The F**k, An Official Announcement?

Wen Le called Zhou Kao, but no one answered, so she left a WeChat message for him. 

However, Wen Le didn’t receive Zhou Kao’s call. Instead, she received a call from the school counselor.

Looking at the incoming call display, Wen Le’s heart tightened, don’t tell me the counsellor had also seen that post on the forum…

Please don’t let that be the reason why she’s calling me…

Sometimes, fate toys with you. The more you don’t want something to happen, the more likely it is to happen.

The counselor’s mood was clearly not good on the phone.

Wen Le’s mood was also not great. Although she had been in a few fights since childhood, she had never been caught by a teacher. So, she was known as a well-behaved and good student throughout her many years of school. This was the first time for Wen Le to be approached by a teacher because of a fight.

It was like doing something that wasn’t that bad, but someone happened to catch it and published it to the whole world. In the end, it even reached the teacher. Clearly, you did nothing wrong, but people who didn’t know the situation would say you were wrong.

Feeling wronged and uncomfortable, Wen Le answered the teacher’s call, “Teacher Zhang.”

The counselor’s voice sounded a bit urgent, and it seemed like she was really angry. “Wen Le, what’s going on with the video online?”

“You don’t seem like this kind of student. How could you fight with a boy in public? And how did this matter become so big?”

“Wen Le, you can tell the teacher what happened. Is there a misunderstanding in between, or did that boy do something excessive to you? You should tell the teacher. I can help you, I know you’re not the kind of child who casually fights with boys.”

Wen Le, feeling even more uncomfortable, replied, “Teacher, things are really not like what’s being said online. There’s no grudge between us. It’s just…”

Wen Le didn’t know how to explain. After thinking for a while, she decided to lie and said, “We both practise taekwondo in the same gym. We’re both black belts in taekwondo. After I finished a match, I happened to meet Zhou Kao, and we chatted for a while. Then we talked about the previous match. Zhou Kao said that I had a few movements that were not standard and wanted to correct them for me. So, we started a friendly match.”

“Teacher, as you can see, we’re not the kind of people who fight.”

Hearing this, the counselor sighed in relief. “Ahh, that sounds about right! This really gave me a shock. I just didn’t expect such a gentle girl like you to also learn taekwondo and be quite intimidating in a fight.”

Wen Le forced a smile and said, “My family says it can be used for self-defense.”

The school counselor said, “Since it’s a misunderstanding, it’s better to clarify it sooner. What’s being said online is really harsh, and if people who don’t know the situation see you fighting in public, it won’t be good for our college and our school. It’s better to clarify it as soon as possible.”

Wen Le nodded. She still felt a bit guilty. Indeed, if people on the internet really believed that she had fought with Zhou Kao in public, it would have a negative impact on the work of the college, department, and counselor.

After hanging up the phone, Wen Le felt a bit down. At this moment, Zhou Kao’s call came in.

Because of her not-so-good mood, Wen Le’s voice sounded weak and listless when she answered, “Hello.”

When Zhou Kao heard Wen Le’s “hello,” he furrowed his brows and asked, “Feeling down? What happened?” 

Wen Le replied, “I just called you. Why didn’t you answer?” 

Zhou Kao explained, “I was taking a shower, and as soon as I saw your missed call, I called you back. What happened?” 

Wen Le muttered discontentedly, “I sent you a message on WeChat. Go check it.” 

Zhou Kao sensed that Wen Le wasn’t in a good mood, nodded, and said, “Okay, I’ll check it and call you back.” 

In less than ten minutes, Zhou Kao returned the call. 

Wen Le answered, “What’s on your mind?” 

Zhou Kao asked, “Is it because of this that you’re feeling down?” 

Wen Le nodded, “The counselor just called me. Sigh…” 

Wen Le didn’t continue, holding her phone with one hand and pulling at her skirt with the other, muffledly saying, “If I had known this would happen, I wouldn’t have fought with you.” 

Zhou Kao said, “Alright, don’t be upset. It’s not a big deal.” 

Zhou Kao appeared relaxed, with a smiling tone, as if this matter was genuinely trivial, and he cared more about his girlfriend’s unhappiness. 

But it must be said that Zhou Kao’s attitude inadvertently comforted Wen Le’s uneasy heart. 

Zhou Kao said, “Have a good night’s sleep tonight. Tomorrow I’ll take you to clarify things, okay?” 

Listening to Zhou Kao’s tone, which sounded like he was coaxing a child, Wen Le couldn’t help but chuckle. 

However, the laughter seemed weak and lacked the usual liveliness, probably due to her recent low spirits. 

Zhou Kao felt sorry and said, “Did you download the BBS app?” 

Wen Le nodded and replied slowly, “I just did it a moment ago.” Zhou Kao advised, “Then uninstall it now. There’s no need to download this app before meeting your boyfriend. Besides wasting time, it serves no real purpose and only ruins your mood.” 

Hearing Zhou Kao’s words, Wen Le burst into laughter. 

The earlier gloom seemed to dissipate, and she had always been like this—depressed moods never troubled her for too long. 

Perhaps this time, it dissipated unusually fast because of Zhou Kao. 

Wen Le teased, “If the seniors who developed and run the app knew about this, they would probably fight you.” 

Zhou Kao, hearing that Wen Le had regained her spirit, felt relieved. 

Zhou Kao said, “Okay, it seems we’ll have to go on another date tomorrow.” 

