The descent down the mountain wasn’t long, and Zhou Kao didn’t rush walking back.

Wen Le felt secure nestled on Zhou Kao’s broad back, surrounded by the sounds of the forest – chirping insects and singing birds. The air carried a faint scent of fruit, and she could even detect a subtle hint of cologne from Zhou Kao. 

Wen Le couldn’t help but feel at ease on Zhou Kao’s back.

As they passed tree after tree, sunlight filtered through the leaves, casting fragmented patterns on Zhou Kao’s face, creating an ever-changing mosaic of light and shadow, like peculiar artwork.

Wen Le gently traced her fingers over the patch of skin illuminated by the dappled sunlight on Zhou Kao’s face, smiling softly as she leaned in to plant a light kiss.

Zhou Kao’s voice, tinged with laziness in the afternoon, asked, “What are you doing?”

Wen Le kissed his cheek again, “I like you.”

Zhou Kao’s heart skipped a beat; he found it hard to resist Wen Le’s teasing. He coughed lightly.

Wen Le thought that he got embarrassed.

Then Zhou Kao said, “Continue liking me more.”

Wen Le playfully tapped his head and asked with a hint of irritation, “This is me loving you. Do you like it?”

Zhou Kao chuckled, “There’s a fine line between affection and annoyance. Sometimes less is more.”

Wen Le flicked him again, “Fine, I’ll stop bothering you. It’s rare that I get to see you through rose-coloured glasses, and you ruin it.”

After a brief moment of warmth, the two resumed their banter all the way down the mountain.

Until they reached the foot of the mountain, the debate between the outstanding representative of the law school and the best debater from the debate team still hadn’t reached a conclusion.

Then Wen Le’s phone rang, interrupting their nonsensical argument. It was a call from Xiao Yang. Finally having a signal, Xiao Yang saw her messages and called her.

Wen Le complained inwardly about the phone signal, but she still answered the call.

Xiao Yang had returned from the city’s procurement and heard about Wen Le twisting her ankle, so he wanted to come pick her up. However, since Zhou Kao was already carrying Wen Le back to her rented house, she declined Xiao Yang’s offer.

“Where are you staying tonight?” Wen Le asked.

Zhou Kao replied, “Not sure yet. We’ll see.”

After speaking, Zhou Kao glanced at Wen Le.

Feeling nervous under Zhou Kao’s gaze, Wen Le asked, “What’s up?”

Zhou Kao said, “How about letting me stay with you?”

Wen Le replied, “No way.”

Zhou Kao said, “I travelled a long way to surprise you, and this is your attitude?”

Wen Le replied, “If you don’t like something you buy online, you can return it. But surprises delivered in person can’t be returned, can they?”

Zhou Kao clenched his teeth, “Fair point.”

“Wen Le, you watch out.”

With that, Zhou Kao began turning back, carrying Wen Le on his back.

Wen Le was startled, wondering if Zhou Kao was really going to throw her back. What a jerk.

Clutching Zhou Kao’s neck tightly, Wen Le angrily asked, “What are you gonna do?”

Zhou Kao replied, “Since you won’t take me in, I don’t want to wander the streets alone. So, I’ll just drag you along. Tonight, we’ll camp out in the mountains. In such a vast mountain, just the two of us, it can be considered romantic.”

Wen Le tightened her grip around Zhou Kao’s neck, “No way! Who wants to camp in the mountains with you!”

“Are you planning to let mosquitoes eat your girlfriend so you can get a new one?”

“Then are you taking me in or not?”

Reluctantly, Wen Le muttered, “Fine, the most poisonous men’s hearts are the most accepting.”

Zhou Kao frowned, “Sounds like you’re forcing yourself.”

“Let’s just go camping.”

Wen Le glared at him, “Zhou Kao!”

Zhou Kao simply hummed in response.

Wen Le’s eyes shifted, her voice pitiful, “Hurry up, my foot hurts.”

Zhou Kao knew Wen Le was pretending, but he still couldn’t bear it. He turned around and obediently walked back.

Seeing Zhou Kao falling for it, Wen Le couldn’t help but feel a bit triumphant.

With a “smack,” Zhou Kao slapped Wen Le’s leg.

Before Wen Le could get angry, Zhou Kao said, “I know you’re feeling proud, but do you have to flaunt it in front of me?”

Wen Le instinctively looked at her foot, blushing. But the next moment, she retorted, “You should pay attention to where you are going, why look at my foot?”

