?”

Wen Le shivered, feeling that since they got together, Zhou Kao seemed to have acquired some incredible skill, something akin to a cute and vulnerable act that she couldn’t resist.

Wen Le’s eyes wandered, and she cleared her throat, “Assuming I don’t have anything else to do.”

Upon hearing Wen Le’s words, Zhou Kao knew she agreed and couldn’t help but smile. 

This smile was light, but the meaning reached the depths of his eyes, like the thawing of winter snow, a clear stream flowing gently. The first rays of spring sunlight entered the water, creating ripples, soft yet stunning.

Wen Le, being a beauty herself and also a fan of good looks, found Zhou Kao utterly irresistible.

She thought she might be the kind of monarch who, when a beauty smiled, could pluck the stars from the sky.

When it was time for dessert, Wen Le suddenly remembered the photos Zhou Kao posted on the confession board and wondered about the reaction from others. So, she downloaded the BBS app again, logged into the school forum, and checked for reactions.

Wen Le didn’t frequent the forum, so she wasn’t very familiar with its functions. But what she was looking for was located at the very top of the BBS entertainment section. Wen Le quickly realised that it was probably the post she was looking for.

#BreakingNews! Confession Board Exposes Secrets: Campus Heartthrob and Goddess Shake Hands in Reconciliation!

Wen Le couldn’t help but roll her eyes. As expected.

The original poster first posted two pictures, one was a screenshot of the dynamic “shake hands in reconciliation” from the confession board plus a nine-grid screenshot. The other was a separate picture of the two holding hands in mid-air.

1st comment: Did they flip this so quickly? We said these two were too professional to be in a normal fight. Are you embarrassed now?

2nd comment: Wow, both of them are actually black belts! No wonder they look so cool.

3rd comment: Trust me, even if I had a black belt, I wouldn’t look that good at fighting.

4th comment: Fake, yesterday there was a leak about a fight, and immediately they arranged training photos. I’ve never heard that these two were learning taekwondo together before; it’s obviously just for publicity.

5th comment: Amazing, they both clarified together, and you still don’t believe it. You’re just a salty fan looking for trouble.

6th comment: The acting traces are too obvious. Wen Le’s smile looks too fake, obviously unwilling, and Zhou Kao is even more fake. When have you ever seen Zhou Kao smile like this? What an overreaction.

7th comment: Just because they put on black clothes means they’re doing Muay Thai? Who knows if they borrowed the clothes; it’s not professional at all. And they even wore rings while fighting, haha.

8th comment: Exactly, both of them are wearing rings, sigh.

9th comment: The acting is too obvious, all this was just to clear their name, tsk tsk.

10th comment: Unbelievable, you don’t even believe this? There are so many salty fans. Their fight wasn’t normal in the first place. When I first saw someone criticising them for low morals and publicly fighting, I was puzzled. It’s obvious they were just testing each other, okay?

11th comment: Even if they were really just testing and not fighting, their private relationship must be bad. According to insiders, when they held a fellowship, the two were always at odds with each other.

12th comment: I just want to know why they posted on the confession board. Was it because they didn’t download the BBS app?

13th comment: Confirmed, no fighting, but their relationship is really bad.

Wen Le sighed as she looked at the comments, “Why would they think our private relationship is bad?”

Zhou Kao, with a faint smile, sarcastically said, “These people are too malicious; they must be single dogs who can’t stand seeing other couples in love.”

But Zhou Kao’s tone changed, “Actually, to be honest, it’s our fault. Just blame us for being too lazy, and never showing our affection to others.”

Zhou Kao moved his wrist slightly, smiling, “It’s time to do something.”

Wen Le looked at Zhou Kao warily, quickly saying, “Don’t be cheesy.”

Zhou Kao suddenly chuckled softly.

Wen Le, puzzled, asked, “What are you laughing at?”

Zhou Kao glanced at her playfully, “Laughing at how cute you are.”

As if he was going to kiss Wen Le, she pushed Zhou Kao away, saying, “Annoying, go away.”

Zhou Kao’s laughter didn’t stop.

Wen Le ignored him and asked about the afternoon plans, “Are you going back to the company after lunch?”

