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Been Led Astray

Wen Le’s heart trembled, her pupils contracted, and she suddenly looked towards Zhou Kao. Her heart skipped a beat, blood rushed straight to her brain, and her ears buzzed. Her face behind the mask turned red.

Zhou Kao’s face was hidden behind the mask, and no one knew who this clown was. The audience erupted in cheers, thinking that this was another one of Wen Le’s enthusiastic pursuers. They didn’t think much of it. There were even guys in the audience openly challenging Zhou Kao, loudly proclaiming, “The goddess is mine!”


Laughter filled the audience.

But not everyone was unaware of the identity of the clown on stage confessing to Wen Le. Several good friends of Zhou Kao from the student council and his three silly roommates in the audience knew.

At the moment when Zhou Kao mentioned Wen Le, those few people who knew couldn’t believe their eyes as they looked at Zhou Kao. They immediately started whistling excitedly or laughing and cheering, but they remained inconspicuous among the crowd.

The mask was indeed a great disguise. It allowed people to shout out things they wouldn’t normally dare to say.

However, if these excited individuals knew that the clown standing next to Zhou Kao at this moment was Wen Le, they probably wouldn’t know how to react, they would probably have felt either shocked or thrilled.

Today’s host was a male student from the Student Union who was not familiar with Zhou Kao and Wen Le. He didn’t know that this fake clown couple on stage was exactly them. Upon hearing Zhou Kao’s words, he said, “It seems our goddess Wen Le truly has endless charm. But…”

The host changed the subject and shouted loudly to the audience, “Let me see how many rivals he has!”

After the host’s words, laughter filled the audience. For the sake of joining in the fun, about a third of the guys in the audience raised their hands.

The host exclaimed in surprise and patted Zhou Kao’s arm, “Bro, you have to work harder.”

Laughter erupted from the audience again.

Wen Le was a bit absent-minded, still thinking about Zhou Kao’s words. Her mind was in a mess, but she wasn’t sure why. She just couldn’t think straight, to the point that the host had to call her twice before she snapped out of it.

Wen Le smiled apologetically at the host.

The host said, “It seems this beautiful lady is a bit nervous. Let’s give her a round of applause, shall we?”

Applause echoed from the audience.

The truth question that Wen Le drew was:

If someone you’re ambiguous with confessed to you right now, would you accept it?


When Wen Le drew this note, a group of mythical creatures galloped through her mind.

What the hell was this?

If it weren’t for her being a staff member, she would have suspected that someone had maliciously prepared some kind of confession ceremony.

Just as Zhou Kao had answered that she was his first crush, she drew a question like this.

Who wouldn’t think too much about it?

Imagine if they weren’t wearing masks at the moment.

Zhou Kao said that Wen Le was his first crush.

And now Wen Le drew a question asking if she would accept a confession from someone she was ambiguous with.

It was as if they were asking Wen Le, “Are you willing to be with Zhou Kao?”

Wen Le’s breath hitched, she awkwardly curled her fingers, and smiled at the host, saying, “I choose the dare.”

The host nodded and asked Wen Le to draw another dare.

The dare that Wen Le drew was:

No Flutter Challenge: Complete three ‘No Flutter Challenges’. If you fail, you have to accept the bitter melon juice punishment.

Wen Le nodded, this was doable.

The host smiled and brought an electronic watch that could measure the heart rate. He put it on Wen Le’s wrist.

The first ‘No Flutter Challenge’ was to watch a video on a certain video app that had a lot of likes for handsome guys.

All the challenges were prepared in advance, and there were a total of five videos, all featuring several of the hottest guys on a certain video app.

The videos were played on the LED screen behind the stage, visible to everyone.

Naturally, the handsome guys who had so many fans on a certain video website were impeccable in terms of looks. As soon as the first video started, Wen Le heard a girl in the audience quietly squeal.

Wen Le remained expressionless, but her heart rate gradually dropped from 85 to 82 as she watched the video with the handsome guy changing outfits.

The host chuckled and said, “It seems this one is not your cup of tea.”

Moving on to the next video, this time it wasn’t a change of outfits. Instead, the guy pushed his hair covering his forehead up and slowly turned his head towards the camera in slow motion.

This guy had beautiful eyes and long eyelashes. When he looked towards the camera in slow motion, there was a touch of deep emotion, it was very captivating.

Wen Le’s heart rate dropped from 80 to 78.

The host sighed and said, “Seems like it’s difficult to handle you.”

The host selected three more videos, including some popular rising stars.

The girls in the audience kept screaming, but Wen Le watched expressionlessly, and her heart rate continued to decrease at an almost steady pace. By the time she finished watching several videos, her heart rate had dropped to 78.

