Wedding Ceremony

Recently, film censorship had become stricter, and Xie Yan’s action film also faced scrutiny due to its excessive violence. However, this had inadvertently prevented the scenario of competing for the box office with him. Once the situation eased, the film would likely have a better chance of getting approved.

It was still snowing heavily outside. Lying in bed, Su Shen lazily scrolled through her phone. Just at this moment, Xie Yan, who had just returned from the gym, entered the room, covered in sweat. Su Shen glanced at him before turning over and continuing to scroll through her phone.    

Although the wedding was approaching, there hadn’t been much news circulating online. It could be seen that He Hua had put in a lot of effort behind the scenes. There definitely wouldn’t be any reporters invited to the wedding, but they had invited a good number of guests. Sometimes, it was necessary to socialize and maintain good relationships with others, as it didn’t hurt to make connections, and there was also gift money to be received.

There had been many films facing censorship issues lately, so there were fewer films part of the Spring Festival box office. The film had a good response from the premiere, and with some promotion from the production team, the word-of-mouth for the film was pretty good. Su Shen had no expectations for a high box office, so long as it did not flop. After all, it could be considered to be a semi-literary film. Thus, its box office performance would not be particularly outstanding. They could only aim for awards instead.

While scrolling through her phone, a hand suddenly appeared on her shoulder. Su Shen turned around and found herself embraced by him, blankets and all. After struggling for a moment, she immediately pushed at his shoulder. “Your hair’s still not dry, stay away from me!”

Xie Yan pressed her under him while being separated by the blanket before planting a kiss on her fair and soft face. “You didn’t say that yesterday. You clearly asked me to…”

“Shut up!” Su Shen quickly covered his mouth with her hand, blushing. “It’s clearly your shamelessness!”

Knowing that she didn’t have any work henceforth, this person had no sense of moderation at all. She asked him to finish quickly, but this shameless person just grasped onto that statement to tease her!

“Who told you to speak like that about your own husband?” Xie Yan arched a brow and stared at her face which was filled with both embarrassment and anger.

The latter simply reached out and covered his entire face, indignantly saying, “I can say whatever I want. Did I say anything wrong though?”

At that, she simply pulled the blanket higher to cover her face. “Go away quickly, I’m going to go cook. Else, you’ll have to eat takeout today!”

Seeing her completely hiding under the blanket, Xie Yan smiled but didn’t say anything. He then got up and left the room, and the person tucked inside the blanket immediately poked her head out. Seeing that there was no one there, she quickly got out of bed and went to the bathroom to wash up.

Coming downstairs, she prepared three dishes and a soup, improving a certain someone’s diet. However, Su Shen couldn’t eat too much, else she wouldn’t look good in the wedding gown later.

On Chinese New Year’s Eve, Xie Yan’s parents also returned. They had dinner outside and were caught by the paparazzi. Rumors spread that they had already met each other’s parents, hinting that good news was on the way.

After the film aired, its performance at the box office didn’t skyrocket, but it was already considered good for this kind of theme. The most important thing was that the reviews were quite positive. For Su Shen, it was already a pretty great achievement to have such a box-office performance and positive reception in her first lead role. It would pave the way for her future career on the silver screen.

Three days before the wedding, her mom asked her to come home and forbade her from meeting with Xie Yan during those three days. Her sis also shared many wedding details with her. Originally, Su Shen wanted to invite her cousin, who she had been close to since childhood, to be her bridesmaid. However, Su Ruan said that there would be many guests attending the wedding, and the bridesmaids would have to accompany and toast each table. They needed to have the courage and alcohol tolerance for it. Coincidentally, Xue Zhixin had asked to be her bridesmaid before, so Su Shen simply asked her to fill the spot. 

On the day of the wedding, Su Shen woke up bright and early in the morning, freshening herself up and getting her makeup done. The makeup artist would accompany her and touch up her makeup at any time. The room was bustling with people coming and going, everyone busy with their tasks. Su Shen, however, felt a bit dizzy. She didn’t know what was wrong with her. Her period had been delayed by a week. Although her period sometimes got delayed by two or three days in the past, it had never been delayed for this long. But it was still too early to determine if she was pregnant or not. 

“Ok, ok, ok, the veil!”

Su Ruan suddenly rushed in, and after she and the makeup artist placed the veil on Su Shen’s head, she then took Su Shen’s high heels and found a place to hide them.

“These must be hidden securely. Without a big red envelope, they most definitely can’t find it!”

Su Ruan was rummaging through the drawers and cabinets, looking for a place to hide them. Meanwhile, Xi Xi, wearing a little suit, curiously approached Su Shen and tugged at her wedding gown. “Auntie, are you playing Snow White?”

Aiya, Auntie’s getting married today. She’ll give you a little brother to play with in the future,” Xue Zhixin said with a smile as she lifted Xi Xi into her arms. Xi Xi blinked innocently and said, “I don’t want a little brother. I want a little sister.”

At this, laughter echoed throughout the room. After putting the shoes away, Su Ruan came over and placed the child on the floor, giving his bottom a gentle pat. “Today, all you need to do is be a good boy and help Auntie sprinkle flowers at the front. When we go back, Mommy will give you some candy.”

