Best Newcomer

“What dinner, let’s go drink later!” Li Hao wrapped his arm around Wang Cheng’s shoulder and glanced at Xie Yan, seemingly never seen such a stingy man like him before. 

Su Shen jabbed Xie Yan’s arm and said, “It’s okay, it’s just a dinner. It’s the same going to his house to drink.” 

Xie Yan closed his eyes and said nothing. The two of them looked at each other and then shied away again, “Isn’t this not good? If the two of us disturb you guys, Yan ge would definitely be unhappy.” 

“That’s right. But since Su Shen has said so, if we don’t agree, we won’t be giving face,” said Li Hao with dead earnesty.  

Su Shen was amused by them. It was hard for them to have dinner together since they had to film every day of the entire year. It was really nothing. 

She turned to the side and saw Xie Yan still leaning against his seat in silence, so she leaned over and whispered, “I’m free for the next few days.” 

Hearing that, Xie Yan instantly opened his eyes. Seeing that she was still blinking and staring at him, he couldn’t help but plant a kiss on her forehead, whispering, “Me too.” 

The people in front of them were already used to their PDA, but Li Hao was still really amazed by Su Shen, who was able to make Xie Yan be so docile. They still weren’t sick of this kind of clinginess. 

It was not until the staff outside said that they could get out now that Su Shen opened the door and carefully lifted her gown to get out of the car. 

Most of the people outside had already left. The long red carpet was surrounded by cameras and a cast had just walked the red carpet. Su Shen wanted to stand next to Wang Cheng, lest she would be attacked for not understanding protocol if she stood in the middle.  

Xie Yan didn’t stand in the middle either, but next to Su Shen. In the end, the middle position was taken by Fan Meng. 

The red carpet was surrounded by flashing lights. Instead of lifting her gown, Su Shen let the hem of the gown fall to the ground meandering. Su Shen kept a smile on her face as flashes of the cameras from all around were incessant. After they finally walked to the middle, the host asked them to come over for a bit. 

Fan Meng was wearing a black lady’s suit today, seemingly wanting to appear as an experienced but capable career woman. This was her first public appearance ever since the hotel scandal, but she appeared to look good and didn’t seem to be bothered by the comments online. 

“Wow! I finally saw my idol!” The hostess exclaimed in surprise when she saw Xie Yan, keeping a polite yet excited smile. 

Wearing a black suit, Xie Yan stood next to Su Shen and insipidly smiled upon hearing that. 

The host, on the other hand, nudged the hostess and said jokingly, “Ask Xie Yan if you can hug him for a bit.” 

At that, Li Hao, who was holding the mic, said actively, “Of course!” 

Wang Cheng couldn’t help but glance at Li Hao and wanted to laugh. He didn’t expect him to make trouble here. 

With so many people around, Su Shen quietly tugged at the corner of Xie Yan’s jacket, indicating to him to just go along with it. 

After a pause, Xie Yan still took a step forward. The hostess was surprised and flattered before stepping forward and gently hugged him. She then quickly stepped back and smiled in disbelief, “I actually hugged my idol!”

Xie Yan rarely participated in these kinds of engagements, and the hostess was not a well-known host either, so there was very little chance to encounter Xie Yan.

“Lady Luck must be smiling on you today. As far as I know, Xie Yan, you seldom attend these kinds of events, right?” The host changed the topic cleverly. 

The flashes continued. Su Shen kept a smile on her face and turned to the side slightly, only to see Xie Yan nodding without saying anything. 

Knowing that he was not a person who would liven the atmosphere, the host continued to ask, “I heard that you were nominated for Best Actor today. Are you confident in yourself?” 

Facing so many cameras, Xie Yan turned to the side to glance at Su Shen and pointed at her. “She said I couldn’t win it.” 

Su Shen: “……..”

Wang Cheng almost burst into laughter, but he tried his best to keep a polite smile. 

The flashes were even louder. Su Shen kept a smile on her face and said to the host while holding the mic, “I was just kidding. He’s petty and bore it in mind.” 

