Seeing him staring at her, Su Shen carefully walked over while lifting the gown and blinked curiously. “Not good?”

“En… From my design perspective, it would be better to remove this sleeve. It would create an even more beautiful shape of your shoulder, and when paired with a necklace, it would enhance the sexiness of your collarbone. But… it ultimately depends on you guys’ preferences,” An Li shrugged slightly, her gaze shifting between the two.  

Yao Yin, who had been standing at the side, stepped forward and scanned Su Shen from head to toe, her eyes filled with admiration. “They say a woman looks most beautiful in a wedding gown. But I also think that sleeve shouldn’t be there. Of course, what matters most is that you feel comfortable wearing it.”

Su Shen looked down and glanced at the sleeve, understanding that the sleeve could be a bit cumbersome, but having it made her feel more at ease. After all, the most important thing was that she felt comfortable in her own wedding gown.

“That looks great. No need to make any changes,” said Xie Yan suddenly, as he approached Su Shen with his eyes lowered. He gazed at her fervently and said, “Go change.”

Turning around slightly, she suddenly met his pitch-black eyes and couldn’t help but lower her gaze to look at her wedding gown again. “Why does it feel like you’re forcing yourself when you say that?”

If it looked good, why didn’t you even give a smile? And you seemed so stern too.

“So beautiful that Xie Yan can’t take his eyes off you.” Yao Yin couldn’t help but chuckle. But someone like Su Shen who’s young, beautiful, and had a great personality definitely deserved to be treated that way by a man.

Hearing this, Su Shen glanced at Xie Yan again and noticed that he was still looking at her. Immediately, she blushed and hastily gathered the hem of her gown before heading back into the fitting room.

This wedding gown weighed at least seven to eight pounds. While it looked beautiful with its layered design, taking it off could be troublesome. When Su Shen finished changing and emerged from the fitting room, she noticed that An Li and Xie Yan were still in the midst of discussing something. As she approached them, An Li smiled and said, “We will have the wedding gown delivered to you. As for the veil, we will make modifications according to your preferences and deliver it to you as well.”

At that, Xie Yan nodded before grabbing Su Shen’s hand and leaving. Su Shen had heard that many people liked to have their wedding veils made long so that they could be transformed into a dress for their future daughters, symbolizing the culmination of love. However, she had only heard about it in passing. Judging from Xie Yan’s request, it seemed like he had that idea in mind.

“Why haven’t I seen the design for your outfit?” Su Shen asked curiously as she walked beside him.

Without looking at her, Xie Yan opened the car door. Yao Yin, on the other hand, who was behind them, waved goodbye and got into her own car. After Su Shen got in, Xie Yan closed the door before walking around to the other side of the car.

It started to snow today, and even the car was covered with a layer of snowflakes. Su Shen sat in the passenger seat, watching the person next to her fasten his seatbelt, and couldn’t help but ask softly, “Why aren’t you saying anything?”

Could it be that the wedding gown was really ugly? Was Xie Yan concerned about her feelings, so he didn’t want to say it out loud? 

Turning around, he met her curious gaze. Suddenly, Xie Yan reached out and grasped the back of her head, leaning in to kiss her passionately on the lips. His gaze was fervent as he said, “What do you want me to say? That you’re beautiful?”

As he spoke, he lowered his head and buried it in her neck, taking a deep breath. “But I don’t want anyone else to see.”

Su Shen’s heart skipped a beat, blushing as she pulled back. “The wedding gown is already quite conservative. Are you only satisfied if I wear something ugly?”

Whispering, the words echoed in her ear as she met his clear and innocent gaze as he said in a deep voice, “Just this once, I can tolerate it reluctantly.” 

“Then, hurry up and take me to the airport,” Su Shen pursed her lips and nudged his shoulder.

The latter, however, remained motionless and nibbled on her neck. “Can you stay with me today?”

Hearing this, Su Shen’s expression changed slightly. It was the first time that Xie Yan had been so direct, but…

Holding onto his warm hand, she whispered, “After I finish filming this drama, I’ll be with you every day.”

Xie Yan remained silent for a few seconds before eventually sitting upright and slowly stepping on the gas pedal. Sitting beside him, Su Shen quietly watched his distinct side profile. Deep down, she almost caved in, but her role in this drama was too significant. If she were to delay even for a day, it would affect the progress of the rest of the cast. Hence, she really had to return to set.

