Lipstick Is Yummy!

Zhou Kao put the bangle on Wen Le’s hand and held her hand while giving her a kiss, his eyes full of admiration.

Wen Le had grown up surrounded by compliments about her appearance. However, she didn’t have any satisfaction or vanity in the praises from strangers. Occasionally, facing compliments from others would even make her feel awkward because she didn’t know how to respond.

But Wen Le found that she was highly receptive to compliments from her boyfriend. She even enjoyed the way Zhou Kao praised her beauty or acted charmed by her.

Unfortunately, Zhou Kao was a bit stingy with his compliments. Maybe it was this stinginess that made Wen Le excited, satisfied, and even emotionally moved when she saw him fascinated or admiring her.

Zhou Kao’s admiration in his eyes pleased Wen Le. When she was in a good mood, she was exceptionally easy to talk to.

Zhou Kao noticed Wen Le’s delight and the slight coquettish laziness in her demeanor. It was as if Wen Le had softened the thorns on her. Zhou Kao’s eyes carried a smile as he hugged her, and he whispered sweet words into her ear while they cozied up against each other.

Holding Wen Le from behind, Zhou Kao leaned her against the headboard of the bed. He turned his head slightly and kissed the corner of her mouth. Suddenly, as if remembering something, he grabbed Wen Le’s hand and made her touch the corner of his lips.


Wen Le tilted her head to look at Zhou Kao.

Zhou Kao seemed somewhat troubled. “Can your lipstick be removed by face wash?”

Wen Le burst into laughter, her eyes crescent-shaped and her smile sweet, softening her coquettishness. She was like a pool of honey, melting into people’s hearts.

Wen Le sat up in Zhou Kao’s embrace and faced him as she knelt on the bed. She held his face in her hands and smiled with crescent-shaped eyes, examining him carefully. She tilted her head, her appearance revealing an adorable and somewhat foolish look. “I don’t know. I purposely chose the hardest-to-remove, non-transferable kind.”

Zhou Kao asked, “What should we do then?”

Wen Le said, “I don’t know. It’s your own fault for wanting to eat.”

As she spoke, a mischievous smile briefly flashed across Wen Le’s lips, but it disappeared in the next moment.

Wen Le looked directly into Zhou Kao’s eyes, raising her index finger to press against her lower lip, then slowly traced over it. She tilted her head slightly, looking at Zhou Kao, her gaze combining innocence and charm, exuding an irresistible allure.

Unconsciously, Zhou Kao’s Adam’s apple moved up and down, and his expression darkened a bit.

Wen Le chuckled softly as she gently wiped her own full, red lips. She lowered her head to glance at her fingertip, where most of the red lipstick had mostly faded.

A faint smile curved Wen Le’s lips as she used her index finger, still bearing a trace of red lipstick, to press against Zhou Kao’s lips.

Zhou Kao stared at Wen Le, and his expression seemed unchanged on the surface.

Wen Le slowly slid her index finger, which was pressed against Zhou Kao’s lips, downward, gliding over his lips and reaching his jawline. 

Wen Le gazed at Zhou Kao, her smile captivating, and her voice soft and seductive, “Is my lipstick delicious?”

Zhou Kao’s breath hitched, and when he spoke again, his voice was somewhat husky,”I’ve  forgotten.”

Suddenly, Zhou Kao reached out and held Wen Le’s head, pressing her towards him.

Zhou Kao said, “Let me taste it again, and then I’ll tell you.”

Caught off guard, Wen Le’s body wavered, and she quickly extended her hand to support herself on the bedside near Zhou Kao’s ears. A familiar, soft sensation met her lips. 

Wen Le bit Zhou Kao playfully, and that bite seemed to only excite Zhou Kao more. Their kiss became even more fervent.

After a while, Zhou Kao released Wen Le, his breath still somewhat erratic, and his voice husky as he said, “It’s not bad, it’s sweet.”

Wen Le was left dazed by the kiss and hadn’t fully reacted yet.

Zhou Kao added, “Without lipstick, the taste should be even better.”

