The Forum Exploded 

When Wen Le came back, the dormitory was unusually quiet. Several roommates were gathered around Sun Youmei’s desk, and upon closer inspection, Sun Youmei was crying sadly.

Wen Le walked in quietly, gently closing the door. The others noticed the movement, turned to look, and saw Wen Le signalling them with her eyes.

Wen Le mouthed “What happened?”, and they shook their heads, replying by mouthing “She broke up.”

Sun Youmei had broken up with her boyfriend. A few months ago, Sun Youmei’s boyfriend, Jin Lin, had met a small internet celebrity. He often sent gifts to internet celebrity, and after Sun Youmei found out, Jin Lin promised not to contact her again. However, he couldn’t resist and continued to secretly communicate.

The internet celebrity seemed to be one of those high-tier seductresses, always undermining the relationship between the two. Recently, Jin Lin had almost no good attitude towards Sun Youmei.

Just yesterday, Sun Youmei caught Jin Lin and the internet celebrity in bed together, causing a big scene. Jin Lin, feeling humiliated, directly broke up with Sun Youmei and announced that he was together with the internet celebrity.

After her fit of anger subsided, Sun Youmei thought that Jin Lin had also spoken those words about ending the relationship in anger. Today, she went to find Jin Lin, thinking she could reconcile, but Jin Lin didn’t want to see her. He said that since they had already broken up, she shouldn’t bother him anymore. He already had another girlfriend now, and contacting his ex-girlfriend would make his current girlfriend unhappy.

Only then did Sun Youmei realise that he really didn’t want to get back together with her. Sun Youmei was emotionally devastated, crying and asking her friends, “Am I not as pretty as that internet celebrity? She looks so fake. What does she have that’s better than me? Sob, sob, sob~”

“We’ve been together for so long, and he actually broke up with me for that bitch. Sob, sob, sob~”

Sun Youmei cried in despair, and the roommates tried to comfort her. Wen Le also sat quietly beside her.

However, Wen Le’s phone kept ringing loudly. She frowned, muted her phone, and ignored it.

After a while, a call came in. It was from a senior in the student union who had a good relationship with her. Wen Le thought it might be something urgent in the student union, so she quickly answered the phone and walked out of the dormitory.

“Hello, senior.”

The senior’s tone was a bit anxious, and upon hearing that Wen Le answered the phone, she immediately launched into a rapid series of questions, “Lele, what’s going on between you and Zhou Kao? You guys used to work together, at least sit down and talk about it. How can you just fight in public like that?”

Wen Le was stunned, “Senior, what are you talking about?”

The senior was also taken aback, “You don’t know about the BBS incident? No one around you has told you?”

Wen Le glanced back into the dormitory and whispered, “Our dormitory has a bit of a situation. Everyone hasn’t been checking their phones. What happened?”

The senior’s voice became urgent, “Oh, Lele, don’t worry about others for now. Take a look at the BBS. The video of you and Zhou Kao fighting has been posted on the forum. The BBS is exploding right now. You should check it out.”

Wen Le was startled. She and Zhou Kao fighting? That couldn’t be…

Wen Le recalled yesterday’s events, her heart skipped a beat. But she didn’t have the BBS app on her phone. She quickly downloaded it, but the internet speed was slow. 

Remembering the WeChat messages from earlier, she speculated that they might be related to this incident. So, she checked her WeChat first.

Only then did she find that the WeChat icon had more than 99+ red notification dots. She entered and saw that they were all classmates she added during the joint social event, some from the Student Union, and some from the Student Council.

– Wen Le, what’s going on between you and Zhou Kao?

– Wen Le, why not sit down and talk about it? Why resort to violence?

– Why make things so embarrassing?

– Wen Le, did something happen between you and Zhou Kao?

– Back when you and Zhou Kao danced together, I thought your relationship improved. How come it’s worse now?

– Are you okay?

– Did Zhou Kao do something to upset you? He’s not a bad person. Don’t hold a grudge against him.