Zhou Kao nodded, “There are a lot of things recently, I need to go back in the afternoon.”

The waiter brought dessert to the table. Wen Le picked a bit of ice cream cake with a small fork, took a sip, and comfortably squinted her eyes. Putting down the fork, she said, “By the way, although I’ve been to your company, I still don’t know what your company does.”

Zhou Kao also picked up a bite of ice cream, but he found it too sweet, so he only took one bite and put the fork down. 

“Do you know about the PenPoint APP?”

Wen Le nodded. Wasn’t that the app that Dan Shan and Cheng Hui recommended to her before? She still had it on her phone.

Zhou Kao said, “PenPoint is developed by our company, and it’s the first project I took over with the team after managing the company.”

Wen Le was somewhat surprised. She didn’t expect that the currently popular app, even one she was using, was made by her boyfriend’s company.


“A bit.”

It was said that the current market value of PenPoint has exceeded 300 million, and it had only been three years since he established it.

“Have you used this app? How do you feel about it?”

Wen Le smiled helplessly, took out the app from her phone, and showed it to Zhou Kao. “This app was also recommended to me by a friend recently. Honestly, I really like the concept and design of PenPoint.”

Zhou Kao chuckled at her words. As a developer, hearing affirmations from users was naturally pleasing, and receiving recognition from his girlfriend as a user added to the joy. 

However, Zhou Kao didn’t continue to inquire. Instead, he shifted the conversation to work-related matters.

Wen Le asked, “So, you’ve been preparing for PenPoint’s transformation recently?”

Zhou Kao nodded, “There are more and more excellent apps on the market. Taking the lead doesn’t guarantee safety. If you can’t retain users with your unique advantages, you’ll still be eliminated by the market.”

“The functions of the PenPoint app are not irreplaceable. There have been discussions on similar problems in the old platforms with many loyal users, even more users than ours. But what sets PenPoint apart is that it consolidates the scattered knowledge-sharing features of those apps.”

“Nowadays, many old platforms are developing more auxiliary functions based on their original functions. Sooner or later, some old platforms will develop auxiliary functions similar to PenPoint. If PenPoint cannot transform or retain loyal fans, it will be eliminated sooner or later.”

“So, the company is currently studying PenPoint’s transformation plan.”

Suddenly, Zhou Kao looked at Wen Le and said, “You will probably also get involved in these things in the future. What do you think about PenPoint’s transformation?”

Wen Le thought for a moment and said, “PenPoint’s initial concept and positioning have left a lot of room for future transformation. Following the current functions and market development, it can definitely develop a live streaming and e-commerce model. This will not only increase platform traffic but also retain some influencers and users.”

“In fact, if PenPoint continues to develop, I think there are two paths it can take: one is specialised, targeting the female market as a platform exclusively for women’s communication. This would reduce operating costs and provide users with a better sense of belonging, making it easier to cultivate users’ feelings toward the app.”

“The other path is diversified. I noticed that PenPoint initially did not limit itself to a female communication and sharing platform. It could differentiate through categorization, using different tags to distinguish various communication areas, such as female, male, students, parenting, cute pets, trendy gadgets, entertainment, etc., to broaden the market and audience.”

Zhou Kao nodded with a smile, “Your thoughts align with ours internally. The company hopes that PenPoint will provide a one-stop service for note-taking, evaluations, e-commerce, and sharing in the future.”

Wen Le nodded and said, “This is actually a virtuous cycle. Users choose to buy products after seeing the notes and evaluations of influencers. Through sharing products, they increase their fan base. Fans who see the shared products may also go on to purchase, creating a continuous cycle.”

“And this cycle not only drives product purchases but also eliminates products through continuous evaluations and sharing, prompting developers to develop better products to gain market share.”

Suddenly, Zhou Kao said, “It seems like you’re quite interested in PenPoint. How about interning at our company during your junior year?”

Wen Le was tempted. She really wanted to agree, but then she thought of her current identity—the only child of the Wen family. Wen Le said, “I don’t know if my dad has any arrangements.”

Zhou Kao tempted her, “Come to our company. I know you like PenPoint.”

“… And, don’t you want to work with me?”

Wen Le blinked, to be honest, she was really tempted.

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