Zhou Kao said, “I didn’t want to, but it’s hard to ignore.”

As they reached the village entrance, they saw Xiao Yang approaching.

Xiao Yang saw Wen Le being carried by a guy and politely said, “You’ve had a tough journey. Let me take over from here.”

But Zhou Kao sidestepped, directly rejecting him, “No need.”

Xiao Yang was taken aback, and Zhou Kao continued, “What’s so tough about carrying your own girlfriend?”

After Zhou Kao continued walking with Wen Le on his back, Xiao Yang realised what Zhou Kao had said. He looked over in surprise, only to see Wen Le, who was being carried by Zhou Kao, turn her head and make a gesture signalling for silence, then mouthed the words: “Don’t tell my dad he’s here.”

Xiao Yang fell silent, pondering for a moment. He was Wen Le’s personal steward, and the one who paid him was the big boss, Wen Tianqi… Well, he’d better listen to Wen Le.

Wen Le twisted her foot, though she didn’t actually feel much pain. However, Zhou Kao was worried and insisted on a thorough examination, saying her foot had been sprained twice before.

But in this remote little county town, there were no good hospitals around, and they were far away and not very reliable. Wen Le didn’t want to bother.

With both of them holding their ground, unable to reach a consensus, they eventually compromised. Zhou Kao took Wen Le to see a barefoot doctor* in the village.

The barefoot doctor felt Wen Le’s ankle, asked a few questions about where it hurt, then handed them a bottle of safflower oil and was about to call the next patient.

Zhou Kao quickly stopped him and asked how to apply the safflower oil. The barefoot doctor, an elderly man, lowered his head and glanced at Zhou Kao through his spectacles, “Just use your hands.”

Zhou Kao: …

The old man looked at Zhou Kao, then at Wen Le, as if suddenly understanding something, he exclaimed, “Ah, to apply this medicine, you need a special technique, coupled with massage for better effect. Young man, come here, let me teach you how to do it.”

Zhou Kao: …

Although he felt the old man might be overthinking things, Zhou Kao didn’t refuse.

Wen Le stood by, bored, and yawned.

After leaving the barefoot doctor’s house, Zhou Kao went straight back to the house Wen Le had rented in the area. It was a bungalow with two floors, somewhat simple inside but fortunately clean.

Sister Li and Xiao Yang lived on the first floor, while Wen Le lived on the second floor. There were plenty of rooms on the second floor, so there was a room available for Zhou Kao as well.

Coincidentally, Xiao Yang had just gone to buy some household items today. Although the landlord provided bedsheets and covers, Wen Le preferred to use her own, so she had Xiao Yang prepare a set for Zhou Kao too.

Wen Le noticed Zhou Kao’s empty hands and asked, “Where’s your luggage?”

Zhou Kao replied, “In the city. Someone will deliver it later.”

Wen Le suddenly looked suspiciously at Zhou Kao, “Are you here for work and coincidentally see me?”

Zhou Kao raised an eyebrow but didn’t say anything.

Wen Le couldn’t help but feel that it wasn’t entirely impossible.

Zhou Kao said, “Maybe I came to work and coincidentally saw you.”

Wen Le was shocked, “So, you really came for work?”

Zhou Kao said, “More or less.”

Wen Le remained silent for a moment before finally saying, “Oh.”

Initially thrilled, Wen Le’s mood soured as she remembered how she had been both touched and irritated by Zhou Kao’s sudden appearance.

What is wrong with this guy? He is so unpredictable. Doesn’t he know that behaving like this would only make him lose his girlfriend?

Wen Le closed her mouth and turned away, not particularly interested in engaging with Zhou Kao.

However, Zhou Kao sensed Wen Le’s displeasure and instead drew closer to her, wrapping his arms around her from behind. “Why are you upset?” he asked with a smile.

Wen Le huffed but didn’t look at Zhou Kao.

Zhou Kao held Wen Le tighter and chuckled, “Didn’t I tell you from the beginning that I came to surprise you?”

“But this surprise doesn’t refer to myself.”

Is there really a surprise? Is it related to work? What exactly is it?

Wen Le’s heart skipped a beat, feeling that Zhou Kao must have done something significant.

“What… did you do?” she asked.

Zhou Kao smiled but remained silent, only saying, “You’ll find out tonight.”

Wen Le pondered this, unable to shake off the thought that Zhou Kao had suddenly become busy with something earlier in the day.