Wen Le finally realized what Zhou Kao was implying. Her face flushed red. It was true, she couldn’t resist. She held her hands together in a fist and said, “A master! You’re too cunning.”

Zhou Kao chuckled lightly at her words, embracing her again and placing a kiss on her forehead.

Wen Le pushed Zhou Kao away, touching her own forehead and laughing at the red mark on Zhou Kao’s lips. She could imagine the two of them right now looking like idiots.

Getting off the bed, Wen Le was stopped by Zhou Kao, who held her hand. “Where are you going?”

Wen Le pulled Zhou Kao towards the edge of the bed. “Wash our faces. Young master, don’t we look like we just escaped from a mental hospital?”

Zhou Kao got off the bed with a laugh. “That’s why those scenes in dramas where the lipstick is still perfect after kissing are completely unrealistic.”

Wen Le was speechless. She pointed to her lips and then to Zhou Kao. “But normal people don’t have it like this, right?”

Zhou Kao raised an eyebrow. “How do you know when you haven’t seen it?”

Wen Le led Zhou Kao into the en-suite bathroom in his room and said, “I just know.”

Remembering that she had makeup remover wipes in her bag, Wen Le fetched her bag from the entrance and handed a wipe to Zhou Kao. “Use this.”

Bending over slightly, Zhou Kao tilted his chin up. “You do it.”

Taking the makeup wipe, Wen Le replied, “I’ll do it on the account that you’re not feeling well.”

Zhou Kao’s lips curved with a smile as he watched Wen Le carefully remove the lipstick from his lips and the surrounding area using the makeup wipe.

After washing his face, Zhou Kao stood aside with his arms crossed, observing Wen Le removing her makeup.

Wen Le’s hand paused for a moment. She turned her head towards Zhou Kao, motioned towards the door, and gestured for him to leave.

Zhou Kao didn’t insist and obediently stepped out, giving Wen Le’s cheek a peck before leaving. “Don’t wear makeup, I like your natural look.”

Wen Le pushed Zhou Kao away and said, “You wouldn’t understand.”

However, after Wen Le removed her makeup and washed her face, she only applied a bit of the convenient moisturiser from her bag.

To be honest, Wen Le was naturally blessed with almost flawless skin – fair, smooth, and blemish-free. Her regular sleep patterns and the family’s emphasis on dietary balance contributed to her lack of dark circles or dull skin. Her skin had a healthy pinkish hue. Thick eyelashes served as natural eyeliner, and her wild eyebrows were thick and well-shaped. Her lips also had a faint pink color.

There was hardly a noticeable difference between Wen Le’s natural face and her daily light makeup, yet she always felt a lack of security without foundation. So, she still applied a bit of light makeup when going out.

Around 9:30pm, Zhou Kao intended to drive Wen Le back to school.

Before leaving, Zhou Kao pulled out a bag from the wardrobe and handed it to Wen Le.

Seeing the logo on the bag, which belonged to a luxury brand, Wen Le took a quick look inside. However, she could only see the exquisite packaging box. Curious, she asked, “What’s this?”

Zhou Kao replied, “A gift, open it when you get back.”

Wen Le didn’t know what Zhou Kao was implying, but she didn’t press for details. She planned to open it when she got back.

Zhou Kao accompanied Wen Le to the garage and approached the Volkswagen Magotan* parked there.

Once she got into the passenger seat, Wen Le noticed a small jade Buddha ornament in the car.

Finding it strange, Wen Le thought it didn’t quite match Zhou Kao’s style and seemed more like something an older person might choose.

Unable to hold back her curiosity, Wen Le asked, “Is this really your car?”

Zhou Kao chuckled. “Why do you ask?”

Wen Le inquired, “It doesn’t seem like your style.”

Zhou Kao explained, “It’s my dad’s car.”

He continued, “When he first arrived in the capital, he intended to drive to work himself, so he bought this car. However, after just a couple of days, his workplace provided him with one. This car has been sitting idle. Lately, I’ve had some business, and since this car suits the purpose, I’ve been using it.”

