When a beam of light fell on her, Su Shen took a deep breath. Wang Cheng, who was next to her, hugged her with a smile. She then got up and walked to the stage. 

As she walked onto the stage step by step, there were all kinds of eyes measuring her. All the lights in the venue gathered and focused on her. Just at this moment, the big screen was playing her part in the movie, the last scene where the supporting female lead was dying. 

After taking the heavy trophy from Tang Xuan, the other party hugged her with a smile. In response, Su Shen thanked her. 

When she was left alone on the big stage, facing so many pairs of eyes below, Su Shen felt quite perplexed. She felt that everyone was probably pursuing this sense of attention, but compared with this feeling, she preferred to be recognized. 

Coming to the mic, she paused before holding the trophy in one hand and holding the mic with the other. Looking into the audience: “Thank you so much to the committee for their recognition of me. I feel that I’m very lucky. In my acting career, I met a lot of people who helped me. I was not formally trained and didn’t perform well in the beginning, with some netizens even saying that my acting is diabolical.” 

Speaking of this, there was another burst of laughter, seemingly not expecting that she would really say it. 

“Every time I hear someone say that I have improved, I would be very happy. Thank you to those who have been silently supporting and encouraging me behind my back. Thank you all!” After saying that, Su Shen bowed. 

The audience burst into another warm round of applause. Although it was just for show and Su Shen’s speech was diplomatic, as long as there was a camera, no one would utter their real thoughts. What she said was for those fans, indicating that she improved through constant studying.  

After she came back with the trophy, Wang Cheng immediately looked at her and said with a smile, “You even won an award today, so you have to cook something yummy.” 

After sitting down with the trophy in her arms, Su Shen fiddled with her dress and glanced at him. “When you get a girlfriend in the future, you can have dinner together every day.” 

Wang Cheng: “…….”

Li Hao couldn’t help but burst into laughter. Hearing what she had just said, Xie Yan also smiled. 

“Su Shen, how did you become so bad? You weren’t like this before. Are you looking down on us single dogs?” Wang Cheng said as he reached out his arm to place it around Li Hao’s shoulder.

The latter blocked his hand and said with a smile, “Sorry, I have a girlfriend.” 

Wang Cheng: “……..”

“Who doesn’t have a girlfriend? I have about 50 million fans. My pursuers can line up to the airport from here. I’ll find a girlfriend and show you guys in minutes!” Wang Cheng felt that he was hurt in ten thousand ways, so he just snorted and sat there silently.  

Su Shen smiled and said nothing. Just at this moment, the Best Director award was being awarded on stage, and the next should be the Best Actor award. 

She didn’t think that Xie Yan could win it because the script for the movie was not solid enough. Moreover, a veteran superstar was nominated this time too, and could be considered a comeback from retirement. If nothing goes wrong, the winner would be him. 

“Okay, the most exciting moment is here. Who will be the winner of the Best Actor and Best Actress of this year?” The awarding guest looked at the name of the winner and exclaimed as they looked at the actress beside them, “This is an actor I really like, so…”

There was a burst of warm applause at that. Everyone knew who it was without a doubt. 

“Yep, the Best Actor of the 53rd Silver Lion award is… Dai Zhijun laoshi!” 

At that, there was another round of warm applause. A man in his 50s bowed to the audience and then walked to the stage with a smile. 

Dai Zhijun had won several Best Actor awards before and was extremely famous at his time. He later retired for a few years for his family and then became active again in the industry. It was not surprising that he won this award. 

Ai, do you think Yan ge will be sad?” Wang Cheng leaned over and asked. 

Without turning around, Su Shen pushed his head away and said, “It all depends on luck.”

Xie Yan had already won two Best Actor awards. If he wanted to achieve the grand slam, he would need a lot of luck and strength. In the history of showbiz, only a few people had won the three main acting awards. But, Xie Yan still had a lot of time to pursue it. Su Shen believed that he still had a chance. 

After the award ceremony finished, there was a crowd of reporters waiting outside. They were stopped by them as expected. 

When more than a dozen mics were aimed at them, Su Shen kept a smile on her face. However, the first person asked by the reporters was Xie Yan, “You didn’t win an award today. Xie Yan, do you have any regrets?” 

In front of them were mics of various news media, and the flashes were incessant. In the face of so many cameras, Xie Yan said with his expression unchanging, “Dai laoshi is a great senior. He is deserving.” 

Seeing that he only said conventional words, these reporters began to ask sly questions. A female reporter directly pushed a mic into his face and asked, “There was a photo of you holding a girl’s hand to attend Jiang Liankai’s wedding online. Is that your girlfriend?” 

These reporters were different from those hosts. They asked whatever they wanted to know and touched on anything that would be a hot pic, all to attract the interest of the public. 

At that, Xie Yan paused before smiling. “Yes.” 

At the side, Su Shen arched a brow, afraid that he would reveal it by accident. 

Seeing that he publicly admitted that he had a girlfriend for the first time, those reporters finally found a breaking topic. They striked the iron while it was hot and continued to ask, “Is she in the entertainment industry or not?” 