The host looked at Wen Le and wondered, “Why do I feel like you’re a bit disdainful?”

Wen Le laughed out, “No, not at all.”

The host wondered, “Wow, the guys who like you must be in a tough spot. You seem difficult to pursue.”

Wen Le innocently blinked her eyes, “Is that so?”

The host said, “It’s okay, there’s still the second challenge.”

The host scanned the audience and pointed at the purple-suited clown to come on stage.

Both Wen Le and Zhou Kao furrowed their brows instinctively.

The host whispered something to the purple-suited clown.

After the host finished speaking, he turned to Wen Le and deliberately made a funny villainous laugh, saying, “Bring it on, hahaha.”

Wen Le turned her gaze away speechlessly.

The purple-suited clown seemed a bit helpless, but still followed the host’s instructions. He took a red rose from a vase used for decoration next to the stage and walked slowly towards Wen Le.

This person truly lived up to his background in fashion performance. The way he moved, with an elegant gait cultivated through years of training, was different from an ordinary person. 

Surprisingly, his deliberate elegance coincided with Zhou Kao’s internal temperament. Coupled with their similar height and physique, it’s no wonder people easily mistook him for Zhou Kao.

Whether it was Wen Le’s illusion or not, she felt that this person seemed to be intentionally or unintentionally imitating Zhou Kao.

The girls in the audience were somewhat excited, seemingly envious of Wen Le.

The purple-suited clown approached Wen Le and handed her the red rose, whispering in a deliberately lowered voice, “You look beautiful tonight.”

Wenl Le: …

Zhou Kao’s deep affection under the mask turned somewhat displeased.

Wen Le didn’t react immediately. Instead, she glanced at Zhou Kao first.

And at that moment, Wen Le’s heart rate rose from 78 to 82.

The host sounded somewhat triumphant, “It went up, it went up!”

Zhou Kao frowned upon hearing this.

Wen Le turned her head to look at the purple-suited clown and said calmly, “Thank you.”

As Wen Le accepted the rose, her heart rate stabilized at 80.

The host expressed some regret, “Oh, it went back down again. This is too difficult to handle!”

Laughter erupted from the audience again.

The clown in the purple outfit left the stage.

The host seemed to give up and randomly pointed at a guy, pointing at Zhou Kao next to Wen Le.

The host, with waning enthusiasm, said, “Buddy, say something romantic in the beauty’s ear.”

Zhou Kao glanced at the host, then looked at Wen Le, raising his eyebrow slightly.

Wen Le’s heart skipped a beat, and her heart rate slowly began to climb.

Zhou Kao leaned in slowly to Wen Le’s ear.

The host couldn’t believe his eyes, holding his breath as he watched the heart rate on the LED screen next to Wen Le skyrocket to 99.

Everyone witnessed the comical orange-clad clown lingering by the yellow-clad clown’s ear, and their heart rates went off the charts. The yellow-clad clown’s heart rate even exceeded 120.

With the heart rate exceeding the limit, Wen Le failed the challenge.

The host was shocked and hurriedly approached Zhou Kao, asking, “Buddy, what did you say to the beauty? It was so effective! My goodness, teach us, and if you find a girlfriend in the future, I’ll treat you to a meal.”

Zhou Kao smiled and glanced at Wen Le without saying a word.

In reality, he didn’t say anything at all.

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Wen Le felt annoyed and looked away, avoiding his gaze.

The host brought over the bitter gourd juice, filling a small cup halfway.

Wen Le was about to reach out and take it.

But just then, a hand reached past Wen Le and grabbed the cup of bitter gourd juice before her.

Wen Le looked behind her and saw Zhou Kao, dressed as a clown, standing there with the cup of bitter gourd juice in his hand. He said calmly, “Let me handle this.”

Whistles erupted from the audience.

The host also enjoyed seeing this scene and gladly agreed.

Zhou Kao brought the cup to his lips and took a sip.

Wen Le looked up and watched his Adam’s apple move up and down.

Zhou Kao set down the empty cup and nodded towards the host.

The host couldn’t believe it and said to Zhou Kao, “I’ve tasted this thing, and it’s absolutely bitter to the point of questioning life. I’m starting to doubt if what I tasted is the same thing you just drank.”

Zhou Kao showed no reaction at all, as if he had just drunk a glass of plain water.

The host gave him a thumbs up and said, “Impressive.”

“If someone like you can stay single, then the rest of us should all be bachelors.”

Laughter erupted from the female audience members.

For some reason, Zhou Kao glanced at Wen Le.

After the punishment game was over, everyone went off the stage, and it was time for the mask auction.