Wen Le was a bit surprised. She had heard from Sun Youmei about the impressive background of Zhou Kao’s family, and Sun Youmei’s information came from none other than Su Zhenzhen, who once claimed to be Zhou Kao’s fiancée and therefore had knowledge about the Zhou family’s circumstances.

She never expected that a member of such a prominent family would only be driving a car valued at two or three hundred thousand.

Seeing Wen Le’s silence, Zhou Kao asked, “Why, surprised?”

“A little.”

Zhou Kao explained, “A car is just a tool, like clothes. You choose the right car for the occasion, just like dressing appropriately. My dad uses the Magotan for work reasons, while my mom might opt for a Bentley for certain business meetings.”

Leaning on her hand, Wen Le suddenly thought of the sports car her father had given her. She asked, “So, in what kind of situation would a sports car be appropriate?”

Zhou Kao looked at Wen Le and replied, “For informal occasions, why?”

Wen Le asked, “Do you have a sports car?”

If another girl had asked this, a guy might take the opportunity to show off his wealth, or he might assume that the girl was materialistic and vain. However, Zhou Kao and Wen Le’s conversation was as casual as asking, “Do you have a notebook?”

Zhou Kao replied, “I have a few, but I haven’t driven them much.”

Wen Le nonchalantly commented, “I see, all flowers that bear no fruit*.”

If anyone else had been present, they would probably think that Wen Le was making a sarcastic comment about rich people. But Zhou Kao completely agreed with her, nodding and adding, “You’re kind of right.”

He further elaborated, “But they are really beautiful.”

Wen Le chuckled at his words, “Yes.”

Zhou Kao drove the car directly to the entrance of the female dormitory building.

It was Sunday night, not even ten o’clock, and all the couples who had gone out for a date were back, lingering at the entrance of the female dormitory building.

Zhou Kao parked the car by the entrance. The black sedan blended in among the row of cars and wasn’t particularly conspicuous.

Stopping the car, Zhou Kao looked at Wen Le. His gaze was fixed on her, filled with reluctance.

Wen Le unbuckled her seatbelt, turned to look at Zhou Kao, and their gazes locked affectionately. Wen Le’s heart softened. She reached out and touched Zhou Kao’s forehead, saying, “No more fever.”

Zhou Kao nodded, “Mhm.”

Wen Le gently cupped Zhou Kao’s face and kissed his lips. Her voice was soft, “Rest early tonight.”

With Zhou Kao’s lips still lingering on hers for a moment, Wen Le slowly let go.

Glancing at the time on her phone, Wen Le realized it was getting late.

Holding the bag, she said, “I have to go.”

Zhou Kao nodded quietly, waving goodbye to Wen Le.

Surprisingly, Wen Le also felt reluctant. She leaned in and kissed Zhou Kao again, “Call me when you get home.”

Zhou Kao softly acknowledged, “Sure, go on. If you don’t leave soon, I’ll take you back with me.”

Wen Le chuckled, “Goodbye, boyfriend.”

Zhou Kao said, “See you tomorrow, girlfriend.”

Wen Le got out of the car and took a few steps, but Zhou Kao’s car remained idle.

Without thinking, Wen Le turned back and waved in Zhou Kao’s direction. She raised the hand adorned with the couple’s ring that Zhou Kao had given her, gesturing, then bent down to kiss the ring.

Seeing Wen Le’s gesture from inside the car, Zhou Kao’s heart warmed. He also lowered his head and kissed the men’s ring on his finger.

Wen Le returned to the dormitory, her smile not fading from her face.

Her roommates were all in the dorm, and seeing Wen Le return so late, they gathered around, questioning, “Where were you? With whom?”

“Wow! You even have a gift in your hand!”

“Damn! This brand is crazy expensive!”

Wen Le laughed as she squeezed out of the circle of her roommates and sat at her desk. She was curious about the gift Zhou Kao had prepared for her.

Her roommates also gathered around.

Wen Le opened the packaging box, revealing a red skirt inside.

Cheng Hui exclaimed, “Oh my, Wen Le, isn’t this the same skirt you saw before, the one worth six thousand? Who’s so generous?”

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