Enlightenment of Love

The two of them glided on to the dance floor, dancing gracefully to the music.

They had already danced two dances, and even with just the physical contact, Wen Le could immediately recognize that it was Zhou Kao.

Then who was the person from before…

Wen Le’s gaze involuntarily shifted towards the Joker in the purple suit.

However, the person opposite her seemed dissatisfied with her distraction. The palm of the hand resting on her back suddenly pressed forcefully. Wen Le exclaimed in surprise as she was abruptly and forcefully pushed into his familiar embrace.

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Wen Le’s upper body was tightly pressed against Zhou Kao’s chest, and Zhou Kao’s one arm embraced her slender waist. To the rhythm of the music, they spun in the air.

Wen Le held onto Zhou Kao’s arm tightly and looked into his eyes as they spun in the air.

The two of them faced each other, separated by two layers of masks, and irrelevant people were pushed out of their minds.

Wen Le landed, and Zhou Kao pulled her hand, leading her to spin in his embrace.

It was truly magical. The Joker in the comical orange and yellow jumpsuit danced with the Harley Quinn in the yellow jumpsuit, creating a whimsical and romantic atmosphere, like a fairytale.

The Joker in the comical clown suit had a tall figure and elegant dance moves. It was said that clothes make the man, but there were also some individuals who were blessed with natural advantages. Even if they were dressed in a sack, they could exude a kingly aura.

Just because of a momentary distraction, Wen Le had lost her lead to Zhou Kao. Zhou Kao’s skilled dancing made Wen Le feel like a puppet being manipulated.

Wen Le quickly regained her focus and reclaimed her lead.

Wen Le looked at Zhou Kao with curiosity. Since he had brought her onto the dance floor, he hadn’t said a word.

Wen Le glanced at Zhou Kao’s outfit for the evening and couldn’t help but chuckle, guessing that it was because of his comical costume.

Zhou Kao’s voice was indifferent. “What’s so funny?”

Wen Le said, “I just didn’t expect that you would dress up like this.”

Zhou Kao asked, “Surprised?”

“Surprised,” Wen Le laughed and looked up and down at Zhou Kao, teasingly saying, “Your appearance tonight is fantastic.”

Zhou Kao said, “Don’t you think that your compliment sounds a bit too forced.”

Wen Le burst out laughing.

“How did you come up with the idea of dressing up as a clown?” Wen Le asked.

Zhou Kao paused and replied with a somewhat awkward tone, “Because there was a special offer from the store: buy two, get free shipping, and buy three to get one free. The clown costumes were on sale, and four of them only cost $120.”

Wen Le could hardly believe it. This person who was wearing a six-figure luxury brand dress suit last night for a not-so-formal social event had suddenly become budget-conscious today. Wen Le even suspected their family had gone bankrupt overnight.

Wen Le was extremely shocked and exclaimed, “Wow!”

Zhou Kao glared at her and then added in a calm and lifeless tone, “And also because of a roommate who believes everything should be perfectly ridiculous.”

Wen Le couldn’t hold back her laughter anymore. She laughed so hard that she was shaking, and even Zhou Kao’s hand holding hers trembled along.

Wen Le was really about to die laughing. In her mind, she immediately imagined a serious and refined person like Zhou Kao being forced by a ridiculously organized roommate from their dormitory to wear this perfectly ridiculous clown costume. The expression on his face should be close to… that of a person being forced into prostitution.

Wen Le suddenly wanted to see Zhou Kao’s other three ridiculous roommates.

She turned her head and scanned the entire gymnasium, but she didn’t have to put in much effort. She quickly found Zhou Kao’s other three ridiculous roommates.

Because they were especially ridiculous, ridiculously conspicuous.

Wen Le almost immediately spotted the three clowns in the crowd, each holding a helium balloon.

They were wearing clown costumes of different colors from the same series as Zhou Kao, and each of them had a helium balloon in their hand. They looked more like clowns selling balloons at an amusement park.

Wen Le was about to die laughing. She asked Zhou Kao, “Where is your balloon?”

Wen Le looked around and, in a serious tone, reprimanded, “Your dormitory isn’t in-sync anymore.”

“I often feel like I don’t fit in because I’m not ridiculous enough,” Zhou Kao responded with a helpless expression, pointing to a railing near the backstage area. 

“It’s over there.”

Wen Le looked in the direction Zhou Kao had pointed and saw a helium balloon tied to the railing, shaped like a small yellow duck.

Wen Le asked, “Why did you put it there?”

Zhou Kao said, “Otherwise, should I hold a helium balloon in my hand while dancing with you?”

Wen le shrugged, “I don’t mind.”

