Breathtaking Beauty

Zhou Kao raised his hands in the air at a loss, “You…What are you doing?”

Wen Le clung to Zhou Kao’s neck tightly with both hands, still a little shocked, “Insect! Insects, oh my god, it’s so long, it must be a centipede!”

Since young, Wen Le was not afraid of anything, not even snakes, but her only weakness was insects.

Wen Le grew up in the mountains since she was a child. She had climbed trees and crossed rivers, seen wild boars catching snakes, and seen various ‘dangerous encounters’, but her fear of insects had always been a psychological shadow that Wen Le could not overcome.

In other words, this was also related to Wen Le’s experience when she was a child.

The climate in the southwest was hot and humid, so naturally, there were many insects thriving. In addition, Wen Le and her grandfather lived in the mountains, where the vegetation was lush, thus there was even more vast number of insects.

However, it was also unknown what type of physique Wen Le had, that she was particularly attractive to said insects.

It is said that when Wen Le was very young, for some unknown reason, a caterpillar crawled on her little skirt. Only after half a day had passed, did she find out about it and it scared young Wen Le to tears.

As she got older and loved playing outdoors, a grass centipede would climb up to the heel of her feet, which directly scared off her entire soul.

There was even a situation when Wen Le discovered a gecko under her pillow.

In short, using Wen Le’s encounters from childhood to adulthood a history of insect horror could be written.

There were some things that you could get used to after being scared repeatedly by it, but there were also some things that could haunt you for the rest of your life.

Wen Le hung onto Zhou Kao and felt like crying.

What the hell is going on tonight!

Zhou Kao seemed to be aware of Wen Le’s emotions. He was afraid that she would fall and hurt her feet again. So he hugged her tighter and said in a low voice, “Should we go out and wait?”

Wen Le nodded sullenly.

Zhou Kao hugged her, turned his head and whispered softly in Wen Le’s ear: “It’s okay, I’m here.”

Zhou Kao put his warm palms on Wen Le’s back, and his low and slow voice sounded in Wen Le’s ears, inexplicably giving people a sense of security that made people relax and want to rely on him.

Zhou Kao walked out under the trees and found a clean corner to put Wen Le down. Wen Le managed to stand firmly on one foot with the help of Zhou Kao, and sighed.

“I thought you weren’t afraid of anything.” Zhou Kao spoke.

Wen Le sneered: “Am I not?”

Zhou Kao raised his eyebrows.

Wen Le said: “Insects, an anti-human species, are not included.”

Wen Le looked down and confirmed that there were no insects under her feet, “I’m probably more unlucky today.”

She had been going to school for so long, and to be honest, Wen Le hadn’t seen any insects for a long time. She didn’t know why they had to appear in front of Zhou Kao today……

Honestly speaking, Wen Le was a little depressed. It was probably because this encounter compromised the image of an invulnerable winner she had always maintained in front of Zhou Kao.

Zhou Kao thought that Wen Le’s bad luck meant her twisted ankle, and Wen Le’s ankle injury was indeed an innocent disaster that had an indirect relationship with him.

For this nonsense disaster, Zhou Kao needed to give Wen Le an explanation.

In fact, the relationship between Zhou Kao’s family and Su Zhenzhen’s family was not so close.

Su Zhenzhen’s family was in business, and Zhou Kao’s father was in politics. There was basically no intersection, and even if you were to compare the families which could be ranked according to a social hierarchy, Su Zhenzhen’s family did not have such a high position in the upper-class circle.

Zhou Kao’s maternal grandfather’s family were the ones who are really close to Su Zhenzhen’s family.

The two families were able to get acquainted with each other, not because they were in the same social circle, but only because the two families were neighbours, and Su Zhenzhen’s mother was a hostess with excellent hospitality and cooking skills.

Su Zhenzhen’s family stayed next to Zhou Kao’s grandfather’s house, so the two of them knew each other since they were young.

But later, with Zhou Kao’s father’s transfer, and Zhou Kao studying at the most famous private school in Q City, they also hadn’t met for seven or eight years.

The next time Zhou Kao saw Su Zhenzhen again, was after the college entrance examination was over.

At that time, Zhou Kao’s grandfather gave Zhou Kao a company, and Zhou Kao followed his uncle to learn to manage the company. During that time, he lived in his grandfather’s house and met Su Zhenzhen next door a few times, but they also didn’t talk.

Su Zhenzhen went to school early. Although she was in the same grade as them, she was actually one year younger. Even when she was a child, Zhou Kao always regarded Su Zhenzhen as his younger sister.

They hadn’t seen each other for seven or eight years and were very unfamiliar with each other.

Moreover, the two of them didn’t really have many common topics to talk about, and their total conversation would only amount to a few sentences.

At that time, Zhou Kao’s uncle happened to have some business dealings with the Su family, so it was inevitable that during some drinking gatherings, he would sometimes bring Zhou Kao.

At the drinking table, Zhou Kao’s uncle may have drunk too much. He said that the two families have known each other since they were young, and the children were about the same age. Wouldn’t it be a good thing if they could make up a pair?

At that time, his uncle was just being polite. He was just an uncle, how could he set up a marriage for his nephew without his father’s knowledge? At that time, everyone present regarded it as a joke, but the Su family actually took his word for it. 

The Zhou family was a fairly established family in the upper-class circle, and their foundation was rather solid. Having a marriage alliance with such a family was also quite decent for a family like the Su family whose foundation was not stable enough, not to mention the benefits it would bring, which made them really excited.

