Wedding Gown Fitting

Hearing this, Su Shen immediately blushed and turned away from him. “What era is it now? Who would call each other that now?”

At that, Xie Yan couldn’t help but arch a brow. “Then, how do people call each other now?”

As he said that, he leaned in and whispered, “Darling?”

Feeling the warm breath on her ear, Su Shen immediately reached out to push him away. “Drive already!”

Xie Yan really had no bottom line now!

Looking at her blushing face, Xie Yan simply chuckled as he stepped on the gas pedal. They had been together for so long, but he still felt that Su Shen was still just as shy.

When they returned home, Su Shen found that her mom had already prepared a large table of food. However, she had to return to set at night, so she couldn’t stay for long, let alone move in with Xie Yan. She only asked him to send her to the airport.

Afterward, filming continued as usual, and Su Shen didn’t take any more time off. Xie Yan came to visit her a few times. It wasn’t until the end of the year when the wedding gown was ready that she was called in for a fitting.

The Chinese wedding gown had already been done, meticulously embroidered by skilled embroiderers. However, Su Shen felt that the pattern on the sleeves wasn’t very pleasing, so she made some alterations herself at night whenever she had time. As for the wedding gown, it was designed by a top designer whom Su Shen recognized. She had previously met the designer at a fashion event, and the designer was highly renowned. Naturally, the design was indeed not bad.

That day, it had started snowing lightly. When Su Shen and Xie Yan, along with Yao Yin, arrived at that designer’s studio, the staff inside were in the midst of having a meeting. They waited for a few minutes until a few people walked out of the conference room. Leading them was a woman wearing a black waist-fitted coat with a brown blowout. As soon as she saw them, she quickly approached and greeted them, “Apologies, I had to discuss a design with my colleagues. I hope you all didn’t have to wait too long.” 

Su Shen smiled and shook the hand extended toward her, smiling. “We just arrived not long ago as well.”

The woman in front of her, despite wearing a wool coat, still had a noticeable well-proportioned figure, and her complexion was particularly good. She glanced at Xie Yan before smirking. “Follow me.”

At that, Su Shen followed her into another room where several clothes were hanging, including a pristine white floor-length wedding gown.

Coming to the wedding gown, An Li pointed to the shoulders of the gown and looked at Xie Yan. “This design was made according to your request. It has a one-shoulder style with added sleeves, so even if she bends over, she wouldn’t expose herself. Moreover, this style is not form-fitting with it being A-line from the waist down. The upper part is not particularly tight either. If it’s alright, let’s have Su Shen try it first.”

Hearing this, Su Shen glanced at Xie Yan slightly peculiarly. It suddenly dawned upon her that the design sketches Xie Yan had shown her were all very conservative.  

“En, okay,” Xie Yan glanced at the wedding gown and then turned to Su Shen. “Go ahead and try it on. If it doesn’t fit well, we can make alterations.”

Su Shen said nothing and just pursed her lips before following the other two staff members into the fitting room. She most definitely could not put on this wedding gown by herself.

Seeing their director chatting with Xie Yan, the other staff members couldn’t help but secretly take a few photos of him, but they dared not post them online as it would invade their client’s privacy. However, the thought that Xie Yan and Su Shen were getting married so quickly made them feel like they had discovered some exclusive news. After all, there was no information circulating online yet, but these two were already about to get married.

An Li had seen Xie Yan’s movies before, and she had heard that a high-end luxury brand had even approached him to be their spokesperson but was rejected. At that time, many people didn’t understand, including her. Entering the fashion industry was the best shortcut to increase one’s fame. However, she later realized that he genuinely didn’t want to enter the fashion industry. Just recently, she received a call from Huayan Entertainment, stating that someone wanted her to design a wedding gown. When she heard it was from Xie Yan, she found it quite unfathomable. They were getting married less than half a year after going public. Moreover, Su Shen had been super popular in the past year. It was rare to see two people at the peak of their careers getting married in the profit-driven entertainment industry.

After ten-ish minutes, Su Shen emerged from the fitting room lifting the wedding dress while the other two staff members followed behind her, holding the rest of the train. Meanwhile, Xie Yan, who was discussing the design of the veil with An Li, seemed to have heard something and turned around to see a woman standing outside the fitting room illuminated by the dazzling lights. 

The staff members outside were all stunned as they looked at Su Shen. It must be said that there were very few unattractive people in the entertainment industry, but Su Shen’s appearance was definitely among the top. Despite her slender figure, she had unexpected curves. Moreover, her fair complexion was radiating under the lights shining on her from above.

The person in front of them had a fair and smooth complexion. The slightly wavy off-the-shoulder neckline revealed a glimpse of her faintly discernible collarbones. Although it was an A-line gown, it still couldn’t hide her beautiful figure. Her bright and fair face held a hint of confusion as if she was puzzled about something.

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