Could it be… he was actually preparing this surprise at that time?

As Wen Le’s mind wandered in confusion, Zhou Kao continued to tease her, keeping her on edge.

Wen Le turned to him and embraced him, pleading softly, “Just tell me, don’t keep me in suspense.”

Zhou Kao shook his head. “Nope.”

Wen Le rarely acted so coquettishly, but she couldn’t resist trying. “Zhou Kao~”

Still, Zhou Kao just smiled and said nothing.

Wen Le sighed internally. This guy was so uncooperative. She had rarely shed her usual straightforwardness to be coquettish, but it seemed to have no effect on him.

Was Zhou Kao the type who only responded to forceful approaches?

As Wen Le pondered various possibilities, Zhou Kao suddenly tapped her on the head. “What are you thinking? Let’s go eat.”

Wen Le, whose work mainly involved collecting materials, writing and editing, had decided to set time aside to spend some time with her boyfriend, who had been full of grievances lately.

The ground floor was where Xiao Yang and Sister Li lived. Since they didn’t want to flaunt their affection in front of others, after dinner, Zhou Kao returned to his room for a while before knocking on Wen Le’s door.

Wen Le opened the door to find Zhou Kao had changed into a new outfit. His hair was dry, but he carried the scent of post-shower moisture, with a hint of faint perfume lingering on his body. What shocked Wen Le even more was that Zhou Kao had a bottle of red wine and two glasses in his hand.

Seeing Zhou Kao’s appearance, Wen Le couldn’t help but burst into laughter. Zhou Kao’s demeanour made it seem as though they weren’t in the countryside or a simple guesthouse, but rather in a star-rated hotel in the bustling city.

Wen Le chuckled and stopped Zhou Kao at the door. “Wait a moment, you wait here.”

Zhou Kao raised an eyebrow. “What’s up?”

Wen Le said, “Since you’ve dressed up like this, I can’t be sloppy either.”

Wen Le pushed Zhou Kao back, “Give me 10 minutes”, and closed the door without waiting for his objection.

Zhou Kao checked his watch, and as soon as ten minutes passed, he knocked on the door.

The door opened again, and Wen Le had changed into a new outfit. She wore a beautiful white dress, with exquisite makeup and her wavy hair cascading down her back. She stood at the door with a charming smile, teasingly flipping her hair. “How do I look?”

Zhou Kao embraced Wen Le and kissed her affectionately. “You look stunning.”

Wen Le laughed. “Of course.”

Zhou Kao entered Wen Le’s room, and as soon as the door closed behind them, he pressed Wen Le against it, and they shared a passionate kiss.

After the kiss, Zhou Kao lingered near Wen Le’s ear, gently sniffing the scent on her body. His voice was husky and ambiguous. “You smell so good.”

Then, he planted a kiss on Wen Le’s neck.

Zhou Kao’s breath was hot, causing Wen Le to tremble all over. She gasped lightly, feeling like things might escalate if they continued like this. So, she pushed Zhou Kao away. “That’s enough.”

But Zhou Kao refused. “Not yet.”

He continued to plant fiery kisses on Wen Le’s neck.

Wen Le trembled from the heat, her breath quickening. Feeling like things were about to get out of hand, she pushed Zhou Kao away. “Stop it.”

But Zhou Kao didn’t relent, continuing to kiss her neck passionately.

Wen Le felt herself getting weak and dizzy. Just when she thought things might escalate further, Zhou Kao abruptly stopped and helped her sit on the sofa.

Wen Le snapped out of her daze, blinked, and looked at Zhou Kao, who was clearly suppressing his emotions. She smiled knowingly.

In this small county town, there wasn’t much entertainment at night. The TV had no set-top box and only a few channels. Fortunately, the landlord had left some old DVDs in the cabinet under the TV. They picked out an old zombie movie and sat on the sofa to watch.

Zhou Kao opened the bottle of red wine and poured a glass for each of them. They clinked their glasses and drank.

Wen Le put down her glass and asked, “Where did you get the red wine from?”

Zhou Kao replied, “My assistant just delivered my suitcase and also brought a bottle of wine for me. Unfortunately, time was too tight, so I didn’t have a chance to prepare flowers and candles.”

Wen Le chuckled, “Flowers and candles? When I opened the door and saw you like this, you startled me.”

Zhou Kao said, “Shouldn’t your first reaction be tears of joy, deeply moved by the surprise?”