– Wen Le, is there a misunderstanding between you and Zhou Kao?

In addition to the colleagues from the joint event, there were also many classmates and even senior students who sent messages.

Among them was Xu Tianhao.

Xu Tianhao: Wen Le, you and Zhou Kao…

Xu Tianhao: Did you break up? I’m sorry, that’s not what I meant. I meant, don’t be sad…

Wen Le looked at these messages, feeling overwhelmed. She didn’t have time to reply to each one, so she didn’t respond. She also noticed new friend requests with red notification dots. Upon checking, they were from strangers who somehow got her WeChat ID, and their friend request messages were filled with insults.

Wen Le closed WeChat without looking at those messages. She went back to the download page, wanting to check the progress of the school BBS app download.

Unfortunately, the internet speed seemed to be slow tonight, and it hadn’t finished downloading yet.

Feeling a bit anxious, Wen Le went back to the dormitory and asked Cheng Hui, “Can I borrow your phone? There seems to be a problem on the BBS again.”

Cheng Hui, upon hearing this, pointed at Wen Le, “You? Again?”

Wen Le nodded with a somewhat urgent expression, “It seems… it’s a bit serious.”

Cheng Hui quickly took out her phone and opened the campus bulletin app. The phone was a bit slow, and while waiting, Cheng Hui asked Wen Le, “What did you do again?”

Wen Le looked around; Xiao Fan and Man Qingxuan were both staring at her, while Sun Youmei was still immersed in her own world, unable to extricate herself. Wen Le whispered, “I fought with Zhou Kao.”

Cheng Hui was shocked, “What did you do?”

Xiao Fan and Man Qingxuan had their mouths wide open, eyes widened, “What!”

Wen Le didn’t say anything more and innocently looked at the three.

At this moment, Cheng Hui’s phone finally entered the main page of the campus BBS forum. She realised that it wasn’t Cheng Hui’s phone lagging; the entire campus forum had crashed due to excessive traffic.

Cheng Hui sighed, “Look at how this app lags. This is the power of you two, the top figures at A University.”

Wen Le covered her face in embarrassment, sincerely accepting the criticism.

After about half a minute of waiting, they finally entered the post page. There were already over 500 comments:

# Campus Heartthrob and Goddess Fight in the Parking Lot! 

1st comment: My goodness! My three views are shattered. Is this really Wen Le?

2nd comment: What kind of hatred caused such a fierce fight between them?

3rd comment: My goodness, so the gentle Wen Le we see all the time is just a front…

4th comment: Honestly, why do I find this a bit cool? They must have learned martial arts, like taekwondo or something, just like in the movies…

5th comment: I also think… it’s a bit cool.

6th comment: This really destroys the three views! The male and female idol actually had a physical fight in public! Isn’t this just too low class! Turning from a fan to a hater.

7th comment: No matter what the problem is, a guy who fights with a girl has no manners. Yuck~ He actually hit a woman! I’m blacklisting ZK for life.

8th comment: I really didn’t expect people who brawl in public to appear at our school. What’s even more ridiculous is how many posts on the BBS are praising these two. Haha, it’s really funny.

9th comment: Please, 7th commenter, watch again carefully, okay? Zhou Kao has been retreating the entire time; he didn’t attack her at all! Look carefully! Your goddess has been the one persistently attacking!

10th comment: Agreed. Clearly, it’s Wen Le who has been continuously attacking. The campus heartthrob doesn’t want to get entangled with this crazy woman; it’s your goddess going mad!

11th comment: It’s not that serious, right? I feel like they were just sparring. Look, both of them obviously know taekwondo. It’s different from a regular fight, isn’t it?

523rd comment: Honestly, even though I find these two annoying on the forum every day, sometimes the gossip they generate is truly entertaining hahaha

524th comment: Haha! The one above is right. Although these two always flood the BBS, it wouldn’t be as exciting without them.

525th comment: Oh, it’s so laggy. The hype is really high this time.

526th comment: My study-focused senior didn’t know these two before, but tonight, she found out about those two handsome guys and a beautiful girl who fought fiercely!