She had just casually mentioned it in the car at first, saying that he wouldn’t be able to win it today. She didn’t expect that he would say it out loud. Now those fans would definitely think that they were pretty close to the point of making such a joke. 

Clearly, the host didn’t expect that they would be so close and then continued the topic, looking at Su Shen: “I heard that you guys worked on a drama. Are you guys pretty close then?” 

Su Shen had answered these kinds of questions so commonly that she replied with a smile without any hesitation, “Xie laoshi is a great senior. I can learn a lot from him. We work well together.” 

Xie Yan said nothing and just looked at her quietly. 

At that, the host nodded again and cast his gaze onto Fan Meng. After all, it was her first public appearance ever since the hotel scandal. 

“Fan Meng, you were nominated once for a Silver Lion award before. Are you sad that you didn’t get nominated this time around?” The host asked.

Fan Meng just smiled upon hearing that before holding the mic and replying conscientiously, “I’m not very satisfied with my performance this time. I think only when there is competition, there will be pressure, and only when there is pressure, there will be progress. I will try my best to bring everyone better works.” 

The host couldn’t ask her about the hotel scandal so candidly, so he just asked a trivial question and let her go.

After the interview, the host then allowed them in. When they entered, the whole cast was seated next to each other, with Su Shen next to Wang Cheng. At this time, the award ceremony hadn’t begun yet and was dark all around, except for the small lights under the stage. 

Su Shen went on the live broadcast, and the bullet comments were full of “AHHHHH”. Perhaps it was the first time that they had seen Xie Yan joking, it was akin to those fans finding a new element or something. 

Netizen A: My hubby’s too cute, to push the blame on Su Shen. [joy]

Netizen B: I suddenly ship this Crab Cake* CP. [joy]

Crab Cake – a play on words with Xie Yan and Su Shen’s names, 蟹黄 (Xie Huang) means the meat and roe of crabs, 酥 (Su) means fluffy pastry, so combined it becomes Crab Cake!

Netizen C: Fan Meng’s too shameless. Everyone very knowingly stood to the side, but she liked to squeeze into the middle. Even Su Shen was polite enough to stand to the side. She’s too shameless. [vomit] 

Netizen D: Is Fan Meng coming out to solicit again? Her shamelessness is thicker than the Great Wall of China. [vomit]

Netizen E: Su Shen and Xie Yan’s relationship is so good! This whole cast is so heartwarming, except for that rat shit, Fan Meng. [joy]

Netizen F: I don’t know if anyone has noticed that when Su Shen was saying that Xie laoshi is a great senior, my Yan ge was staring at her. [joy]

The comments on the bullet screen were about to be flooded. Su Shen was also very helpless. These netizens could go be Sherlock Holmes. It was better for her not to attend these kinds of events with Xie Yan in the future, lest they guessed and said that she was hyping again. 

When the award ceremony officially began, Wang Cheng, who was next to her, was playing games again and even invited her to form a team, but Su Shen ignored him. The camera would come over from time to time, especially where Xie Yan was, but he was expressionless throughout. 

When it was time for the Best Supporting Actor award, the camera paused for a bit on Li Hao as his name was announced for the nomination. Su Shen could see that Li Hao was a little nervous since he had only ventured into the big screen in the past two years, and an award could give him a lot of points. It was also more of a recognition of his acting. 

The awarding guests were a veteran drama actor and a semi-well-known Chinese opera actress from the 80s. When they saw the names nominated, the two also began to guess who would win the award tonight. 

“It has always been said that supporting roles are green leaves, but flowers can’t show their beautifulness without the green leaves. In a good play, these unknown green leaves are often needed to show the greatness of a play. I think the best supporting actors of this year are all so strong and that the competition will be very fierce.” The actress looked at the veteran actor beside her.   

The latter nodded and said, “That’s right, only when there is competition is there progress. Then Pan Fei, who do you think will be the winner tonight?”

“I don’t know. Then Yu laoshi, who do you think it will be?” The actress counter asked with a smile. 