Wen Le quickly responded, “Surprised, really pleasantly surprised. My boyfriend is so romantic.”

Drinking wine while watching a zombie movie made for an odd combination.

Wen Le’s phone vibrated with a message from Sister Li, asking if she wanted to go to the city tomorrow and if they should leave early. Wen Le figured they would stay up late tonight, so she told Lijie not to wake her up and that they would leave in the afternoon.

After replying to the message, Wen Le opened Weibo and browsed for a while. Suddenly, she noticed a trending topic called #PenPointUpdate.

Curious, Wen Le clicked on it and saw that there was going to be an update at 8 PM, introducing a new section, but it didn’t specify what it would be about.

Wen Le checked the time—it was now 7:50 PM, meaning there were only ten minutes left until the update.

She lightly nudged Zhou Kao with her elbow and casually asked, “Did your company buy this trending topic?”

Zhou Kao glanced at it and replied, “Probably.”

It was likely a way to generate hype for the new section’s launch and also serve as some publicity.

Putting her wine glass down, Wen Le leaned against Zhou Kao’s chest and asked, “What section is it? What new feature did you develop?”

Whenever Wen Le asked Zhou Kao about PenPoint, he never hid anything. He always told her whatever she wanted to know, and sometimes even proactively introduced upcoming features. Wen Le thought Zhou Kao would answer her question as usual, but unexpectedly, he said, “It’s confidential.”

To be honest, Wen Le was surprised. The new section was about to launch in ten minutes, so why keep it a secret?

Acting so mysterious…

But suddenly, Wen Le realised something. A series of keywords flashed through her mind: work, surprise, confidentiality…

Wen Le gasped, “Could the new section being launched tonight be the surprise you mentioned?”

Zhou Kao raised an eyebrow but didn’t confirm or deny it.

Seeing Zhou Kao still unwilling to tell her, Wen Le felt nervous. Without realising it, she downed the wine in her glass.

Zhou Kao stopped her. “Don’t drink so quickly.”

For the next seven or eight minutes, Wen Le was too nervous to focus on the movie, anxiously awaiting the arrival of 8 PM.

As soon as it struck 8 PM, Wen Le opened the update page and refreshed the PenPoint app.

Zhou Kao watched Wen Le with a smile on his face.

Wen Le glared at him resentfully, feeling frustrated with the surprise he had planned.

The internet speed here was extremely slow. It took more than ten minutes to download an app, making Wen Le impatient. So, she decided to check the comments on Weibo.

Even though only ten minutes had passed since eight o’clock, the hashtag #PenPointUpdate had already risen to the top ten places in the trending list.

Wen Le scrolled through the comments, seeing a few people speculating that PenPoint was just riding on Wen Yin’s popularity. However, most of the comments praised PenPoint’s team for their initiative and efforts.

Curious, Wen Le found a screenshot of the PenPoint update page posted by a netizen. She discovered that PenPoint Mall had opened a new section dedicated to agricultural products from impoverished areas. Clicking on it, she read the tagline where PenPoint’s team explained their motivation for creating this section.

The essence of the message was that PenPoint’s team was deeply moved and inspired by Wen Yin’s efforts to promote products from poverty-stricken regions. They appreciated Wen Yin’s positive social impact and believed that PenPoint, as a platform trusted by Wen Yin, should also contribute to expanding such positive influences.

Wen Le read PenPoint’s team statement word by word, feeling deeply touched. Just then, her phone chimed, indicating that the PenPoint update was complete.

Excitedly, Wen Le switched to the app and clicked on the update. The new section was prominently displayed at the top of the page.

As she browsed through the products, including tea from Shanze County and other specialties from impoverished mountain areas, Wen Le’s heart swelled with a profound sweetness. Tears welled up in her eyes, overwhelmed by emotion.

She couldn’t articulate the depth of her feelings but had never felt Zhou Kao’s love and support as profoundly as she did at that moment.

The greatest happiness in the world might be finding direction in life because of someone you love, and having that person standing behind you, supporting you unconditionally.

It turned out that Zhou Kao had been busy preparing this surprise all along.

When she first embarked on this endeavour, her family supported her, viewing it as a positive endeavour. However, she sometimes felt lonely and lost, and the encouragement and support she received didn’t always alleviate those feelings as much as she had hoped.

But Zhou Kao’s gesture felt like a tonic, providing reassurance and dispelling the loneliness she had been feeling.