So the Su family, who had already accepted this decision in their minds, went about spreading the news.

Su Zhenzhen probably also had some interest in Zhou Kao, noticed the excitement and happiness from her family, and thought that she was about to become Zhou Kao’s fiancee.

But the implementation of the Su family’s marriage plan did not go smoothly.

Father Su and Zhou Kao’s father and grandfather were not familiar with each other. The closest person the Su family could contact from the Zhou family was Zhou Kao’s uncle.

But Zhou Kao’s uncle knew the situation of the Zhou family.

The Zhou family was very upright. Although they did care about finding a well-matched partner in terms of social status, the children in the family had always been allowed to pursue love freely. It was impossible for the Zhou family to covet the Su family’s money and have a marriage alliance with them. In other words, the Su family could benefit from the Zhou family, but the Zhou family did not stand to gain from the Su family.

Further, to be honest, it was rather unsightly of the Su family to cling to the Zhou family with such mildly aggressive behaviour.

If Zhou Kao and Su Zhenzhen were really attracted to each other, then the Zhou family would not object to them. However, if Zhou Kao did not have any feelings for Su Zhenzhen, it would be basically impossible for such a family to have a marriage alliance with the Zhou family.

Zhou Kao’s uncle knew the temper of the Zhou family, so when he heard Su Zhenzhen’s father talking about this, he just laughed and brushed off the topic, without even acknowledging it.

Afterwards, Zhou Kao’s uncle also secretly scolded himself for talking too much at the beginning. If he hadn’t been drunk and talked nonsense, how could he have let the Su family have such thoughts?

But how could the Su family give up so easily?

If it didn’t work the first time, then try a second time. The first few times the matter was brushed off by Zhou Kao’s uncle, and he then even hid from Father Su for several days for this matter.

How could Father Su not detect Zhou Kao’s uncle’s attitude? He had long known that the Zhou family did not have the intention of having an alliance marriage, but he was unwilling and not reconciled to think otherwise.

In addition, Su Zhenzhen really liked Zhou Kao, so he shamelessly went to confront Zhou Kao’s uncle to talk about the matter.

Now that Father Su had done this, Zhou Kao’s uncle was unable to avoid the topic anymore, and thus called his brother-in-law in front of Father Su.

Father Zhou knew immediately what was going on after listening to the situation. He just said, What age are we in? His daughter-in-law would naturally be brought back by Zhou Kao himself. Who Zhou Kao wants to marry is his own business. When he wants to get married, he will tell us naturally. Nowadays aren’t we all emphasizing that children are independent individuals? As parents, we have to learn to let them go on their own.

Zhou Kao’s father said it very tactfully, but his attitude was still very clear. Our family will not engage in such marriage alliances.

Thus this wishful engagement finally ended without illness.

Zhou Kao took into account the girl’s reputation and only vaguely said the gist of the story. Wen Le herself could probably guess the rest of it.

Wen Le still believed in Zhou Kao’s words, agreed with Zhou Kao’s point of view, and said, “Don’t worry, neither I nor our dormitory will talk about it.”

Only…This matter was originally revealed by Su Zhenzhen herself. To be honest, Wen Le felt that even if she were to keep it secret, Su Zhenzhen’s fake girlfriends would probably stab her in the back and spread the news themselves.

Take for example, what Sun Youmei did.

However, Wen Le didn’t say much about these, she believed that Zhou Kao could also guess it in his heart.

Compared with Su Zhenzhen’s affairs, Wen Le was more concerned about regaining the face she had just lost because of the insects.

Perhaps because Wen Le and Zhou Kao only came to know of the other due to them competing for the first position in the grade, whenever Wen Le faced Zhou Kao, she would always have the desire to win. To her, the pleasure of gaining the upper hand in a duel with Zhou Kao was no less than the satisfaction of winning a prize in a competition.

With a smile in Wen Le’s eyes, she asked, “It’s just why are you explaining this to me?”

Zhou Kao glanced at Wen Le and said lightly: “I was just afraid that after working so hard to carry someone back, I’ll still be scolded by some people as a scumbag who already has a fiancee yet still goes around hugging other girls.”

Wen Le raised her eyebrows and replied with a smile: “It turns out that you care quite a bit about your image in my heart.”

Zhou Kao asked Wen Le rhetorically, “Oh really? You feel that I really care about how I appear in your heart?”

Zhou Kao never failed to catch on.

Wen Le curled her lips and said, “Forget it, I can never win against a law student. Are the people in your law faculty more sharp-mouthed than others?”

“Oh, aren’t you the best debater on your debate team?”

“You want to see me at the debate?”

“Don’t you always want to beat me?”

 “I have good self-confidence,” Wen Le said: “I just can’t take anyone overtaking me on the ranking. No matter who it is, I can’t allow it.”

“Someone’s really competitive.”

Wen Le raised her head and smiled like a flower, “You say it as if you are not the same.”

Zhou Kao smiled but said nothing. He did not agree, nor did he disagree.


Wen Le lowered her head, “Something bit me!”

Zhou Kao thought Wen Le would still jump up, subconsciously supported Wen Le’s waist, and took her into his arms, “Where?”

Wen Le was embraced in Zhou Kao’s hug, and her forehead brushed Zhou Kao’s Adam’s apple. Every breath she took was full of Zhou Kao’s scent, and she couldn’t help feeling a little hot and bothered.

“What are you guys doing!”

Suddenly, there was a shout from the front.

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