As soon as he finished his words, He Hua broke in with a few bodyguards and immediately surrounded Xie Yan’s side. “Good news will be announced! Please move aside!” 

“Is she in the entertainment industry? Have you worked together before?” 

“Do you guys plan to get married?”

“When will you go public?” 

Those reporters kept following them incessantly, but they were all blocked outside by the bodyguards. Su Shen immediately followed Wang Cheng and them backstage, fearing that those reporters would come back again. 

After getting into the SUV and changing into simple clothes, Su Shen had Liu jie go back first before she quietly got into Li Hao’s car to go to Xie Yan’s house. 

The live broadcast of the award ceremony had also ended. Xie Yan’s fans were quite rational and didn’t grumble that it was not fair that their idol didn’t win an award. Instead, they congratulated Li Hao and her, who had won awards, thus sending them onto Hot Search on Weibo. 

Netizen A: Su Su’s so awesome! Those antis who said that our Su Su’s acting was poor, come out. Does your face hurt or not? [smiley face]

Netizen B: Although the character was unlikeable, Su Shen’s portrayal of the imperial concubine was like an onion unraveling and not just as a supporting female lead that died in the name of love. Rather, she expended a lot for the male lead. On the other hand, the female lead did nothing. Su Shen did a fabulous job portraying the role. Supporting xiao jiejie!

Netizen C: Mu Yao and Yang Zhi should take note, already almost in their 30s and still acting in idol dramas. The newcomer’s already surpassed them. If they don’t change their careers soon, post-2000s will be debuting soon. [joy]

Netizen D: Su Shen’s so elegant. Today’s gown was also super beautiful, and she didn’t appear nervous at all. Ahaha, it turns out that xiao jiejie also knows her acting in the beginning is diabolical. [joy]

Netizen E: Su Shen’s definitely the artist with the fastest improvement in acting I’ve ever seen. I hope xiao jiejie will continue to work hard. Passerby turned fan!

Netizen F: These diehard fans boasting a Best Newcomer award out of proportion. If she were to win a Best Actress, were they going to boast it all the way to the universe? [smiley face]

Netizen G: No matter how the antis attack, it’s useless. My Su Su is still the only post-90s starlet to win a mainstream film award. [smiley face]

The company should be moderating the comments. Liu jie has been working hard to overturn her reputation so that the dark history of the past could only become history, but this still depended on her later works. 

The various news media outlets still hadn’t finished their articles yet, and they wouldn’t publish until tomorrow. However, the company had already contacted the media, and they would try their best to publicize the fact that she had won an award. 

When the car arrived at Xie Yan’s house, Wang Cheng was already there. Although it was already 10:00 pm, it didn’t hinder the men from liking to drink at night.

There were security guards in the private community of mansions, so there should not be any paparazzi. If there were, He Hua would have already greeted them. When Su Shen entered the mansion, she saw He Hua and Wang Cheng sitting on the sofa and chatting. The light in the kitchen was on. It was most likely the auntie who was cooking up some food.   

After changing her shoes, Su Shen didn’t see Xie Yan, so she immediately walked through the mansion and finally found him in his room, only to find that he was changing his clothes! 

“Why… Why didn’t you lock the door!” She suddenly turned around, and her face turned red!

Putting on a T-shirt, Xie Yan walked up to her and wrapped his arms around her waist from behind, whispering into her ear, “They all will knock on the door, except for you.” 

Su Shen: “…….”

She didn’t think too much about it, so she just opened the door casually. Who knew he would be changing his clothes! 

“You… You didn’t win an award today. Are you unhappy?” She broke free from his embrace and turned around with difficulty. 

Anyhow, she felt that there would be more or less some regret. After all, the opportunity to be nominated was hard to come by.

Looking at her consoling expression, Xie Yan arched a brow and suddenly pushed her against the door. Looking down at her big bright eyes, he said in a deep voice, “So, how are you going to comfort me?”

Their eyes met. His expression was so fervent, causing Su Shen’s heart to beat faster. Turning away with her ears red, “I… I don’t see that you need my comfort.” 

He appeared to be quite happy and even asked He Hua to come over for dinner. 

“I need your comfort here.” He grabbed her hand and pressed it against his heart.

As if like an electric shock, Su Shen pushed him away blushingly and ran downstairs. 

Looking at her hurried back, Xie Yan just chuckled and followed after her. This girl was shy beyond extent. 

Seeing her hurrying downstairs, He Hua, sitting on the sofa, couldn’t help yelling, “Su Shen, you won an award today. You’re not happy? Why do you look like you saw a ghost!”

“AHAHAHA! She must’ve been bullied by Xie Yan, that dude. These two are so lovey-dovey every day. Who knows? I might be attending their wedding next year.” Sitting on the sofa, Li Hao lit a cigarette and took a deep puff. 

Hearing their tease, Su Shen ran into the kitchen. Seeing her come in, the auntie in the kitchen quickly said that she didn’t need her help, but Su Shen insisted, so she just let her do as she pleased. 