Wen Le looked at Zhou Kao with tears in her eyes. “Is this the surprise you prepared for me?”

Zhou Kao smiled. “Do you like it?”

Wen Le didn’t say anything for a while before finally managing, “Zhou Kao, you’re really showing off your affection in a big way…”

Indeed, PenPoint’s statement didn’t just highlight the company’s response to Wen Yin’s influence to emphasise its social responsibility but seemed to lavish praise on Wen Yin. It almost seemed like the official update was tailored specifically to cater to Wen Yin.

Zhou Kao chuckled at her words. “You caught me.”

Wen Le wrapped her arms around Zhou Kao’s waist and leaned against his chest, gently rubbing against him. “How can I not know you?”

Zhou Kao reached out and patted Wen Le’s head. “Actually, this is also to support my girlfriend’s career.”

Wen Le called out softly, “Zhou Kao.”

Zhou Kao responded softly, “Hmm.”

Wen Le laughed and playfully tackled Zhou Kao, her excitement making her voice slightly high-pitched. “But I have to say, you’re showing off your affection so handsomely!”

As she spoke, she leaned in and kissed him passionately.

Zhou Kao’s hand caressed Wen Le’s hair, asserting his dominance as he deepened the kiss.

Their breaths mingled, carrying the scent of wine, making them both slightly intoxicated and lost in each other’s tenderness and passion, unable to resist.

Whether it was due to alcohol or some other reason, Wen Le felt hot, and she undid the two buttons that had just been fastened on her chest.

Zhou Kao, already breathing heavily, felt his breath catch as he saw Wen Le’s full, white chest revealed.

The slight intoxication emboldened Wen Le, and her breaths and soft moans were masked by the movie’s soundtrack, further fueling her boldness.

Imitating Zhou Kao’s actions, Wen Le kissed his collarbone, leaving a row of marks as if unwilling to stop.

Zhou Kao’s breathing became even heavier.

Unable to proceed because of Zhou Kao’s shirt collar, Wen Le simply undid a few buttons of Zhou Kao’s shirt.

Zhou Kao suddenly grasped Wen Le’s hand, his voice hoarse. “Are you sure you want to continue?”

Perhaps confused by the atmosphere, Wen Le hesitated for a moment, pursing her lips provocatively by Zhou Kao’s ear. “Are you sure you can still hold it in?”

As she spoke, she glanced at Zhou Kao’s lower body.

Zhou Kao’s eyes darkened, and he released the hand restraining Wen Le. Wen Le slowly undid another button of Zhou Kao’s shirt.

She seemed calm on the surface, but her heart was racing, her mouth dry. But since she had spoken boldly, she couldn’t back down now.

Wen Le was both nervous and excited.

With trembling hands, Wen Le undid another button of Zhou Kao’s shirt.

In fact, Zhou Kao was controlling the rhythm under Wen Le. He gazed at her with fiery eyes and commanded, “Continue.”

Wen Le’s heart was pounding, and the word “continue” made her hands tremble. She tried a few times but couldn’t undo the button.

Zhou Kao didn’t help Wen Le but simply stared at her intently.

Feeling increasingly flustered under Zhou Kao’s gaze, Wen Le reached out and covered Zhou Kao’s eyes with her hand. Then, taking a deep breath, she lowered her head and skillfully unbuttoned Zhou Kao’s shirt, her agile tongue rolling over the button to undo it.

Zhou Kao felt something soft sweep across his chest, sending a tingling sensation through him. Unable to bear it any longer, he flipped over and pressed Wen Le down. “It’s better if I take over.”

Zhou Kao brushed his lips over Wen Le’s eyes.

Wen Le closed her eyes, feeling everything amplified— the sounds of their breaths, their kisses, and the fiery sensation of Zhou Kao’s touch.

Her heart was still pounding, and she nervously gripped the arm of the sofa. 

Wen Le felt like she was floating on cloud nine, and in a daze, she heard Zhou Kao whisper softly in her ear, “Wen Le, let’s get engaged.”

The next morning, Wen Le woke up to find Zhou Kao sitting by the bedside, looking at his tablet. Memories of the previous night flooded her mind, and she blushed. Then, she felt a soreness all over her body, remembering the endless activities of the night before. She pinched Zhou Kao in annoyance.

Zhou Kao let out a low groan, turning to look at Wen Le with a smile. “You’re so grumpy early in the morning. I thought you’d give me a good morning kiss.”

