Malicious Woman

“You…and Zhou Kao got together?”

Sun Youmei assessed Wen Le from top to bottom with a strange look. She pointed to the page on her phone and said, “It’s fake, right?”

Wen Le didn’t know why she had such a strong reaction. Her long eyelashes fluttered, hiding her flash of emotions, and a small smile appeared. Wen Le acted as if nothing had happened, and calmly said, “Do you even believe the gossip on the Internet?”

Sun Youmei sized up Wen Le once again and failed to find anything suspicious from Wen Le. She then turned her gaze away from Wen Le, but her tone was still rather subtle, “That’s good then.”

Wen Le’s face remained calm, but her eyes gradually deepened, and with a cold expression, she indolently said, “Why?”

Sun Youmei glanced over at Wen Le in a calculative way again. She thought she was doing it very subtly, but her attitude and look revealed her true thoughts. Sun Youmei said, “How can a family like Zhou Kao’s accept such a commoner, you need not waste your feelings in vain.”

The smile on Wen Le’s face disappeared completely. She looked at Sun Youmei coldly with a raised eyebrow. The sweet innocent princess from earlier immediately turned into a strong powerful queen, “What family does he have? And who’s the one who’s putting efforts on him?”

Sun Youmei was a bit scared upon seeing this and immediately changed her attitude, “Aiya, I just heard that Zhou Kao’s family background is rather wealthy. Just gossiping a bit with y’all – girls from a commoner family shouldn’t bother a family like his, you’d just be wasting your time.”

Wen Le said coldly, “Oh, really?”

“Hey, I think quite a few people like him. I used to think that what the elders say is old-fashioned, but now that I think about it, there’s some truth to it. The family’s background must still match to get a good ending.”

On the surface, these words sounded like they were advising Wen Le, but after learning the truth behind Sun Youmei’s self-constructed ‘Ms Perfect’ image, and about how she relied on her second-generation rich boyfriend to force her way into their circle of friends, such words sounded really sarcastic.

For a moment, nobody knew how to respond to her, and the atmosphere in the dormitory turned a bit strange. But Sun Youmei’s phone rang, breaking the atmosphere up. This special ringtone set exclusively by Sun Youmei for her beloved was her starting way of showing off her affection.

Sun Youmei happily held up her phone with eyes full of smiles, and laughed, “Oh, I’m not gonna gossip with you guys anymore, my darling is calling me.”

Sun Youmei jogged out happily holding her phone, closed the door of the dormitory and did not go far. Within the dorm, they could still vaguely hear her happily flirting and laughing.

After the sounds of her laughter disappeared, Bao Xiaofan rolled her eyes and chuckled softly, “Acting like a bitch, what does she wanna do now?”

Wen Le shrugged. The thought of Sun Youmei nitpicking obsessively over her relationship with Zhou Kao made her indescribably annoyed, and she felt uncomfortably stifled.

After washing up, all four people in the dormitory settled in their beds. Sun Youmei, who had been taking her time outside talking on the phone for half an hour, ran back and started to rummage through her closet in excitement. 

Cheng Hui was startled by her movements and sat up looking at Sun Youmei, “What are you up to, so late at night?”

Sun Youmei took out a pink mini-dress from the closet and checked herself out with it using the mirror behind the dorm door. Satisfied with the look, she threw the dress on the bed and then proceeded to strip to her undergarments in front of them. As she changed, she said, “Dorm leader, just treat it as if I didn’t come back today. Lin Zi wants to take me to a party, so I won’t be coming back tonight.”

Cheng Hui frowned, “You pay attention to safety, late at night…”

There were some things that weren’t for Cheng Hui to say, but everyone knew it as an adult.

Sun Youmei waved her hand indifferently, “Don’t worry la, it’ll be alright, dorm leader!”

Cheng Hui kindly reminded her, “There’s a class at eight o’clock tomorrow morning, don’t forget.”

Sun Youmei didn’t care, “Won’t be able to make it to the class at eight o’clock, attendance won’t be taken anyway. I’ll just skip the class la. Don’t worry, dorm leader mummy!”

Cheng Hui was speechless, “Okay, don’t forget to pack up all these things on the floor before you leave.”

Sun Youmei was busy changing and doing her makeup and hair, and said perfunctorily, “I know, I know.”

After getting ready for more than half an hour, the dormitory was a mess again. The pile of wrapping paper, bags and boxes that Sun Youmei brought back was still not cleaned up. A quick glance at the time showed that the dorm would shut the gates in another 20 minutes, yet Sun Youmei was still busy drawing her eyeliner.

The ringtone that Sun Youmei set for her boyfriend rang in the dorm. Her boyfriend had already arrived downstairs in his car and was calling to chase her.

In a panic, Sun Youmei still managed to finish drawing her eyeliner steadily, picked up her bag and ran out the door.

She ran to the door and looked at the clothes and bags she had taken out and hadn’t put back yet, and then ran back to put everything in the closet and locked it with a lock.

Cheng Hui looked at the mess in the dorm and reminded her, “Your packing box!”

Sun Youyou said in a hurry: “Leave it for now and wait for me to clean up when I’m back.”

After speaking, she rushed out of the dorm like a gust of wind.

Seeing the mess on the ground, Cheng Hui burst out, “F**k!”

Bao Xiaofan took off her earphones to glance at it and frowned heavily.

