Landlady Is Here!

Zhou Kao led Wen Le to the office.

He worked on some documents at his desk, while Wen Le enjoyed some snacks. Afterward, she went to the lounge, laid on Zhou Kao’s bed, and played with her phone.

As Wen Le lay on the bed, her two pairs of straight and slender legs were crossed, and her snow-white toes were round and tender.

When Zhou Kao finished reviewing the documents and entered the lounge, he saw this picturesque scene.

Zhou Kao couldn’t help but tighten his throat and stepped inside.

Wen Le was engrossed in watching a drama, when she felt the other end of the bed sinking as Zhou Kao sat down at the edge of the bed, one hand over her waist, leaning down to see her phone.

The drama was at an exciting moment, and Wen Le turned her head, only to see Zhou Kao sitting on the bed, one hand supporting himself on the bed, leaning down to look at her phone intently. Looking at him, Wen Le revealed an indulgent smile. 

In the drama, the male lead pinned the female lead against the wall near her home’s entrance. At this moment, the overhead light suddenly came on, illuminating the handsome silhouette of the male lead and the almost glass-like light-colored pupils of the female lead.

Music started playing, and the male lead lowered his head, while the female lead’s hands curled in front of her chest, looking confused, staring into the male lead’s eyes as if longing for something.

The sound of a heartbeat came through the headphones.

At this moment, one of Wen Le’s earphones was taken off.

Wen Le stared at the screen, reaching out to fumble for a hit, missing it and not bothering anymore.

As the two characters in the TV show got closer, the heartbeat sound became faster and faster. Wen Le’s smile grew larger.

The male lead spoke in a deep voice, reciting that famous line, then lowered his head to kiss the female lead.

Wen Le was so thrilled by the sweet scene that her heart raced. Excited, she covered her mouth, letting out a soft scream.

Ah ah ah! It’s too sweet.

Wen Le, thrilled and unable to contain herself, suddenly felt a force lifting her, and she fell backward on the bed.

Wen Le, who was indulging the sight of her favourite couple being affectionate, was suddenly interrupted and was a bit confused.

Then, everything went dark in front of Wen Le, as Zhou Kao kissed her.

Zhou Kao’s kiss was passionate, with half of his body pressing down on Wen Le.

Wen Le, still excited and with a heart beating too fast, was kissed until she felt dizzy. There was a sense of not knowing when and where she was.

Her last memory was stuck on the scene where the female lead was kissed by the male lead, and now she was the one being kissed. This seamless immersion made Wen Le’s heartbeat rapidly climb. She was kissed until she felt tingly and numb, and in response, she reached out to hold Zhou Kao’s neck, deepening the kiss with him.

Zhou Kao held her head with one hand and lingered on her leg with the other, while Wen Le had one hand on Zhou Kao’s back and lifted Zhou Kao’s T-shirt with the other. Both of them were getting aroused, making this kiss even more unstoppable.

After an unknown amount of time, the two finally stopped, slowly calming their breaths. The drama had finished playing its end credits, and the next episode had started automatically.

Wen Le reacted and fumbled for her phone on the top of her head. After glancing at it, she thought back to the exciting scene that she was watching before she was interrupted by Zhou Kao.

Wen Le glared at Zhou Kao and pushed him away.

Zhou Kao held Wen Le’s hand, his voice still somewhat hoarse, “What’s wrong? You kissed me, and now after kissing you act like you don’t know me.”

Wen Le withdrew her hand, “Get off, don’t disturb me from watching the drama.”

Zhou Kao sighed, “You change your mind faster than turning pages. Who was kissing so passionately just now?”

Wen Le covered Zhou Kao’s mouth and said disdainfully, “Can you not make trouble? It’s non-stop every day.”

Zhou Kao, with his mouth covered by Wen Le, couldn’t speak but looked at her with an expression of ‘You stir trouble first then abandon me ruthlessly.’

Wen Le remained unmoved, turned around, lay on the bed, and rolled back to the previous episode. “Do whatever you want. Wait until I finish this episode.”

Zhou Kao, unwilling, pinched Wen Le’s chin and turned her face towards him. “Are you blind? Is the male lead better looking than me?”

Wen Le carefully examined him; it seemed not, but she didn’t say anything. She couldn’t let this guy’s arrogance grow.

Seeing this, Zhou Kao chuckled, “Then why don’t you quickly watch me?”

Wen Le showed a troubled expression, “But you’re too flirty. It annoys me when I see it.”

Zhou Kao’s face darkened, pretending to kiss her, “Say that again! Say it again!”

Wen Le quickly dodged with a smile, “You’re a flirt! Just too flirty!”