As the car stopped outside the airport, Su Shen could only turn around to look at the man beside her and said, “Actually, I…”

“Go,” said Xie Yan, holding her slightly cool hand with a tender gaze. “I’ll come to see you in a couple of days.”

As their eyes met, Su Shen blinked before looking down to push the door open. As the cold wind entered the car, she stepped out. However, as if she remembered something, she knocked on the car window again.

As the car window rolled down, Su Shen saw the puzzled face inside. She suddenly lowered her head and whispered a few words to the person inside before quickly putting on her cap and entering the airport.

Looking at the hurried figure disappear from sight, Xie Yan slowly came back to his senses. Remembering the words she had just said, he couldn’t help but chuckle.

After returning to set, Su Shen had to film night scenes. Her role had a lot of screen time, so she often worked until two or three in the morning. Finally, a few days before the Chinese New Year, she wrapped up filming. Xie Yan had come to pick her up on the day of the wrap. As she got into the car, she felt her body loosened up. Finally, she could take a break and rest for a while.

Unfortunately, her luck wasn’t great. The Republic of China era film directed by Director Li was still stuck in censorship review. It was said that some parts were still deemed too sensitive, and they had to make cuts to certain scenes. It was certain that the film wouldn’t make it to the Spring Festival box office. However, the modern revenge movie directed by Director Xu was on track for its scheduled release. The post-production for this type of movie was shorter. Everyone wanted a piece of the lucrative Spring Festival box office. 

There was a premiere a few days ago, but Su Shen was too busy with filming and didn’t have time to attend. There were even rumors online accusing her of being a diva, but she had decided to not care about such things anymore.

“When are your parents returning? My mom said she wants us all to have a Chinese New Year’s Eve dinner together,” she put down her phone and looked at the man driving beside her.

The night was pitch black, and heavy snow was falling from the sky. There were only a few vehicles speeding along the road at this time. Hearing this, Xie Yan couldn’t help but slightly turn around and arched his brow. “My parents?”

As their eyes met, Su Shen immediately blushed and turned away embarrassedly before saying softly, “I… I meant our parents.”

Looking at her slightly red ear, Xie Yan smirked and continued driving before saying insipidly, “They will return tomorrow evening and most likely will join us for dinner.”

At the thought of their upcoming wedding in just over ten days, Su Shen felt that time was passing by so quickly. In a blink of an eye, Chinese New Year was already approaching. Xie Yan and her had been together for almost two years. 

Looking at the heavy snow falling outside the window, Su Shen remained silent, turning to the side and gazing at the scenery quietly.

When the car stopped outside the mansion, Su Shen then snapped out of her thoughts and pushed open the door and got out. She held an umbrella and walked over to Xie Yan’s side. The latter naturally reached over her shoulder to take the umbrella, holding it up high as they entered the mansion together.

Upon entering, Su Shen’s cold hands immediately reached out to hold Xie Yan’s hand. “It’s so cold!”

After closing the door, the dazzling lights above shone brightly. She was wearing a thick down coat, completely wrapping her whole body up, as well as a cap. Her fair complexion was pale due to the cold. Seeing her hold his hand, Xie Yan held her waist and pulled her to the wall with one hand removing her cap. His gaze was fervent. “Do you want to warm up?”

As their eyes met, Su Shen was momentarily taken aback. Once she understood his words, her face turned red once again. “What… what are you saying!”

“What did I say?” He leaned in and whispered softly in her ear, “I was just asking if you want to turn up the temperature. What were you thinking?”

Noticing that he was becoming more and more mischievous, Su Shen immediately widened her eyes and pressed her cold hands against his face. “I didn’t have any improper thoughts! It’s just that you’re the one being unscrupulous!”

Her lips pursed, devoid of any color due to the cold. Xie Yan pulled her hands down and arched a brow. “If you say I’m unscrupulous, wouldn’t it be a waste if I didn’t do anything?”

Before Su Shen could even react, her lips were suddenly sealed by his, engulfing her in his burning male pheromones that overwhelmed all her senses… 

Feeling soft-hearted as she thought about how he had been busy with wedding preparations for the past few months, Su Shen wrapped her arms around his neck and responded slowly, following his lead.

Sensing her response, the flame within Xie Yan’s heart instantly ignited. He swiftly unbuttoned her coat and princess-carried her, taking strides toward the stairs. Though the night was pitch-black, it failed to mask the passionate ambiance within the room…

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