Wen Le pursed her lips, “It sounds a bit forced. Did you even ask if I have time?” 

Zhou Kao followed up, “Then may I ask my girlfriend if she has time to go on a date with me tomorrow?” 

Wen Le laughed, “Alright, I have no plans all day tomorrow. What do you want to do?” 

Zhou Kao asked, “Can you guess?”

Wen Le thought for a moment and said, “Are you planning to take me to the taekwondo gym for a date, and then take a few pictures to prove that we are really engaging in friendly skill training and sparring?” 

Zhou Kao smiled and said, “Smart, but… it’s more than that.” 

Wen Le squinted alertly, “What are you up to? You’re not planning something tricky again, are you?” 

Zhou Kao replied, “You’ll find out tomorrow.” 

After saying this, Zhou Kao whispered something to Wen Le, and then they hung up, with Wen Le’s face turning red.

Entering the dormitory, the redness on Wen Le’s ears had not yet faded. 

Cheng Hui looked at Wen Le suspiciously and asked, “Didn’t you just go to answer the counselor’s call? You…?” 

Pointing to Wen Le’s blushing ears, Cheng Hui questioned, “What does this mean?” 

In response, Wen Le blushed even more, pushed Cheng Hui away, and mouthed two words.

Cheng Hui immediately understood, shook her head, and sighed. 

That night, as Zhou Kao had suggested, Wen Le uninstalled the recently downloaded campus broadcast app. 

The echoes of Zhou Kao’s deep and gentle words still lingered in Wen Le’s ears. 

Despite the unpleasant incident earlier that night, Wen Le peacefully drifted into a sweet dream.

The next day, early in the morning, Wen Le, dressed in sportswear, went downstairs, while her dormmates were still sleeping in. Zhou Kao was waiting for Wen Le downstairs.

Wen Le ran into Zhou Kao’s arms with a smile as bright as flowers. Early on a Saturday morning, there were not many people around the women’s dormitory building, so no one paid attention to the two.

Zhou Kao drove Wen Le to a taekwondo gym. Both of them changed into taekwondo uniforms, and being black belt holders, they were quite skilled. 

The coach at the gym was familiar with Zhou Kao. Seeing Zhou Kao bringing a girl, he gave Zhou Kao a friendly wink and whistled.

Zhou Kao went over and playfully punched the coach. After chatting for a while, Zhou Kao asked the coach for a favor to take a few photos. Assuming it was a playful request between a couple, the coach readily agreed.

Walking to the center of the training area, Zhou Kao said, “Let’s have another match.” Wen Le smiled gently, “I won’t go easy on you.” 

Seeing this, the coach, still thinking of the couple as an ordinary pair, was amazed when Wen Le delivered a fierce and precise sidekick. The coach was left dumbfounded by the fierceness and precision of her movements.

In the coach’s mind, a group of mythical creatures galloped past.


Is this the beautiful and gentle girl from just now?

This… she’s really fucking fierce…

…No wonder, Zhou Kao brought his girlfriend here.

After an enthusiastic and intense match, both of them were sweating when they finished. Wen Le lowered her head and gently brushed a strand of hair that fell on her temple, still displaying a gentle and charming appearance. 

It seemed as if the fierce and aggressive person from just now was not her. The coach couldn’t help but doubt the meaning of life.

The seemingly gentle and fragile girl was actually someone you shouldn’t mess with.

During their match, the coach had taken many photos. After the match, Zhou Kao took Wen Le’s hand, fingers interlocked, raised it in the air, signaling the coach to take another picture.

The coach silently commented that this guy was quite good at playing around. While finding the perfect angle, he took what he considered a perfect photo of the two. Wen Le glanced at their hands, each adorned with a ring.

Wen Le wore a delicate diamond ring, while Zhou Kao’s simple platinum men’s ring seemed completely unrelated at first glance. But who knows, they were actually a pair of couple rings?

The coach handed the phone back to Zhou Kao, saying, “I’ve had enough of this lovey-dovey stuff.” Zhou Kao chuckled, patted the coach’s shoulder in thanks, took the phone, and tapped on it, seemingly sending a message to someone.

Later, the two went out for a meal. During the meal, Wen Le’s phone clattered again. Wen Le glanced at Zhou Kao suspiciously, feeling that Zhou Kao might have done something.

Wen Le opened WeChat and saw a message from Cheng Hui, who seemed quite excited.

Cheng Hui: [Image]

Wen Le opened it, and it was a dynamic post on the confession board. The caption read “Reconciliation with a handshake,” followed by pictures in a nine-grid layout.

These nine pictures were taken by the coach during their sparring in the taekwondo gym. The first eight showed different fighting poses, and the last one captured them holding hands and smiling at the camera.

As the person involved, Wen Le immediately noticed the two rings in the photo. She didn’t bother looking at the images again and went back to read Cheng Hui’s message.

After reading, she couldn’t help but blush.

Human Microscope: I really have to give it to you, only your family’s Zhou, the handsome guy, can play like this.

Human Microscope: Are you guys really fucking reconciling with a handshake?

Human Microscope: Who the heck reconciles and posts it on the confession board!

Human Microscope: Are you guys officially announcing this?! Official announcement!

Human Microscope: Don’t think no one knows the origin of those two rings!

Human Microscope: I! Know! It!

Human Microscope: I went to search online, this is the work of a chief designer from a small and niche brand in Sweden. It means: You are my soul.

Human Microscope: You guys are really showing off your love!

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