After teasing each other for a while, Zhou Kao sat up from the bed, pulling Wen Le up and leaning her against him. “Are you hungry? Let’s go grab a bite?”

Wen Le replied, “Not really. Just had some desserts. You finish your work first.”

Zhou Kao rubbed Wen Le’s nose, “Why do you like those desserts? They’re too sweet.”

Wen Le said, “I just like them. There’s no particular reason.”

Talking about desserts, something flashed in Wen Le’s mind. She seemed to finally understand why she found the address on the last dessert order familiar. She quickly checked her phone’s notes, and the address matched the one on the delivery order exactly, minus the name and number of any company or floor.

Wen Le was stunned, quickly showing Zhou Kao the two addresses in her phone’s notes, “I…This building…”

Zhou Kao found both addresses in the notes somewhat familiar. The first address… seemed to be near his old house, and the second was the address of this building.

Wen Le said, “…This building seems to be mine…”

Her expression looked like she was in a dream. “I seem to be… your landlord.”

Zhou Kao was stunned—his… landlord?

Suddenly, Zhou Kao remembered his speculation that Wen Le might be from the Wen family. If this building belonged to the Wen family, and the head of the Wen family was Wen Tianqi, then Wen Le was the daughter of the landlord…

And now…oh not the daughter of the landlord, she’s the landlord of the building…

So Wen Le was indeed a child of the Wen family. And the Wen Tianqi that Wen Le said was the name of her father, was the very same Wen Tianqi of the head of the Wen family. 

Zhou Kao sighed. Wasn’t it a bit too coincidental? The first time he met Wen Le was clearly in such a remote faraway village.

Zhou Kao sighed again. “Have you realised? This is basically like a marriage pre-destined by fate.”

Wen Le laughed, “Why do you say that?”

Zhou Kao said, “The Wen family left the capital more than ten years ago, and no one knows where Elder Wen* went. Only your father, representing the Wen family, operated in S City, Gangcheng, and overseas. So everyone thought your family had emigrated and joined the overseas branch of the Wen family.”

“No one would have thought that your grandfather was hiding with you in the mountains. That remote village was a place I would never have visited in my entire life. However, in my first year of high school, my father encountered strong political opponents and got transferred to that town for poverty alleviation work, but in reality, he was subtly expelled from that circle.”

“Because of that, I met you, something that was never supposed to happen.”

Wen Le hugged Zhou Kao and said, “So even though we missed out on three years, it’s still romantic.”

Zhou Kao kissed Wen Le on her forehead. “We won’t miss each other anymore.”

Wen Le felt sweet in her heart.

Zhou Kao continued, “Because now you’ve become my landlady.”

Wen Le: …

Wen Le punched Zhou Kao in the chest. “Stop talking nonsense… I’ll raise your rent!”

Wen Le laughed after saying that.

Zhou Kao covered his chest, laughing. “Aren’t you my landlady? You’re clearly…”

Wen Le raised her fist threateningly, and Zhou Kao stopped talking.

Wen Le said, “Is the Wen family you mentioned the Wen family of the Tianyin Group?”

Zhou Kao looked at Wen Le with some suspicion. “Isn’t the Tianyin Group your family’s business? You actually don’t know?”

Wen Le replied: “Actually, I think you probably know more about my family than I do.”

Zhou Kao raised his eyebrows slightly, showing a surprised expression.

Wen Le said, “I also don’t know why our family lives in the mountains. But when I was a child, I really thought our family was poor. Grandpa and Dad used to create an impression that we were poor.”

As Wen Le spoke, she remembered the past. She held Zhou Kao’s hand, absentmindedly playing with his fingers while recalling. She continued, “As I grew up, they slowly started revealing the true situation of our family to me. But I was unwilling to look and accept it. Many times, they intentionally exposed themselves, and I pretended not to see. They would help me cover it up when they saw I was unwilling to accept it, but I knew they were still waiting for me to accept it.”

Wen Le’s voice became somewhat melancholic. “Actually, I didn’t accept it not just as an act of pique, but maybe because my personality is too stubborn.”

Zhou Kao gently touched Wen Le’s head, his eyes full of affection.

Wen Le moved forward a bit, leaning against Zhou Kao’s chest, and spoke words from her heart that she had never told anyone before. 

“To be honest, I’m somewhat disappointed. I have shown extraordinary ambition and competitiveness since I was a child, like a crazy person with a spring winding inside. When I was little, I knew our family was very poor, so I worked hard in my studies, hoping that one day I could provide a better life for my grandparents. I wanted to lead our family towards a better direction through my efforts.”

“I always thought that as long as I worked hard, I could achieve everything.”