It was already so late at night, so they just casually made some food to pair with alcohol. With two people, they quickly finished cooking. Perhaps she didn’t expect that a girl like her would have such great culinary skills, so the auntie was surprised. When the six, seven dishes were served on the dinner table, He Hua thought the auntie made them, but after hearing that they were made by Su Shen, his opinion of her changed greatly again.

“Not bad. No wonder Xie Yan doesn’t like the food made by others. I didn’t expect you to be so good at cooking.” He Hua took a sip of alcohol and looked at Su Shen differently. 

The latter smiled and said nothing. She was not hungry, so she ran to the sofa and scrolled on her phone, letting the men sit there and drink.

At this time, some of the artists who had worked with her had already expressed their congratulations by @ her on Weibo, including Zhu Qinqin. But, Su Shen knew that she just wanted to get clout.

There was no dark horse for Best Actor and Best Actress this year, so it didn’t grab a lot of attention. However, after the video of Xie Yan admitting that he had a girlfriend was published, those fans wailed again. They could deceive themselves before, but now, the said person even admitted it. The articles about it hadn’t been released yet. When the news broke out tomorrow on those news media sites, those fans would definitely refuse to agree to it again.  

Netizen A: I broke up again!!!

Netizen B: When Xie Yan said he had a girlfriend, he smiled. How much did he like her to subconsciously smile like that? [sob]

Netizen C: The rooftop’s gonna be full of people again tonight. I just want to smoke first and then tell those people to please leave a spot for me.

Netizen D: Every time Yan ge accepts an interview, he can’t help revealing news. Please don’t accept any more interviews. We can’t bear it. [joy]

Netizen E: I don’t care. Hubby’s mine. All others are little b***hes. [dagger]

Netizen F: Before Li Hao went on stage, he tightly hugged Yan ge. They’re actually a couple, aren’t they? [joy]

Su Shen felt that the sky was the limit for these netizens’ brains and couldn’t help laughing. However, this could also test the bottom line of their fans. Otherwise, if the news that Xie Yan had a girlfriend suddenly came out, those fans would definitely not accept it. It was better to let them accept the fact little by little first. 

The chandelier in the living room was dazzling, and Su Shen didn’t know when she fell asleep. When she woke up, the living room was quiet. There was no one at the dinner table. Clearly, Li Hao and the others had left. 

Looking at her phone, it was already midnight. Just at this moment, she saw Xie Yan coming downstairs from the second floor with wet hair. Clearly, he had just taken a shower. 

“Can… Can you drive me home?” She lowered her voice subconsciously. 

Nearing her, Xie Yan bent over and stared into her eyes, “Nope.”

As soon as he bent over, Su Shen saw his muscles from the collar of his shirt. Immediately, she blushed and looked away. 

“But, I… I don’t have any clothes with me.” She shrank into the corner of the sofa and her eyes wandered around, her ears slightly red. 

Sitting next to her, Xie Yan said earnestly, “I bought you some clothes.”

Su Shen: “…….”

“There’s a lot of clothes in the closet in the first room on the right upstairs. You can go and take a look. If you don’t like them, I’ll have Zhao Tong tell the stores to bring some more tomorrow.” He said in all seriousness. 

Su Shen held her breath and didn’t know what to say, but it was not like they hadn’t slept together before. She believed in Xie Yan. 

Thinking of this, she got up, put on her pair of pink slippers, and hesitated to go upstairs. 

Coming to the room at the corner of the second floor, the interior was very simple, and Su Shen thought she could sleep here tonight. 

However, as soon as she opened the closet, she saw several rows of nightgowns, dresses, and even underwear, which were exactly her size!

Su Shen closed the closet and took a few deep breaths with her back against the door of the closet, but her face was still a little hot. 

After taking a deep breath, she finally convinced herself to believe in Xie Yan’s character. She then took out a blue nightgown from inside. She didn’t understand why Xie Yan didn’t buy pajamas. She didn’t actually like to sleep in nightgowns. 

After entering the bathroom, Su Shen filled the huge bathtub with water. She had been busy all day and was exhausted. She leaned against the bathtub and soaked for a while. She felt that she had to buy a bigger bathtub at home. The one now was a bit small.  

It was not until the water became cool that she was about to put on her clothes. However, she found that there was no towel in the bathroom, and she was soaked. After sitting in the bathtub for a while, she finally plucked up the courage to come to the door and shouted, “Xie Yan!”

Xie Yan was upstairs, so when he heard her shout, he strode to the bathroom. Looking at the mist rising from inside, his eyes darkened, “What’s wrong?”

Hearing that he was at the door, Su Shen couldn’t help but blush, but she still plucked up her courage and mumbled, “I… I don’t have a towel.” 

Through the bathroom door, he could clearly hear the uneasiness in her voice. After a pause, Xie Yan said, “I’ll go get it for you.” 

She didn’t know if it was because of the bath or something, but her face was red. The water droplets on her forehead slid down to her jaw. She held the doorknob tightly with her hands as if she was afraid that someone would barge in. 

After a while, a figure appeared outside the door. Su Shen immediately neared the door and said, “You… you can just give it to me.”

Looking at the tightly locked door, Xie Yan chuckled, “How can I give it to you if you don’t open the door?”

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