Suddenly, Zhou Kao pulled Wen Le into his arms from behind, encircling her.

Caught off guard, Wen Le was tightly embraced by Zhou Kao from behind. Zhou Kao turned his head slightly, leaning closer to Wen Le’s cheek, and his warm breath brushed against her neck. Wen Le felt Zhou Kao’s arms holding her tightly, his broad and warm chest against her back. Her heartbeat paused for a moment and then raced quickly.

Zhou Kao lowered his voice and said slowly, “I do mind.”

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His movements seemed to slow down as he uttered those three words, holding Wen Le from behind. The two of them swayed slightly on the dance floor like a couple deeply in love, with their breaths blending together, surrounded by each other’s scent.

Zhou Kao gently leaned his head closer to Wen Le’s ear, it was a subtle movement as if he instinctively sought her scent and the fragrance of her perfume. It seemed unconscious, a craving, and an infatuation.

Wen Le noticed this extremely subtle movement. She felt a tingling sensation on her scalp, and Zhou Kao’s breath near her ear became even hotter. It was almost unbearable for Wen Le, and her toes curled up slightly inside her shoes. Her breath sped up rapidly.

Neither of them spoke anymore. They silently danced, but they knew that their hearts were far from the calmness portrayed by their bodies.

They seemed unable to effortlessly chat, tease, and joke around as before. They needed time to settle certain things.

The dim environment and surreal lighting easily created a blurred and unreal sensation, resembling the space between dreams and reality.

Such a sensation easily lowered one’s guard, relaxed them, and made them lose their vigilance. Rationality gradually receded, giving in to impulses and allowing ambiguity to thrive. Deep-seated desires grew unchecked.

Wen Le felt that tonight, things might get a little out of control, but her rationality had been eroded by the surroundings to the point where she couldn’t summon the thought of stopping it.

Wen Le cleared her mind and fully immersed herself in the dance.

When the music ended, Wen Le took deep breaths, trying to steady her breathing.

Her mind was now in chaos, and she didn’t even know what dance she had just performed.

But everyone around them stopped and stared directly at her and Zhou Kao.

However, they seemed oblivious to the stares and just gazed at each other intently.

It wasn’t until applause broke out, which broke their gaze.

Wen Le looked at the crowd somewhat bewildered, not knowing what had happened.

After a while, Wen Le seemed to get the answer from the murmurs of the crowd.

It turned out that at some point, Zhou Kao had lifted her up with both hands, she had done a split in the air, and then flipped and hung on Zhou Kao…


Wen Le thought, she and Zhou Kao must be crazy…

Wen Le felt that she and Zhou Kao needed to calm down.

As the dance ended, Wen Le quickly gave a courtesy, but it was ridiculous because she clearly didn’t have a skirt.

Zhou Kao also took off his hat and bowed, performing a gentlemanly hat tip.

However, just then, the host instructed everyone to stay with their dance partners in place. They would identify the mismatched CP (couple) and subject them to either a dare or a truth punishment.

When the staff pointed at Zhou Kao and Wen Le, Wen Le was taken aback and involuntarily looked at Zhou Kao.

Zhou Kao also looked at Wen Le.

Wen Le struggled to say, “Although you’re not that clown, I think we are still considered an official CP in a broad sense.”

Zhou Kao didn’t say anything; he just put his hands on Wen Le’s shoulders and pushed her onto the stage to face the punishment together.

Zhou Kao’s scorching hands had a strong presence on Wen Le’s shoulders. Wen Le tried to ignore it and shifted her focus. She said, “When you first came to ask me to dance, didn’t you think the same way?”

Zhou Kao glanced at the ring on Wen Le’s hand at an angle which Wen Le couldn’t see, but he smiled without saying a word.

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The two of them stood on the stage while the host continued naming people, and one by one, they walked onto the stage.

They whispered to each other quietly while on stage.

Inadvertently, Wen Le’s gaze swept over the clown in the purple outfit whom she had mistaken for Zhou Kao earlier. She couldn’t help but glance at Zhou Kao and make a comparison. She remarked to Zhou Kao, “That person, his back view looks similar to yours.”

Zhou Kao glanced casually and nodded.

Just when Wen Le thought Zhou Kao wouldn’t say anything more, he casually said, “That’s the class monitor of the Costume Design Department.”

A University only had one class in the Costume Design Department, so there was only one class monitor.

Wen Le frowned; she still felt somewhat uncomfortable about that guy, especially after witnessing him kissing the female clown in the red and blue outfit. It made Wen Le particularly uneasy.

Zhou Kao seemed to not want Wen Le to pay attention to that guy from the Costume Design Department and told Wen Le about some interesting people in the audience.