Upon hearing that he could eat candy, Xi Xi immediately nodded enthusiastically. He then ran to Su Shen’s side and playfully lifted her wedding gown, thoroughly playing by himself.

When the wedding car arrived, the room couldn’t accommodate too many people, so some relatives and friends were asked to leave. Su Ruan tightly closed the door and locked it from the inside. 

Yao Yin and Su Ruan were both looking out the window at the cars below, while Su Shen sat on the bed in a daze. In fact, she hadn’t fully woken up yet, and now, she was getting married. 

There were some checkpoints set up downstairs. Xie Yan brought along many people, and all the girls wanted to take photos with him. He even specifically brought Wang Cheng along. After sacrificing Wang Cheng, he then handed out red envelopes along the way and finally arrived upstairs. However, the door to the room upstairs was tightly closed. Li Hao, who was a groomsman for the first time, cleared his throat and knocked on the door politely. “Open the door, we’re here to pick up the bride!”

At that, there was no response from inside the room. Some of the big guys behind couldn’t help but burst into laughter. Thinking he was clever, Zhong Quan took a few steps forward and knocked on the door, shouting loudly, “Is the most beautiful and lovely bride in the world inside?”

At that, a childish voice suddenly sounded from inside, “Yes~”

Finally, someone responded, even though it was from just a child. Just as Xie Yan was about to step up, a coaxing female voice sounded from inside, “Xi Xi, tell Uncle that you don’t have money to buy toys lately, so ask Uncle for a red envelope.”

At that, the child once again sounded, “Uncle, I want to buy toys, and I also want to buy candy. Do you have a red envelope?”

“Yes, yes, yes! Your Uncle didn’t bring anything besides red envelopes today!” Zhong Quan held a bag and happily stuffed red envelopes through the gap under the door. In any case, it wasn’t his money, so he enjoyed stuffing it the most.

“Mama says it’s too little, not enough for me to buy a toy.” The innocent and tender voice from inside made the people outside at a loss for words.

Each red envelope had 500 RMB in it and so many were already stuffed inside. Was the toy made of gold?

Seeing this, as if he had been prepared in advance, Xie Yan suddenly took out a particularly thin red envelope from his pocket and stuffed it through the door crack. “Xi Xi, can you buy a toy with this?”

After a silent pause of about ten seconds from inside, the door slowly opened, and the people outside rushed in. Most of them were big men who came to join in the fun. When they saw the bride sitting in the room, each and everyone couldn’t help but start to envy Xie Yan. With such a beautiful wife, it was no wonder that Xie Yan was so eager to get married.

“I know, it’s time to find the shoes!”

Having attended a wedding before, Sun Zhi was already familiar with the details. Last time at Jiang Liankai’s wedding, the shoes were hidden behind the bride’s gown. This time, it certainly wouldn’t be the same again.

However, despite searching for like half a day, the group of people still couldn’t find the shoes. Su Shen sat on the bed quietly, her particularly exquisite face covered by the veil; even Xie Yan couldn’t help stealing a few more glances at her. 

It seemed that he was traumatized by finding shoes. He had even specifically told Su Shen not to do this and to give him a signal even if she did. But now, as he looked at Su Shen, she only maintained a smile, showing no reaction at all. 

“I really gotta give it to y’all. The room is only so big, did y’all hide the shoes on the ceiling?” After searching around, Sun Zhi couldn’t help but pat Xie Yan’s shoulder with sweat covering his forehead. “Buddy, how about sacrificing your modesty and letting the bride give you a kiss?”

The people who understood the joke couldn’t help but burst into laughter. Frowning, Xie Yan looked at Yao Yin, who shrugged and said, “Don’t look at me, I don’t know anything either.”

“Okay, if you guys can recite pi to 50 decimal places within half a minute, I’ll give you guys the shoes,” Su Ruan calmly said, looking at the crowd.

Hearing this, the group of people exploded with cries. 

“This is unbelievable! Mathematics is now a prerequisite for marriage. It seems like I won’t be able to get a wife in this lifetime!” Zhong Quan stepped back a few steps, feeling overwhelmed by the question.

After pondering for a few seconds, ignoring the good-for-nothings behind him, Xie Yan walked up and squatted in front of Xi Xi. Taking out a pack of candy from his pocket, he handed it to him. “Xi Xi, can you tell Uncle where Auntie’s shoes are?”

Instantly, Su Ruan’s complexion changed, and Yao Yin couldn’t help but chuckle. The look in the eyes of the group of big men toward Xie Yan suddenly became different. Henceforth, it was definitely a good idea to bring this guy along for weddings.

Taking the candy and before Su Ruan could even stop him, Xi Xi pointed at the chandelier above his head and said, “I saw Mama put Auntie’s shoes up there.”

Su Ruan shook her head helplessly. Originally, she wanted to make things difficult for Xie Yan for just a little bit. But if he had his ways, what else could she do?