Wen Le glared at him. “Dream on!”

She realised her voice was hoarse and instinctively slapped Zhou Kao again, but she felt weak and powerless.

Zhou Kao took Wen Le’s hand and planted a kiss on it. Wen Le checked her phone and saw it was already ten in the morning. Seeing the notifications from Weibo, she remembered the surprise Zhou Kao had prepared the day before. Opening the PenPoint app, she saw the new section and felt delighted, her annoyance towards Zhou Kao dissipating.

She couldn’t help but ask Zhou Kao, “How did you come up with the idea for this section?”

Zhou Kao replied, “Naturally, it’s to make it easier for my girlfriend to sell products.”

“Is this what you’ve been busy with recently?”

Zhou Kao explained, “Not just that. PenPoint has been paying attention to a logistics company recently. We plan to acquire this company to establish our own logistics for PenPoint. Transportation is still a critical issue for products from mountainous areas. When PenPoint has its own courier service, we’ll focus on developing solutions for transporting goods from these mountainous regions. Only then can we ensure that these products enter the market smoothly.”

Wen Le was touched. Zhou Kao had thought of even more than she had. It was clear that Zhou Kao wasn’t just trying to give PenPoint a good reputation or show off their affection. He genuinely wanted to do this well.

Zhou Kao truly understood her and endorsed her ideas. Wen Le suddenly felt grateful. In the vast sea of ​​people, she was fortunate to meet Zhou Kao. “Zhou Kao, I’m so glad to have met you.”

Zhou Kao smiled. “Meeting you is my blessing.”

Looking at Wen Le, Zhou Kao whispered softly, “You know, the men of the Zhou family often enter politics, and I won’t go against my father’s expectations. I will inherit the ambitions of the Zhou family, and perhaps you haven’t realised it, but many of your ideas align with my plans. I am so lucky to have met someone as outstanding as you.”

Wen Le was stunned. Zhou Kao is really going into politics? But what about PenPoint?

Seemingly able to read Wen Le’s thoughts, Zhou Kao continued, “PenPoint is my first project, like raising a child with my own hands. A child’s father can only entrust the child to the care of the mother, don’t you think?”

Wen Le was somewhat shocked. “What did you say?”

Is Zhou Kao saying he wants to entrust PenPoint to… her?

Zhou Kao said, “Since the day we got together, I never thought we would part ways. Our values align, our abilities match, we’re well-matched in every aspect, and most importantly, we’re drawn to each other. Even after three years, we still feel the same attraction for each other.”

“Our souls are in sync, and there’s no other soul mate like us in the world.”

“From the moment I got together with you, I wanted to spend my life with you.”

“I believe you can feel it too—our compatibility goes beyond the dopamine rush of the honeymoon phase. I understand you best, and you understand me best.”

“If loneliness is a poison, then there’s only one antidote in the world, and only I can cure your loneliness. Likewise, only you can cure mine.”

“I know you’ll love PenPoint, and I know you’ll enjoy the process of building it.”

“PenPoint is probably my personally prepared betrothal gift to you.”

Wen Le stared at Zhou Kao in disbelief.

Zhou Kao looked back at her and suddenly said, “You haven’t forgotten what you promised me yesterday, have you?”

Wen Le’s heart skipped a beat, feeling nervous but pretending to forget. “What promise?”

Zhou Kao squinted suspiciously at Wen Le.

Wen Le avoided eye contact with Zhou Kao.

Zhou Kao lifted a strand of Wen Le’s hair and said, “You know our family has strict rules…”

Wen Le thought: I didn’t know about that???

Zhou Kao continued, “Since I broke the rules and took your innocence…”

Wen Le: what?

Zhou Kao: “I’ll have to marry you. It’s up to you.”

Wen Le: It’s up to me?!!

Wen Le coughed lightly. “My dad might want a son-in-law to marry into our family.”

Zhou Kao’s voice carried a hint of danger. “So, do you agree to the engagement?”

Wen Le coughed again. “It’s not out of the question, I guess?”

Zhou Kao: “Hmm?”

Wen Le said, “Okay, okay, I’ll take responsibility for you.”

Zhou Kao smiled and kissed Wen Le. “I’ll get you a diamond ring when we get back.”

Wen Le said, “But marrying into…”

Zhou Kao shrugged. “I don’t mind. As long as I can marry you, let the older generation argue over it. Having an engaged fiancée is more important.”

– End of the main novel –

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