To decline royalty

Sun Youmei slammed the cabinet door twice, her voice so aggrieved that she cried, “What the heck! Why do all of you keep bullying me?”

Rest of the people in the dormitory: ?

After speaking, she kicked the cabinet door, and without regard for the confused eyes of the others in the dormitory, turned around and ran out of the dormitory. The dormitory door was thrown open violently. 

Rest of the people in the dormitory: !

Bao Xiaofan’s eyes opened wide in shock. She threw her mobile phone on the bed, got up, and started complaining about Youmei while putting on her shoes. 

She was about to give chase while saying, “What the f*ck? What does she mean, trying to be shameless here, is she? Blaming others for bullying her for the key that she lost herself, I’ll be damned! If she doesn’t explain herself today, she shouldn’t even think of entering this door…”

Cheng Hui and Wen Le hurriedly caught up, and even dragged Bao Xiaofan back with a hug. Bao Xiaofan’s eyes had turned red in anger, “What the hell, who bullied who? She alone bullied us all in the dormitory and we still have to be wronged by her.”

Wen Le hugged Bao Xiaofan’s waist, passed her hands under her armpits and stretched out to pat Bao Xiaofan on the chest, whispering gently, “Don’t be angry, let’s not be angry ah~”

Cheng Hui spit out, “Okay, okay, what can you do if you chase after her? Scold or fight with her? She is shameless, but you can not follow her to be shameless too?”

Bao Xiaofan took a deep breath and slowly exhaled, “Aiyo, this bad temper of mine.”

Man Qingxuan turned and glanced back, and said, “But…She doesn’t seem to have taken any books either. Don’t tell me that she won’t be going to class in the afternoon again?”

“Whatever suits her.”

In the afternoon, Lao Yang did the roll-call in class, and Sun Youmei really did not turn up.

Lao Yang closed the roll-call and said, “For those who haven’t turned up for the roll-call twice, you won’t have your usual grades this semester.”

Lao Yang’s gaze swept across the students, and the pen in his hand tapped twice on the cover of the roll-call sheet, “In addition, I want to talk to your guidance counsellor.”

Suddenly, there was a rustling noise of discussion in the class, and the people in the dormitory couldn’t help but look at each other, yet they too didn’t know what to say about this situation.

They were not malicious to Sun Youmei. She was just a little irritating sometimes, but ultimately, it was just some small conflicts. It was impossible for people to get along without some conflicts. Interacting and getting along with each other were just processes of getting to know each other better. No one was perfect. There was no need to speak ill of each other and spread malice. Superficial harmony was the hypocrisy of adults and a way for adults to spread goodwill in the world.

After hesitating for a moment, Cheng Hui eventually still took out her mobile phone and sent a message to Sun Youmei.

 [The teacher has done the roll-call, and wants to deduct your usual grades, in addition to contacting the guidance counsellor. Do you want to ask the guidance counsellor for leave in advance?

The message was sent out, but no reply was received even after a long while.

Cheng Hui glanced at the other roommates and shook her head.

After class, Wen Le received a call from the xuejie of the student union of the college.

*xuejie = senior sister in school

“Wen Le, the teacher has read the draft you wrote for hosting and said it’s great. I will send you the list of guests who are sure to attend the party later, and you can add it to your script…You don’t know the male host yet, right? I’ll send you his WeChat profile, and you can make an appointment with him to discuss the host script.”

A week ago, the guidance counsellor found Wen Le and said that they hoped that she could be the female host of the freshman entrance ceremony this year.

Wen Le was taken aback when she heard this. This was because she had never learned to host, and as far as she knew, there were still many people in the academy who were good at hosting and competing for this opportunity.

Wen Le knew what kind of disputes and gossip would arise if she were to take on this task, but she had never been afraid of that.

She was actually even more determined to take it on, the moment the guidance counsellor mentioned it. An ambitious girl like her could not let go of any chance to get this opportunity.

Wen Le actually knew the reason why nobody was not appealing and gossiping about the decision, and why everyone was tacitly aware of it.

It was because of her good image because she was more famous, and because she could bring better publicity to the Student Union.

Wen Le knew all of these things.

As the beneficiary of being favoured, it was impossible for Wen Le not to know that this was more or less unfair to the other competitors. Wen Le didn’t want to defend the rights and interests of the other competitors. She just wanted to appease her small conscience, so Wen Le still asked why it was her.

The guidance counsellor only said this, “Because your results are ranked first in the cohort.”

Thus Wen Le accepted the position.

On campus, this reason seemed invincible.

While spurning her hypocrisy, Wen Le thought that perhaps her stage performance was not better than that of a more experienced person, but her hosting draft had to convince them otherwise.

Recollecting on the incident regarding herself from a week ago, Wen Le replied, “Okay, xuejie.”

After thinking about it for a while, the xuejie said again: 

“Then there is the outfit issue. You may need to pick it up by yourself. I will send you the location. You can select your pick and then bring it back tomorrow. Pay for it yourself first, and pass me the receipt. The student union will reimburse it. Will need you to return the outfit the day after tomorrow……”

As soon as Wen Le hung up the phone, she saw Cheng Hui walking over and said, “I’m going to pick my outfit tomorrow. Are you free to come with me?”

Cheng Hui said, “There will be no classes during the seventh or eighth period tomorrow, so I’m free. Okay, I’ll accompany you.”

“Oh, by the way, Sun Youmei just replied to me,” Cheng Hui said.

Cheng Hui had sent the message to her when they first went to class, and Sun Youmei only replied to it after two classes had passed. Wen Le asked, “What did she say?”

 “She said whatever. It just so happens that she doesn’t want to take Lao Yang’s class anymore. She would rather not attend any more classes this year and retake it next year.”

 Wen Le was silent for a long time and gave a thumbs up, “She’s been rather crazy lately.”

 Cheng Hui whispered, “She went out with her boyfriend all day, I also don’t know where she went. She also doesn’t go to classes anymore, her heart is completely not on school matters. I feel a little scared, I’m afraid that something will happen to her.”

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