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You’re The Only One I’ve Ever Piggy-Backed

Zhou Kao picked up Wen Le and weighed her in his arms, saying, “the infirmary isn’t too far from here.”

“You put me down, I don’t believe I can’t go there by myself!” Wen Le yelled.

“Don’t move,” Zhou Kao smiled sullenly as he hugged her even tighter. “Let’s go.”

On the way to the infirmary, they passed by many people. Wen Le lowered her head completely, attempting to conceal her face with her hair.

Zhou Kao discovered Wen Le’s intentions and said lightly, “it’s pointless, stop trying to hide.”

Zhou Kao carried her to the infirmary and put her down. Wen Le thought to herself, he appears thin, but his body is packed with muscles.

“Muscles are pretty good.”

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“I’m afraid I have to find a doctor to see if there is a muscle strain,” Zhou Kao remarked. “It was a bit heavier than expected.”

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Wen Le: !!!

“Classmate, do you have to say this in front of me?” Wen Le asked.

“Beauty, your boyfriend said this in front of you on purpose so you can feel sorry for him,” the school doctor said, smiling.

Zhou Kao coughed lightly and turned his head embarrassedly.

Wen Le sneered softly, “Doctor, do you think a guy like him can get a girlfriend?”

“Why can’t he?” asked the school doctor, amused. “He’s such a handsome young man that if you grabbed any random girl, she’d be willing to be his girlfriend.”

Wen Le sneered, “then you can ask him if he has caught any.”

The school doctor looked at Wen Le meaningfully, and said with a smile, “I think he caught one already.”

Wen Le:……

The school doctor took a look at Wen Le’s ankle. Because it was a little swollen, he would have to go down to the pharmacy to get some medicine before wrapping it.

“Little girl, I don’t have much help around here,” the doctor said as he handed Wen Le a bottle of medicinal oil. “It wasn’t easy for him to carry you all the way to the infirmary. Pity your boyfriend and use this to assist him in rubbing his arms; otherwise, he may be unable to lift his arms tomorrow.”

Wen Le was mortified. “This isn’t really my boyfri…” 

The doctor smiled and went down to get the medicine for Wen Le.

Zhou Kao sat next to Wen Le and stretched out his arms, “come on.”

Wen Le:……

Zhou Kao closed his eyes and let Wen Le rub his arms with her soft hands, ordering “use more force” like an uncle.

Wen Le: !

Wen Le clenched her teeth quietly as she applied more pressure to his arms.

Zhou Kao’s arms were packed with muscles that were as hard as steel, and massaging them was a difficult task.

Additionally, maybe because of the high proportion of muscles in Zhou Kao’s body, his body temperature was higher than that of Wen Le.

Wen Le could feel Zhou Kao’s scorching breath and smell his cologne while sitting next to him. She felt a little hot while kneading her hands on Zhou Kao’s arms again.

The school doctor was still dispensing medication at the pharmacy and neither of them had anything to say. The space was so quiet for a while that they could hear their own breathing, and the air felt strangely scorching.

Zhou Kao’s Adam’s apple bobbed up and down.

The tips of Wen Le’s ears slowly turned pink, and it was unsure whether it was hot or because of something else.

After a few moments, Zhou Kao said quietly, “that’s enough.”

Wen Le responded with a murmur and drew her hands back.

Nonetheless, the heat from Zhou Kao’s body remained in her hands.

Zhou Kao abruptly stood up. Wen Le wasn’t sure where he went, but when he returned, he held a wet wipe in his hand and said, “here.”

Wen Le didn’t react. “Huh?”

Zhou Kao tore the wet wipes’ wrapping paper apart and handed it to her again.

Wen Le reached out and took the wipe and wiped the medication oil from her palm.

The school doctor eventually returned. He applied the medication to Wen Le and massaged her ankle for a few minutes before telling her to wear the bandage for two days.

Wen Le nodded and responded to the doctor diligently.

However, Zhou Kao still had to send her back to the dormitory.

The school hospital was not close to Wen Le’s dormitory building. Wen Le also knew that if she were to let Zhou Kao carry her back again, his arms would be aching for quite some time.

Wen Le clenched her teeth and asked the school doctor for a pair of scissors.

Zhou Kao asked, “what are you doing?”

Wen Le did not respond, instead taking the scissors and bending over to lift up the hem of her skirt, cutting along both sides of the red figure-hugging skirt.

With just two big strokes, she cut her beloved figure-hugging long skirt into one with high slits on both sides.

The slits on both sides extended all the way up to her thighs, revealing two long snow-white legs beneath the charming red skirt.

Zhou Kao averted his gaze, his Adam’s apple bobbing up and down unconsciously, thinking to himself, with such a skirt, you might as well not wear anything.

Sure enough, Wen Le looked best in the long skirt that didn’t expose her legs. 