Man Qingxuan said leisurely at this time, “I suddenly remembered that there seems to be a hygiene inspection tomorrow.”

Four voices sounded at the same time, “F**k!”

Ai Fei, who had just returned from self-study in the library, heard these four “f**k” exclamations as soon as she pushed open the door. Startled, she could not help but exit and closed the door to glance at the dorm number to confirm that she had not entered the wrong place. Confirming that, she entered the dorm again gingerly,  and saw the mess all over the dorm.

“What happened?” Ai Fei asked.

Cheng Hui pointed to the mess on the floor: “There’s a hygiene inspection tomorrow. She left already and probably won’t be returning tomorrow either.”


Ai Fei understood what she had done, couldn’t help but widen her eyes in shock, and started cursing “F**K” repeatedly.

One could really get pissed off to death by Sun Youmei.

The five people in the dorm had to drag themselves out of bed, and spent most of the day cleaning up the dorm from top to bottom. As the class was at 8 am tomorrow, it would be too late to clean everything up in the morning.

Cheng Hui kicked a pile of wrapping paper and boxes beside her feet, and said, “What should we do, there is no more space for her stuff. If we throw them away, she might make a huge fuss about it.”

Bao Xiaofan said, “Don’t throw, don’t throw it away! It has to be kept for her – there’s Lao Yang’s class tomorrow afternoon, she wouldn’t dare to not come and will definitely return to the dorm. Then I will put this pile of rubbish back for her to sort through. She better tidy them all up nicely for us, and if she were to leave out even a strand of hair, I will stuff it in her mouth.”

Man Qingxuan nodded, “Agreed.”

Wen Le thought about Sun Youmei’s insinuation against her last night which made her disgusted. She couldn’t be bothered by her and said, “Then we’ll just shove it under the bed, and then take it out for her after the hygiene inspection.”

Cheng Hui nodded in agreement, “Okay.”

The few of them looked at each other, and then smiled sinisterly.

What to do, they were just such malicious women.

In the afternoon, they had Lao Yang’s class. Lao Yang’s class was notoriously difficult.  Before class, attendance was always taken. Missing one class would mean the deduction of ten points, missing twice would mean losing their average grades, and missing thrice would mean you have failed and have to repeat the class.

It was unfortunate that Sun Youmei had already skipped Lao Yang’s class once. If she skipped class again this time, it would be difficult for her to pass without her usual grades. Just as what Bao Xiaofan predicted, Sun Youmei dared not be too indulgent and appeared back in the dorm.

Maybe it was because of staying out too late last night, the dark circles on Sun Youmei’s face were rather heavy, and she was also a little lacklustre.

As soon as Sun Youmei pushed open the dorm, she was stunned when she saw the mess on the ground. Then she remembered that this was the packaging she left yesterday, but realised something was wrong. Sun Youmei was surprised, “Wasn’t there a hygiene inspection this morning?”

The people in the dorm sneered collectively when they heard her words. Turns out that she did know about the hygiene inspection, and had long planned things out.

It was really maddening.

Cheng Hui nodded coldly, “Yes, the inspection is over.”

Sun Youmei pointed to the mess, “Then did we get 0 points?”

The department attached great importance to the hygiene scores. If it was 0 points, one would be afraid to be invited by the counsellor to have a talk.

Bao Xiaofan said with a sneer, “That’s not true, our hygiene inspection got 100% again.”

Sun Youmei looked at the things on the ground again and seemed to want an answer.

Wen Le said, “We don’t really like to touch your things. After all, these things are so expensive, right? We don’t dare to throw them out for you, as we’re afraid that we might throw away something of yours by accident, and that wouldn’t be good. So we arranged it back to how it was, and you can look carefully if there’s still anything valuable.”

Wen Le’s face was sincere and innocent as if she was really considerate of Sun Youmei, but the indifference in her eyes showed her sarcasm.

Sun Youmei looked at Wen Le, her face was a little embarrassed. She seemed to realize that this was probably Wen Le’s revenge for her attack on her last night.

Sun Youmei held on to her bag tightly. She really hated this girl.

Cheng Hui also chimed in at this time, “Hurry up and see if there’s any other valuables. Better clean it up soon, the dorm looks quite messy with all this piled up on the floor.”

Sun Youmei gritted her teeth and reluctantly picked up the trash on the ground.

What other valuables could there be? Before she left yesterday, she had locked all the things she unpacked into the closet. She knew better than anyone that this pile of things were really just a pile of rubbish.

Sun Youmei took a deep breath and the wrapping paper crinkled in her hands. After cleaning up all the wrapping papers, she muttered, “Okay, done.”

Cheng Hui glanced distractedly from the phone when she heard the words, and said, “What’s this on the floor? Youmei, get the broom to clean it up.”

The dormitory returned to a clean and tidy appearance, and the mood of several people in the dormitory also improved, only Sun Youmei was in a bad mood.

Sun Youmei walked past Man Qingxuan. Man Qingxuan wrinkled her nose, and said, “Youmei, have you been drinking? The smell of alcohol on your body is a little strong.”

Hearing this, Sun Youmei pulled her sleeve and sniffed it. The stench was a little heavy. “I didn’t drink much, but I accidentally spilt some drinks on myself yesterday. I’ll go wash up.”

Sun Youmei went to the closet to look for a change of clothes, but suddenly froze when she opened the closet.

The key to her wardrobe was missing.

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