The veteran actor just smiled. “Let’s stop guessing and look at the result.” 

As the lights flickered, Su Shen glanced at Li Hao. Just at this moment, the actress had opened the award card, and after a pause, she said with a smile, “Wow, I really like this actor a lot. He’s very handsome and MAN!” 

“The nominations this time are all very handsome.” The veteran actor laughed. 

The actress didn’t keep up the suspense and said into the mic while looking at the audience, “Okay, the Best Supporting Actor of the 53rd Silver Lion Award is…”

“I think it’s Hao ge,” whispered Su Shen to Wang Cheng. 

The latter glanced at her, leaned over, and whispered, “What if it isn’t him?” 

Su Shen smiled and said nothing, continuing to look at the stage. 

“Li Hao!”

As soon as the actress’s words fell, there was a burst of warm applause from the audience. As the light fell on Li Hao, he was obviously stunned before standing up. Wang Cheng patted his shoulder with a grin, and he even hugged Xie Yan excitedly for a bit. 

Being hugged hard, Xie Yan kept a smile on his face. Li Hao then walked onto the stage with a grin. 

For an actor, awards were gratifications. The Silver Lion Award was one of the three most valuable awards in China. Even for a Best Supporting Actor, it was a great honor. Some people could not even win a Best Supporting Actor award in their whole lifetime. 

The Best Supporting Actress went to a post-90s actress who had just debuted not long ago. Her acting was solid and very expressive. It was within expectations for her to win the Best Supporting Actress award. 

After receiving the award, all the lights were focused on the two of them. After the Best Supporting Actress finished her speech, Li Hao came to the mic with his trophy in hand, “I didn’t expect to win this award. Honestly, I’m very surprised. Thank you to the committee for their vote. I also want to thank Director Huang for asking me to play this role. Yu laoshi is right, only when there is competition is there progress. I will always keep this to heart and strive to improve myself. I hope to bring better works to everyone. Thank you!” 

At that, there was another round of warm applause. Although they were all just going along with it since it was not them winning the award, they still had to put on a show. 

Almost half of the audience was part of the entertainment industry. When everyone’s eyes fell on you, it was probably the feeling of a thousand eyes on you. 

After his speech, Li Hao walked down the stage with his trophy in hand, and the ceremony carried on to the other awards. 

After he sat down, Wang Cheng took the trophy and weighed it in his hand. “This purity is not enough. The purity of the Best Actor must be enough.” 

“Shoo, shoo, shoo. I’ll get the purest one one day!” Li Hao held his trophy and appeared to be in a good mood. 

Su Shen laughed. Winning an award not only depended on capability but also luck. If the competition was fierce, then luck was out. Although it was also very fierce this time, Li Hao had the capability.  

After several bouts of awards, it was finally the Best Newcomer award. The awarding guests were Tang Xuan and another mid-aged actor. The ones nominated this time were also very strong, among which was a child star actress. Her acting was extremely solid and had also just entered the big screen. She had been in school all this while.  

“Aren’t you nervous?” Wang Cheng turned to look at her. 

Su Shen glanced at him from the corner of her eye and smiled helplessly. “What do you think I should do to make myself appear to be nervous then?” 

Wang Cheng thought she was too calm and didn’t look like a newcomer who had just debuted for two or three years. He glanced at her and said nothing. 

Just at this moment, the two people on stage had finished livening up the atmosphere. After looking at the winner, Tang Xuan looked at the audience while speaking into the mic, “I met the winner of this award once before. She’s very bold and knows to try something that many people don’t even dare to try. I think she’s very expressive and also very beautiful.”  

Perhaps it was because the atmosphere at the scene was too good that Su Shen in the audience suddenly felt a little nervous. Not to mention that this award would be the first award on her resume, it was also a kind of recognition for her. 

“The winner of the Best Newcomer Award of the 53rd Silver Lion Award is…”

Su Shen subconsciously looked at Xie Yan, who was also looking at her. Seeing him, she calmed down inexplicably. 

Tang Xuan said into the mic while looking at the audience, “Su Shen!”

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