Wen Le didn’t have much to do. Her main task was to write a promotional article after the auction, elevate the theme of the evening, and improve the image of the Student Council, Social Union and the A University for the school magazine.

Currently, everyone was focused on the auction, and Wen Le, as an idle staff member, waited in a secluded corner behind the LED screen, ready to lend a hand if any unexpected situation arose.

Wen Le was stationed near an exit behind the LED screen, which led to a tunnel-like path. It was called a tunnel because the overhead section was the audience seating area of the basketball court.

Wen Le leaned against the wall of the tunnel, playing with her phone. The lighting in the tunnel was dim, making it difficult to see the faces of people in the distance. It was secluded and quiet.

Wen Le heard footsteps, which was normal. It wasn’t strange for someone else to pass by besides her.

But these footsteps approached her, casting a shadow in front of her.

Wen Le looked up.

It was Zhou Kao.

Zhou Kao was still in his clown attire, wearing a mask and a hat. The only difference was that he held a yellow helium balloon in his hand.

Now he matched perfectly with their dormitory’s silly antics.

It was somewhat silly, but Wen Le couldn’t find it funny at all.

To be honest, ever since Zhou Kao revealed that she was his first crush, her heart had been in turmoil. Even now, she felt like she was slow to react.

In truth, she wasn’t surprised by his answer. She was his first crush, and he was hers. They understood each other without needing to say it explicitly.

But she didn’t expect him to say it out loud.

When the window paper wasn’t pierced* Wen Le thought everything was still manageable. They could act as if nothing had happened.

*TN: Wen Le is referring to the metaphor she used in chapter 13

But now that it was pierced, everything had changed completely.

Wen Le was even a bit angry that Zhou Kao had broken through that barrier.

In the dim and quiet tunnel, every sound became more pronounced.

Wen Le looked at Zhou Kao expressionlessly.

Zhou Kao asked her in a low voice, “Were you upset on stage just now?”

His low voice seemed surprisingly gentle in this environment.

The anger in Wen Le’s heart seemed to dissipate.

Wen Le shook her head slightly and replied softly, “No.”

Zhou Kao chuckled, “Even the top elite can accept failure.”

Wen Le playfully punched his chest and said, “You’re so annoying.”

Zhou Kao lowered his voice and chuckled softly.

The low laughter echoed faintly in the tunnel.

Wen Le’s ears twitched, and she withdrew her hand to put it behind her back.

However, Zhou Kao held onto her hand, preventing her from retracting it.

Wen Le didn’t pull her hand back, but asked in a low voice, “What are you doing?”

Zhou Kao tied the small yellow duck helium balloon from his hand onto Wen Le’s wrist.


Wen Le waved away Zhou Kao’s hand.

The small yellow duck helium balloon swayed on Wen Le’s wrist.

Wen Le felt an inexplicable anger rising within her. She suddenly couldn’t bear it and asked with frustration, “Do you even know what you’re doing, Zhou Kao?”

Zhou Kao lowered his head and looked at his own hand. After a moment, he spoke in a low, hoarse voice, “I know.”

Wen Le lifted her head and stared straight into Zhou Kao’s eyes, which were filled with suppressed desire and tenderness.

Wen Le was on the verge of succumbing to the passion and affection hidden within those eyes, which burned with repressed desire and sparkled with starlight.

Wen Le’s gaze gradually became hazy, and both of them were breathing rapidly. In the midst of confusion and infatuation, Zhou Kao lowered his head slowly to kiss her.


Wen Le tilted her head back, her gaze blurred, as their lips gradually drew closer.

Zhou Kao’s eyes were almost infatuated.

But in the next moment, Wen Le suddenly turned her head slightly and placed her index and middle fingers against Zhou Kao’s lips.

His lips were soft, and his breath was scorching.

Wen Le’s breath became unsteady, and the fingers pressing against Zhou Kao’s lips trembled lightly.

Wen Le’s voice was unsteady, but it was calm to the point of being cruel as she said, “You were enchanted by the lights and music.”

A momentary confusion and helplessness appeared in Zhou Kao’s eyes. After a brief struggle, he closed his eyes, and when he opened them again, the desire and tenderness in his eyes had completely faded away. The hazy gaze finally regained its calmness.

Zhou Kao let out a sigh and reached out to remove Wen Le’s wrist from his grasp.

Wen Le lowered her gaze and didn’t look at Zhou Kao.

Zhou Kao looked down at Wen Le, his voice low and gentle as he said, “You’re right. I was impulsive.”

Then Zhou Kao lowered his head gently.

Wen Le felt a warm sensation on her forehead.

But her heart felt as if it had been scalded, and it skipped a beat.

It was a very light kiss.

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