While they were reading the posts, another hundred comments were added.

656th comment: Although… I have to say, a girl who knows taekwondo is really cool!

657th comment: Not bad, although these two have numerous flaws, they are indeed… full of talents.

658th comment: CP fans are crying. I still remember their beautiful dance not long ago. How long has it been, and now they fought like this! Ah, ah, ah, ah! My mentality is collapsing!

659l: Sob, sob, sob~ CP fans are really crying. How can I deceive myself now? How can I ship this CP?

The three finished reading the forum and looked at Wen Le in astonishment. They even subconsciously took a step back, seemingly too shocked. The three lowered their heads to look at their phones again and then raised their heads to look at Wen Le, still finding it hard to believe, repeating this action.

Man Qingxuan still felt very magical, shocked, “You! Is this really you?”

Xiao Fan imitated the fighting posture of Wen Le in the video, gesturing a bit, and sighed, “Wow~ so cool!”

Cheng Hui seemed to be calmer, “You actually know taekwondo?”

Cheng Hui pulled Wen Le’s wrist toward the corridor, “Come on, show me a move.”

At these words, Xiao Fan and Man Qingxuan hurriedly followed, excitedly shouting, “Ah, ah, ah! I want to see it too!”

When Wen Le stood in the corridor, she still looked confused. She couldn’t imagine that her quirky roommates would react like this. The three of them, lined up in a row, stared at Wen Le with burning eyes, a strange gleam shining in their eyes. 


“Go for it!”

“Ah, ah, ah! Looking forward to it.”

Wen Le felt embarrassed to the extreme, so she put on a brave face and performed a set of moves that were not entirely taekwondo. Her training was diverse, and she just did something to look good. In the end, she finished with a spinning kick, which was cool and imposing.

The three applauded excitedly, and Wen Le felt so embarrassed that her face turned red. “That’s enough, that’s enough. Go back quickly!”

The opening of the next-door dormitory door could already be heard. So, the four quickly ran back to their room like a wisp of smoke.

Cheng Hui closed the door. “So why did you fight with Zhou Kao?”

Wen Le said, “It’s just a simple sparring. Do you believe me?”

The three looked at Wen Le in silence. “Look, you two caused such a commotion. Now the entire BBS knows that the A University campus heartthrob and the popular goddess had a big fight. In no time, the neighbouring school will probably know too.”

“You two can’t be more restrained, posting hot topics on the forum every day.”

Wen Le said, “Is it our fault? We didn’t want this to happen.”

“If it were someone else, even if they fought more, it might not become a hot topic on the forum…”

Xiao Fan and Man Qingxuan asked, “What’s going on with you and Zhou Kao? We can’t figure out your relationship.”

Wen Le glanced at the sadly crying Sun Youmei and hesitated for a moment, thinking that it might not be good to keep hiding it repeatedly, but there was also a sad Sun Youmei here. 

So, Wen Le signaled Cheng Hui with her eyes. The two covered Bao Xiaofan and Man Qingxuan’s mouths, and then Wen Le mouthed, “We got together.”

Xiao Fan and Man Qingxuan’s eyeballs were about to pop out. As expected, they wanted to scream but were held tightly by Wen Le and Cheng Hui, causing their faces to turn red, and their eyes rolled back.

After a while, Man Qingxuan finally reacted and whispered, “Isn’t your couple’s quarrel a little too sensational…”

Wen Le whispered, “We didn’t quarrel.”

Cheng Hui patted Man Qingxuan’s head, “Is this the current problem? You’re not grasping the key issue again.”

Man Qingxuan asked, “What’s the key issue?”

Cheng Hui patted Man Qingxuan’s head and said, “Sis, look at how harshly they’re criticising them on the forum. What do you think the key issue is now?”

“The crucial thing now is to find a way to clarify and salvage our image, isn’t it?” 

Cheng Hui asked in a hushed tone again, “Your Mr. Zhou Kao doesn’t know yet, does he?”

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