“But things have changed now. When I realized that what our family originally possessed might be something I couldn’t achieve even if I worked hard for a lifetime, I didn’t feel happy. On the contrary, I found that my mindset could completely collapse.”

“I felt like my efforts were a joke. I even lost the belief and motivation I had always had. It’s like a pile of sand that has solidified into a shape due to pressure. When the pressure is gone, what will it become? It will turn into a shapeless mud.”

“I’m afraid that without ambition and motivation, would I still be Wen Le?”

Zhou Kao gently touched Wen Le’s head, filled with love. This was Wen Le—unique and special. Even if she didn’t have this beautiful appearance, she would still shine like a star, like a diamond.

He wanted to give her the whole world, but she would proudly say, “I can get it myself.”

Zhou Kao kissed Wen Le’s forehead again, unable to control his emotions. “Why did you accept it in the end?”

Wen Le sighed, “I had to accept it, didn’t I? Even if I drag it out, it won’t change the reality.”

“And also…”

Wen Le poked Zhou Kao’s chest and said angrily, “Now that I’m with you, do you even know the conditions of your family?”

“Having a relationship with someone from a wealthy family but refusing to admit that you’re from a wealthy family—does that make sense?”

“So, I said I don’t want a boyfriend from a wealthy family. I want to support a xiao xian rou*.”

Zhou Kao’s face turned black, and then he chuckled, “Look, I’m quite fair. I can be your little white face.”

Wen Le, still in a huff, poked Zhou Kao’s chest again. “Little white face can be kept in abundance, can you split yourself into many people?”

This time, Zhou Kao couldn’t keep the smile on his face. He gritted his teeth, “Wen Le! You’ve become bold! You dare ask for a whole pile of boy toys to play with!”

As they spoke, Zhou Kao playfully tackled Wen Le, pretending to pull her clothes. Wen Le covered Zhou Kao’s hand and laughed. Seeing her reaction, Zhou Kao began tickling her, making Wen Le laugh until tears welled up in her eyes. She pleaded, “Okay, okay, I only want Zhou Kao. Zhou Kao, I love you the most.”

Hearing this, Zhou Kao let go of Wen Le, and they lay side by side on the bed. “So, when you heard that the person in control of Tianyin Group is Wen Tianqi, how did you deceive yourself?”

Wen Le smiled and said, “I just deceived myself by saying, ‘What a coincidence, my dad’s name is also Wen Tianqi.'”

Zhou Kao asked, “What about your grandfather’s articles in the elementary school Chinese textbooks? Didn’t that raise any suspicions?”

Wen Le replied, “But my grandfather’s pen name isn’t Wen Bingqiu.”

“You know I’m a science major, and I hate memorizing. The author I hated the most when I was a kid was Mr. Yu Shi. I used to wonder why there was such an annoying old man in the world who made me memorize his essays every day. I didn’t like him at all, but almost every Chinese textbook had his writings”

Zhou Kao looked at Wen Le with a smile, and Wen Le continued, “Once, when I was studying at home and couldn’t get through it, I muttered and cursed Mr. Yu Shi, calling him ‘annoying ghost,’ ‘big villain,’ and so on. Then my grandfather overheard me.”

Zhou Kao burst into laughter without reservation.

Wen Le laughed along with him. “My grandfather was so angry that he grabbed a book, knocked my head, scolded me, called me stupid, said I didn’t appreciate it, said I didn’t respect my elders, and then forced me to memorize the entire collection of Yu Shi’s works.”

Wen Le laughed uncontrollably. “Later, I found out that Yu Shi was a pen name, and his real name was Wen Bingqiu.”

“That’s when I knew our family wasn’t poor anymore. But I still didn’t know we were so rich. I thought of my grandfather as a dedicated old man who devoted himself to writing but lived in poverty.”

“Then the impoverished old man gave me a courtyard house in my senior year of high school.”

Zhou Kao chuckled, “Is that the same house mentioned in the memo just now?”

Wen Le nodded.

Zhou Kao said, “The house behind it is my home.”

Wen Le turned to look at Zhou Kao. “So, if our family hadn’t moved out of Beijing, maybe we would still have been childhood sweethearts.”

Zhou Kao said, “Even if we had moved out of Beijing, you still wouldn’t have escaped from my grasp.”

Wen Le remarked, “Smooth talker.”

Suddenly, Zhou Kao thought of something and asked, “So, you didn’t apply to the literature department, is it because of your grandfather?”

Wen Le glanced at Zhou Kao, hesitated for a moment, and then nodded. When she initially applied for a finance major, her grandfather, grandmother, and father all thought it was because she couldn’t get into the literature department due to her science background. In reality, she had never wanted to apply to the literature department, even though she had won awards for her writing. Wen Le never had the desire to study literature.