Wen Le’s gaze landed upon Zhou Kao’s dormitory mates again, and she chuckled saying, “Before you told me, I had thought the guys holding the balloons were staff members prepared by the president.”

Zhou Kao seemed to smile as well. “Indeed, your president is not incapable of doing such things.”

Wen Le glanced backstage and said, “I didn’t see the president and your student council president today.”

Zhou Kao casually said, “They went for a PK.”

Wen Le asked, “What?”

Zhou Kao explained to her.

The general idea was that yesterday, the president and the student council president teamed up for a game and lost in the qualifying match. They blamed each other for being bad players. To prove who was really bad, the student council president took the members of the student council, and the president of the Student Union took the members of the Student Union to a corner during the dance to secretly play games.

Wen Le was speechless.

While they were talking, the host called up another group of people.

That classmate who was dressed as Zhu Bajie eventually formed a CP with the classmate who was dressed as Black Widow. They were called up and the girl dressed as Black Widow walked on stage dejectedly, while the Zhu Bajie classmate was quite proud.

Tang Monk and the four spider spirits also went on stage, with Tang Monk trembling as he was surrounded by the four spider spirits.

The audience below burst into laughter.

Once the host had called enough people on stage, he announced the rules.

The punishment options were truth or dare.

The host had a box in hand, containing slips of paper with truth or dare tasks written on them.

Each person could draw twice. If they didn’t want to choose the first task they drew, they could draw again. Once they drew the second time, they had to choose one of the two tasks and had no further chances.

The truth or dare tasks were controlled to a certain extent by the organizers, but they still had a hint of ambiguity.

The first person was a girl, and the truth question was, “Among the gentlemen present, who best matches your ideal type?”

The girl didn’t draw a second time and blushed, pointing to the male clown in the purple outfit in the audience.

To be honest, based on physique and temperament alone, he was really eye-catching in the crowd, and because of the mask, it was really difficult to tell him apart from Zhou Kao.

The crowd let out a good-natured laughter.

The second person drew a truth question that said, “Say the name of the girl you have a crush on.”

The guy glanced at the audience, blushed, and chose dare.

He drew a dare that said, “Apply a big red lipstick mark on a tissue and slip it into the pocket of the person in the audience who attracts your attention the most.”

As soon as the host announced this task, the audience burst into laughter.

The second guy blushed and said he would choose dare.

Laughter erupted from the audience.

The host brought out a lipstick and a tissue.

To enhance the game effect, one of the guys in the audience was assigned to apply the lipstick on the punished person.

That guy probably had never applied lipstick on anyone before, and he ended up smudging it all over.

People in the audience burst into laughter while the guy applied the lipstick and gave instructions like, “Pucker your lips, pucker!”

The girls in the audience were about to burst into laughter.

Despite taking nearly five minutes, the lipstick was still applied terribly.

Finally, it reluctantly left a huge red mark on the white tissue.

The guy who applied the lipstick exclaimed, “Holy shit!” as he stepped back repeatedly, muttering, “Why do lipstick marks on TV look so sexy? This is just damn scary. Who would want this…?”

Laughter filled the audience.

The punished guy, with a crooked and smudged red lip, sheepishly tucked the tissue with the huge lipstick mark into the arms of Tang Monk, who was surrounded by the four spider spirits.

Tang Monk froze, looking utterly devastated.

The audience below was also shocked.

The punished guy, feeling embarrassed, said, “I’ve been paying attention to you since you came on stage.”

Tang Monk was about to faint.

The punished guy continued, “Why do so many girls like you?”

The audience erupted in laughter.

Tang Monk looked hopeless and said, “A good man should be faithful. I can’t handle such fortune.”

The audience was on the verge of madness from laughter.

When it was Zhou Kao’s turn, he drew the option for truth first.

“Say the name of your first girlfriend.”

The host added, “Crush is also fine, but no celebrities. It must be the name of the first girl who made your heart flutter.”

Zhou Kao’s Adam’s apple moved up and down.

Wen Le’s heart skipped a beat, and she involuntarily looked at Zhou Kao.

Zhou Kao’s voice was low and calm. He said, “Change it.”

The host looked somewhat disappointed.

So Zhou Kao drew another one.

“Group dare, pass a candy wrapper using only your mouths.”

The host showed Zhou Kao the small, transparent candy wrapper and said, “This is a group activity that requires everyone present to participate.”

A slight frown appeared on Zhou Kao’s brow hidden behind the mask.

He didn’t even consider the second dare.

The host, seeing Zhou Kao’s silence, asked, “Which one will you choose?”

“Wen Le.”

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The host didn’t hear clearly, “What?”

Zhou Kao repeated it again, his voice calm.

“I said the first one, Wen Le.”

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