Wen Le didn’t know what was going through Zhou Kao’s mind. She returned the scissors to the doctor and said to Zhou Kao

“Piggy-back me.”

Zhou Kao:……

Wen Le wrapped her arms around Zhou Kao’s shoulders, and two long, snow-white legs hung around Zhou Kao’s waist.

What was even more damning were the two soft mounds on Wen Le’s chest that were pressed against Zhou Kao’s back.

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Damn it.

Zhou Kao couldn’t help but breathe a little bit heavier.

Wasn’t it better to have just carried her instead?

Wen Le thought that Zhou Kao was tired, and she couldn’t help but complain about it in her heart.

Wen Le didn’t hesitate and asked quietly, “am I really that heavy?”

Zhou Kao seemed to chuckle but made no sound.

Wen Le couldn’t help but become incensed and embarrassed, so she yelled, “Zhou Kao!”

“Not heavy,” Zhou Kao whispered.

Wen Le was skeptical. “You can tell the truth, I won’t get mad.”

“To be honest, I don’t know,” Zhou Kao said, smiling, and suddenly whispered, “after all, you’re the only one I’ve ever piggybacked.”

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Wen Le’s ears went numb, her face flushed, and she secretly cursed this bastard.

Blindly flirting so casually.

“However,” Zhou Kao suddenly changed his words and said, “if you are heavy…”

Wen Le was anxious: “So what!”

Zhou Kao smiled and said, “Then I will just bear with it…”

Wen Le: ! ! !

He’s so infuriating.

“If even you can find a girlfriend, I will…”

Wen Le suddenly cut off her words and stopped talking. After all, it was a superficial world, and this guy was quite handsome.

Zhou Kao asked, “what will you do?”

Wen Le rolled her eyes, “I will congratulate you, it’s truly another great miracle for the world.”

The two kept bickering back and forth all the way, and finally reached Wen Le’s dormitory.

Because it was a girls’ dormitory building, it was not appropriate for Zhou Kao to go up with her.

“I’ve asked my roommate to come down and pick me up,” Wen Le said, stepping off Zhou Kao’s back. “Thank you for today; you can head back now.”

Zhou Kao made a sound of acknowledgement but did not move. It seemed that he planned to wait till Wen Le’s roommate arrived before leaving.

But Wen Le returned too early today, and none of her roommates were present in the dormitory. Wen Le had sent a message to Cheng Hui, but it would still take her more than ten minutes to return even if she were to rush back.

At night, the scene beneath the girls’ dormitory building resembled the small garden of the deserted path that Wen Le had always refused to cross.

The boys reluctantly sent the girls to the dormitory building. They were all hugging and refusing to let go, giving lingering kisses, holding hands and dawdling. Every day, the same scene was played out downstairs.

Unfortunately, perhaps because of the time Wen Le returned tonight, there appeared to be far too many reluctant couples gathered at the girls’ dormitory tonight.

Wen Le and Zhou Kao were also a guy and a lady and yet standing there at this moment, both of them looked very out of place and embarrassed.

A couple was hugging and kissing right in front of them, while another couple was cuddling together on their left, and…

Wen Le pointed to the right embarrassedly, and whispered to Zhou Kao, “why don’t we go over there?”

Zhou Kao glanced to the right.

There were a few pine trees planted beneath the girls’ dormitory building, and to the right of it was a small garden with some trees that could be regarded as a secluded quiet spot.

Knowing that Wen Le was afraid of embarrassment, Zhou Kaozhi nodded and helped Wen Le to the wall on the right.

Wen Le had been walking on one foot for quite some time. Her foot was numb, so she leaned against the wall and relied on its weight.

Zhou Kao stood in front of Wen Le.

The distance between the two was very close, but they didn’t speak for a while.

Recently, the weather had gradually cooled down, and the evening was no longer humid and unbearable. Occasionally, the evening breeze would blow in, making it even cooler and more comfortable.

But even the cold wind can’t blow away a certain heat.

Wen Le’s long skirt, with its newly made high slits, was blown up by the wind, revealing her snow-white and slender legs. Zhou Kao quickly averted his gaze, but Wen Le’s long hair was blown up and brushed past his nose.

In front of him were Wen Le’s beautiful legs, and the faint scent of Wen Le’s body was at the end of his nose.

Zhou Kao felt his throat tightening and all of a sudden he wasn’t sure if his decision to stay was the right choice.

Zhou Kao’s Adam’s apple bopped up and down and he subconsciously took a step back in an attempt to increase the distance between them.

 “Ah!! F*ck!”

Unexpectedly, Wen Le suddenly screamed and rushed into Zhou Kao’s arms, holding on to him in a bear hug posture, her two long snow-white legs hanging around Zhou Kao’s waist.

Zhou Kao held his breath.

She was driving him crazy.

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