The group of men was amazed as they didn’t expect them to be on the chandelier. No wonder there was a ladder outside. Getting married nowadays was really not easy. 

After finally managing to retrieve the shoes, Xie Yan crouched down and personally helped Su Shen put them on. The others were cheering and some had already started taking photos.

Their studios had already officially announced their marriage today, so even if photos of them were taken, it didn’t matter much.

Throughout the whole ordeal, Su Shen didn’t say a word. When Xie Yan princess carried her, Xue Zhixin helped carry her veil and train. There were many people upstairs and downstairs, and when they saw Xie Yan carrying her down, they all cheered and shouted. 

It was freezing outside. Once they got into the car, Xue Zhixin at the front pulled out a throw from her bag and let Su Shen cover herself with it. As soon as the Chinese fireworks were lit, the wedding car was the first to drive. Sitting inside the car, Su Shen felt like everything was surreal. Xie Yan, sitting beside her, quietly held her hand tightly in his. 

His hand was warm. Su Shen smiled and turned to look at the scenery outside. There were many things she had wanted to say, but at this moment, she didn’t know what to say anymore.

After the car was parked, Xie Yan got out and princess carried her out. Along the way, people were taking photos. At this time, many guests had already arrived at the hotel. After Su Shen was carried into the hotel room, Su Ruan closed the door and had the makeup artist touch up her hairstyle and makeup. 

The wedding ceremony still hadn’t begun yet, and Su Shen was sitting there scrolling through her phone. By this time, Xie Yan and her were dominating the Hot Search rankings. Many people they had worked with before were sending their well wishes. Every now and then, there would be new updates and photos circulating online. The picture of Xie Yan helping her put on the shoes had already been posted by someone.

Netizen A: AHHHHHH! The God and Goddess are actually getting married!!!

Netizen B: Seeing them made me believe in love again. [joy]

Netizen C: When Xie Yan was helping Su Shen put on her shoes, he looked so serious. If I had a man who would do that for me in this lifetime, I would definitely wake up from my dream laughing. [joy]

Netizen D: I unexpectedly ate a mouthful of dog food early in the morning!

Netizen E: With both parents’ looks, it’s hard to imagine how good-looking their children will be. [joy]

Netizen F: When I saw it trending, I thought it was fake. But after seeing so many people resharing it, I realized they actually got married!!!

“You’re still on your phone? The wedding ceremony is about to start!” Standing there, Su Ruan glared at her.

Putting away her phone, Su Shen blinked innocently. “I’m nervous, so I need to look at something else to distract myself.”

Looking at her like this, Su Ruan shook her head, unsure of what to say. Although her lil sis had changed a lot, she was still just a child. It’s great that there’s someone to indulge her now.  

When someone outside informed them that it was almost time to go out, her dad was already waiting outside. Holding a bouquet of flowers, Su Shen held her dad’s arm as they headed toward the venue. Meanwhile, Xi Xi and another flower girl held flower baskets, ready to scatter petals at any moment.

The venue was already filled with people, and the lights were dimmed. When a beam of light shone on the red carpet, Xi Xi and the other flower girl started scattering petals slowly. The bride, wearing a pure white flawless wedding gown, was slowly walking toward the altar, holding her dad’s arm. The lighting wasn’t very bright, and the veil covering her face obscured her appearance. However, her radiant and luminous complexion couldn’t go unnoticed. 

The venue was filled with the sound of a beautiful piano piece being played live. Wearing a navy blue suit with a deep blue tie, Xie Yan slowly made his way toward Su Shen. As they reached the center, a single beam of light split into two, shining on both of them. Papa Su wanted to say something, but in the end, he just held Su Shen’s hand and placed it in Xie Yan’s hand before walking away with teary eyes.

Su Shen was somewhat teary-eyed as she watched her dad’s retreating figure before composing herself and walking slowly with Xie Yan to the front where the MC was waiting. 

The entire hall was filled with people, and all eyes were fixed on the couple. When they received the news, they were all surprised. In an industry where self-interest prevails, it was indeed rare to see two individuals at the peak of their careers getting married.

Si Yi was definitely a seasoned MC, having conducted hundreds of weddings. As the couple approached, he held the mic and said, “Today happens to be the 520th* wedding I’ve conducted, which shows that you two are truly destined to be together. Some encounters are coincidences from heaven, but some unions are destined by fate.”

520 – May 20th is Chinese Valentine’s Day. It also means “I love you,” as the numbers have phonetic meanings of 5 == “I”, 2 == “love”, 0 == “you”.

Standing there, Su Shen had no idea what Si Yi was saying. With so many people in the audience, their gazes felt even more intense than that of the reporters. She kept her eyes fixed on Xie Yan in front of her, while memories of their encounters flashed through her mind. She felt fortunate because, up until now, they had never quarreled. It felt as if everything was progressing naturally as if it was meant to be.

Just then, Si Yi looked at Xie Yan earnestly and said, “Mr. Xie Yan, do you take Ms. Su Shen to be your lawfully wedded wife? No matter for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness or in health, in happiness or in sorrow, you will love her without reservation and stay devoted to her as long as you live?”

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