Wen Le was surprised that Zhou Kao could guess her thoughts. Not applying to the literature department was indeed because of her grandfather.

Wen Le explained that she knew she could never reach the heights of her grandfather’s achievements in writing. She didn’t like it when people referred to her as Mr. Yu Shi’s granddaughter.

Zhou Kao reassured her, “Your own capabilities are already outstanding enough.”

However, Wen Le expressed her concern about not being able to match her grandfather’s level of focus. 

“The world doesn’t know that ever since moving to the mountains for over a decade, Grandpa had isolated himself from the outside world, solely dedicating that time to polishing a single book.”

Zhou Kao sighed, acknowledging that Mr. Yu Shi’s current status and achievements were not without reason. 

“Actually, I really admire my grandma, she is probably the family’s spiritual pillar, supporting Grandpa’s isolated lifestyle for over a decade while still maintaining a loving relationship.”

Zhou Kao kissed Wen Le, “We can have that too. My landlady can also have a bit more confidence in me.” 

He then lowered his head, wanting to kiss her. Before they could continue, a light cough interrupted them.

Startled, Wen Le quickly pushed Zhou Kao away and they both turned to see Lu Bohan standing at the door. Awkwardly, he knocked on the door frame and explained, “I saw that the lounge room door was open and thought you were resting.”

Zhou Kao greeted Lu Bohan, introducing him as “Bohan ge.” 

Then pulling Wen Le along to stand up, he briefly introduced Wen Le: “This is Bohan ge.”

“Bohan ge, this is the landlady…cough…Wen Le, my girlfriend.” 

Lu Bohan raised an eyebrow, processing the information, and noted the name “Wen”, causing him to wonder if it was as he suspected.

After a short conversation, Zhou Kao and Wen Le went for lunch, and afterward, Zhou Kao drove Wen Le back to school. It was around 2:40 PM, and Wen Le needed to register at the referee’s office before her matches at 3:00 PM and 4:00 PM.

Before Wen Le got out of the car, Zhou Kao kissed her forehead.

“The competition can be draining, do you want any snacks? I’ll go get them for you.”

After thinking, he added, “Should I buy…enough for 6 people?”

Wen Le guessed that he must want to buy for the whole dormitory, so she replied “Just a four-person portion will do.” 

Zhou Kao nodded, didn’t ask why, and asked: “What do you want to eat?”

Wen Le thought for a moment and said, “Just milk tea, and snacks from Z House – duck intestines, duck neck, and chicken feet.”

Around 2:40 PM, Zhou Kao delivered the snacks to Wen Le. She handed them to Cheng Hui and instructed her to share them with Bao Xiaofan, Man Qingxuan, and the others. Cheng Hui rushed her, saying they could discuss everything after the competition.

First, Wen Le had the semifinals, and she effortlessly secured the first position. 

Next was the finals, where she once again claimed the top spot. Wen Le’s graceful figure, long legs, and her captivating, wild yet charming aura won the admiration of many students.

The atmosphere in the sports field was enchanting, making everyone forget their worries and unite in the excitement of the competition. Wen Le’s genuine and carefree smile added to the magic, making people forget everything and join together to celebrate each other’s victories and losses.

Wen Le returned with a first-place finish, and the cheers from the audience filled the air. A few enthusiastic female students rushed to hug Wen Le, and the forum buzzed with discussions. Wen Le’s face bore a sincere and carefree smile, a departure from the superficial smiles she used to wear. It seemed as if her eyes held stars, radiating a dazzling brilliance that inspired people to give their all just to preserve that smile.

With sweat beads on her forehead, Wen Le walked back to her spot, took a big sip of water, and relished the cheers from the crowd. The laughter, shouts, and overall lively atmosphere created a sense of unity among the students.

Wen Le, still sweating, sat down next to Cheng Hui, who handed over the snacks Zhou Kao had brought. 

Wen Le looked at the snacks, thought for a moment, and asked for a specific portion. Cheng Hui, without saying a word, took out the snacks from her clothes and handed them to Bao Xiaofan and Man Qingxuan.

The two friends were overjoyed, exclaiming, “Where did you get these? You can’t order them through delivery!” Cheng Hui just smiled faintly, not offering any explanation.

With the conclusion of the afternoon sports event, everyone felt a lingering sense of excitement. 

The confession wall was constantly updated throughout the evening, and the discussions on BBS showed no signs of slowing down.

Around 8:00 PM, a sensational post appeared at the top of the forum.

#School Hunk and Goddess Have a Private Dispute! They Actually Started A Fight in the Parking Lot!

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